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About Strength/Art

Each Seer ability has two elements: Power Strength and Art. The Strength of the ability represents the raw power the psychic has. This governs how far away the Seer can reach others with his abilities, the amount of damage he can inflict, and how lasting the effects he creates are. The Art represents the degree of expertise a psychic has in using his abilities.

Since humankind gained the gift of self-awareness (and perhaps before then), some people have been blessed with senses and abilities beyond the physical. A select few have always been able to see into the minds of others, to catch glimpses of the past and future, and even to affect the world directly with no tools but their strength of will. These powers have long been known as “the Sight” or “the Second Sight,” since many such abilities involve sensing or seeing things beyond the scope of the five senses. Science has also labeled those powers, calling them ESP (short for Extra-Sensory Perception), and psychic or psionic abilities. Of all the supernatural abilities out there, the Sight is the most widely accepted by the general public. Its existence is no longer doubted among most people, although the scientific community still strongly denies it. Most people have not been exposed to these powers, however, and they are likely to react to such displays with fear or hatred.

The Sight does not require rituals or spells to use, the power is entirely internal. Also unlike Magic, mundanes cannot neutralize these abilities.

Seer Powers

Each Seer Power is a branch of the same tree. All the powers are related, and all Seers have the potential to develop all such abilities. They include telepathic abilities (the power to directly communicate with and control other minds, such as Mindsight, Mindtalk and Mindrule), psychokinetic powers (the power of the mind over matter and energy, such as Mindhands and Mindfire), and the ability to see into places and times where the normal senses cannot reach (Mindtime, Mindview).

The following list has the most common Seer Powers, their advantages and limitations, and some of the things a skilled user can do with them. Most of the powers also have a Strength table (and a few have an Art table) to determine the result of successful Tasks. A Seer of a higher Strength or Art level may choose to use the effects of a lower level.

Extremely Rare: Minddream Book of Hod, Mindprojection Book of Hod

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