Using Essence Defensively

When being targeted by a supernatural attack (be it the hypnotic gaze of an undead, a hostile Invocation, or a psychic Power), a witch may use some of her Essence to defend herself. A defense is only possible if the character knows she is being targeted with an opposing power. Most of the time, the witch may sense this by passing a [Difficult Perception Test].

A Resisted Task is made. The attacker uses the result of his Focus, Art or other supernatural ability Task. The attacker may gain a bonus of +1 for every 10 Essence Points used in the supernatural attack (a minimum of 10 Essence must be spent to gain the bonus; attackers who spend no Essence have no bonuses). The defender uses his Willpower and adds 1 for every point of Essence spent in the defensive maneuver. If the defender is reacting quickly, he is limited by the amount of Essence he can release in one Turn (no more than 10). If the defender wins or ties, the Metaphysical effect fizzles out before affecting him. Otherwise, the Invocation, psychic Power or other supernatural ability works normally.


For example, Tanya is targeted by another witch. The attacking witch points a hand towards Tanya, who can see the glow of Essence gathering around him. Tanya is going to try to defend against the hostile magic. Tanya has a Willpower of 5 and an Essence Channeling of 3; she uses all 3 Essence Points, for a total of +8 to her defense roll. The attacking witch is using Soulfire and spending less than 10 Essence Points — he gains no additional bonuses. The man’s combined Willpower and Invocation levels total a 7. Grace rolls a 6, for a total of 14. The attacking witch rolls a 7, for a total of 14 — a tie. Tanya makes a sweeping gesture and a wave of energy meets the jet of Soulfire, dispersing it a foot away from her body.

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