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All witches have an elemental affinity that allows them to tap into excess power, making their magic regarding their affinity stronger than any other element.

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Witches are organized into groups known as covens or circles. While commonly circles are comprised of six members, the numbers can be much larger or smaller. Witches form circles in order to enhance their power and obtain greater knowledge of their Craft. In smaller areas where people do not come and go frequently, some circles preform a 'binding' which allows witches to link their souls to one another, creating a web of power between the members. Because these circles cannot be unbound, this is not common practice, as it can leave a witch with no power in times of need. Binding is forbidden in Haven Point.

Local Circles

  • None At This Time

Witches are humans with the power to effect change by magical means ("Witchcraft"). A witch can be either male or female. In order to practice sorcery, a witch must connect with the elements and forces of nature. The origin of witchcraft remains a mystery, however it is known that witches have existed for many centuries, passing down their knowledge and skills through generations in family lines, meaning that withes are a race, rather than a religion.
Contrary to popular belief, witches do not receive their powers from demons, nor do they worship the devil. Instead, witches consider themselves as being the Servants of Nature, as they make it their job to maintain balance within the world.

Details & Facts

Genetics: Witches are able to harness mystical energy and effectively practice magic as a result of heredity. The offspring of two witches will always be witches. Though the probability of the offspring of a witch and a non-witch being witches are reduced to the 50%.

Unique Blood: The blood of witches has mystical qualities and is often necessary when attempting rituals. It is a highly coveted item in the supernatural black market.

Marking Their Death: After their death, a witch will leave behind a mystical form of energy that can be controlled and harnessed by another member of their Circle (normally the one closest to them). If the witch was not a member of a coven, then their energy will tether to the area, creating an environment of uncontrolled, chaotic magic.

Special Places: There are places of magical importance in the all towns with a witch population. They are often hidden to others, located right under the noses of mortals and other supernaturals alike. In Haven Proper there are havens:

  • Haven Point Inn Tavern
  • Rosalinda's Pool Hall
  • Alperton Orchard


While witches are mortal and are open to the same dangers as a normal human, there are some things in the supernatural world that hamper and weaken them as well. There are also things, people and beasts that exist for the soul reason to hunt and harm witches.

  • Ashwood: Can prevent a Witch from using magic when inside a circle or structure composed of this.
  • Iron Sulphate: Substance used to suppress the magic of witches.
  • Colocasia Powder: Powder that prevents the use of Dark Magic.
  • Witch Cruids: magically enchanted bottles. When a bit of the witch's blood, a personal item, and some mandrake root are placed within and lit on fire, the witch will die instantly.
  • Sways: magical objects used to transfer a witch's powers to another person, whether another witch or a mortal, willingly or otherwise.
  • Malleus Maleficarum: a sigil that renders a witch, whether normal or dark, powerless so long as they remain within it.

The Elders

The Elders are a group of powerful witches in Haven Point. The Elders Circle is the /only/ permitted circle that has bound their powers in the town (the binding of circles was forbidden after the events that left many dead). The elders are responsible for making any important choices for the local magical community, such as stripping their children's generation of their powers and banning the public use of witchcraft.

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