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Born small town, Sammie will always be small town. There is a great comfort he is in the familiar, which isn't to say he has any fear of the unknown but simply a disinterest in having to go out of his way to find that which is truly new to him. Complacent would be a better word. He knows exactly where he wants to be, has a good idea where he is going, or hopes to go. It involves Haven Point, it involves being close to his family, it most likely involves a family of his own. Unlike others though, there is no rush for the latter. He enjoys going to school, he enjoys what little time he has to do for himself as he likes. Once his sisters graduate or find their place, he might consider the 'settling' down a bit more, though his life is pretty settle as it is, taking it as it comes.





Inspirations and Misc


Samuel Wyatt Bates



Portrayed By Robbie Amell
Race Witch
Affinity Water
Working Stone Sugilite
Birthplace Haven Point
Birthday December 1st
Position Bartender/College Student
Employer Firehouse Grill
Affiliations firehouse-grill-icon.jpgNSU-icon.jpg
Status Seeing: Amelia
First Seen

Firehouse Family (2014.09.15)


  • Bartender At the Firehouse Grill
  • Protective Brother To the Bates Triplets
  • Student At Northeastern University
  • Local Athlete Played football in high school


Logs featuring Samuel. Logs that refer to Samuel. News and Gossip about Samuel.
  • Walks of Shame? (2014.10.05) - Evie and Samuel find each other at the Brooks farm one morning … Ashton appears to clear up half that story perhaps.
  • Baby Food Taste-a-thon (2014.10.04) - Sam and Ashton meet up at the EZ mart, different 'late night' cravings, end up sharing and talking
  • Arm Gnawing (2014.10.03) - After a fight at the Firehouse, Ashton, Evie, and Samuel talk briefly
  • Fortune Cookie (2014.10.01) - Drinking at the Firehouse, advice, some quiet talking and a dance in the fog.
  • Skip Day (2014.09.30) - A gathering at Sugar Jones, Amelia and Samuel cut classes, Claudia plays good student, goes to hers.
  • Vive la Viv (2014.09.28) - Cousins Vivica and Elliot find each other at the Firehouse, Bates siblings Sam and Meadow are there to serve/talk, Ashton stops by for lunch
  • To Understand and Be Understood (2014.09.26) - Claudia and Samuel finally have their talk, which leads to understanding between them for now.
  • Reminisce Forward (2014.09.26) - Ashton and Samuel run into each other at Brewfest
  • Mark the Date (2014.09.25) - Samuel catches Elliot at the food court on campus, talks to him about going to a cabin to meet others, and maybe get some questions answered
  • Enlightenment (2014.09.23) - Meeting at Rosalinda's there are several college age that sit and talk about many topics of interest.
  • Morning Talk (2014.09.29) - Claudia and Elliot talk about seemingly nothing, though they both leave in frustration
  • Ivy (2014.09.22) - Meadow goes shopping and Elliot helps her out and they talk about a few things.
  • To Tell The Truth (2014.09.20) - Elliot tells Claudia about his attempt to from a Scion Circle. Claudia has her reservations.
  • Sister For Sale (2014.09.20) - Claudia and Elliot go to the Firehouse for a meal and run into Meadow there.

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