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Welcome to Dark Things, a game centered on RP and building an ongoing story!

The game takes place in peaceful Haven Point, located in northern Massachusetts, and centers on the experiences of the students of Northeastern University as they discover that there may be something more to the quaint little college town they call home. Whether they are moving into Haven Point from elsewhere, or have grown up among the towering pines of the Kittitas National Forest, one thing is clear. There is something unique about the town.

The theme is inspired by several shows, but pulled most of its influence from the television series 'The Secret Circle'.

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Recent Approvals

  • Clayton ♦ Human ♦ Assistant Professor
  • Chase ♦ Psychic ♦ Former Country Singer/Author
  • Lane ♦ Human ♦ Bar Owner
  • Ellie ♦ Witch ♦ University Student
  • Greg ♦ Witch ♦ University Student
  • Nick ♦ Witch ♦ College student
  • Vivica ♦ Witch ♦ Student/Salesclerk
  • Elliot ♦ Witch ♦ College Student
  • Samuel ♦ Witch ♦ Bartender/College Student
  • Marty ♦ Witch ♦ University Student
  • Ashton ♦ Witch ♦ Junior Detective
  • Meadowlark ♦ Witch ♦ College Student
  • Rhydian ♦ Witch ♦ University Student
  • Belle ♦ Witch ♦ College Student



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Tv Series Online (08 May 2015 01:45)
Mystic found this site with all the Secret Circle Episodes! If you have Netflix, you can watch it there, but if not and you still want to give it a try, Im going to post the line below....

Living In Fiction (08 May 2015 22:48)
Everyone know that there’s nothing worse than sitting online on a game you love and thinking about how you wished something would happen. We’re all guilty of this, even myself, however the truth of...

Beta Test In Progress (04 May 2015 03:59)
How that we have a large portion of things done, the game will be taking players in order to beta test the code, CG and grid. If you are interested please feel free to connect and create, but be...

Recent News

Oktoberfest (05 Jun 2015 14:48)
From the 1st of October until the 7th, locals and visitors alike can enjoy a piece of Germany in the heart of Haven Point as the town holds their yearly Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest celebrates German...

Brewfest (15 May 2015 16:56)
For 11 years city of Haven Point has invited beer lovers from all over to taste beer from over 30 local breweries (and Cideries)! Of course, IDs are required at the gate for would-be drinkers. Minors...

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  • Malted Gossip (15 Jul 2015 21:55) - Ashton and Samuel catch up after the gossip leaks about the mutilations, the follow up on his dream, Ashton takes his stone to see if she can purify it somehow as that may be part of the cause of his dream issue lately.
  • Lurking Beneath the Surface (07 Jul 2015 22:15) - Samuel is contemplating a recurring nightmare when Ashton comes upon him.
  • Skirting the Edges (24 Jun 2015 21:36) - Ellie and Greg come to the Firehouse to talk with Sam about things
  • Student vs Teacher (24 Jun 2015 21:30) - Clayton chances upon Claudia in the park, discovers not only is she a student, she's in his class
  • Something of Trust (18 Jun 2015 20:29) - Ellie confides in Sam a few things about Greg
  • Skipping Stones (17 Jun 2015 21:34) - Chase and Clayton skip some rocks, spend some time together
  • Half a Worm (11 Jun 2015 22:18) - Collecting apples, Chase and Clayton run into each other and touch briefly on professions.
  • Local Library Lore (04 Jun 2015 20:31) - Vivica and Ellie meet in the library. The library assistant gets very little done.
  • Fruitful Expedition (03 Jun 2015 20:47) - Meadow and Sam take the walk to look for flowers, chance upon Ellie gathering fruits; protective family comes into play
  • Coffee Treat (04 Jun 2015 05:16) - As promised, Ellie buys Greg coffee at the Black Sheep, to make up for a past transgression that also involved coffee. We call this Karma!

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