Town Roster

Founding families

Emily Gorman
Owner Fountain of Youth Spa
Emily Gorman is a firm personality. She knows what she wants and she always gets exactly that. After the death of her late husband Rodney, Emily took his place on the City Council and Elders Council. Emily was also the sole guardian over her two grandchildren until they turned 18. They remain in the home.
Widowed by Rodney Gorman
Roger Callahan
Married to Loraine Callahan
Norman Egan
Retired Sheriff
Norman Egan is one of the backbone individuals of the town. A retired sheriff, Mr. Egan takes pride in Haven Point and the family friendly environment it is. Norman is a firm presence on the City/Elders Council and has joined the war against dark magic.
Married to Stephanie Egan
Edgar Bates
Married to Elenore Bates
Thea Gallagher
Renowned Novelist
Thea Gallagher is a well known writer, she is also one of the most respected individuals in town. Her husband, Anthony, is the towns mayor but its a known fact that he takes his orders straight from her. It's also no secret that the Thea's own bloodline, the Churchhill's have a strong history of dark magic.
Married to Anthony Gallagher
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