The Dangers

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Every culture in the world has tales of strange and terrible creatures, beings of the night and darkness that prey on the unwary or helpless, beings of power that must be appeased lest they become enraged. The legends have been forgotten and trivialized, but the creatures of the dark continue to exist, and to hunt. One of the forbidden truths that witches learn in the course of their lives is that there are things that walk the world in human guise but which are utterly alien. Many of them need the Essence (souls) of others to survive, while a few have unknown purposes, but most are predators who hunt humans, protected by the unbelief of the mundanes. The predators come in many shapes and varieties, with different powers and weaknesses. Some are no threat to an adult human, and prey only on the young or the weak. Others are simply beings from the Otherworlds who venture into the physical realm, or the souls of the dead, who sometimes linger in search of revenge, redemption or immortality. Others have more devious or alien purposes. One thing they have in common is that often witches are prone to attracting their attention, and this can be deadly.
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