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Rhydian’s routine revolves around his love life, which is likely as busy as Times Square - and may potential involve as many people as tourists that visit there. Rhydian is an incorrigible flirt and enjoys the attention of a whole range of admirers. Luckily, he has considerable energy, which enables him to cope with the rigors of being a party animal. Though Rhydian is a smart person, it is unlikely that he will ever fully achieve his true potential. He’s prone to allowing his mind to wander, either because he’s very ADD or perhaps he just lacks the drive to fully devote himself to things. There is a definite downside to Rhydian’s approach to relationships. Despite a genuine desire to find real and lasting emotional fulfillment, he will never get there unless he alters his fickle, short-term treatment of his partners. In his leisure time Rhydian enjoys sports and plays on the universities Lacrosse team (a talent that’s currently putting him through college).


Emily Gorman(NPC)
Owner Fountain of Youth Spa
Rhy loves his grandma, but she's nuts if she thinks he's gonna grow old in this town.
Belle Callahan
Twin Sister, College Student
Rhy loves his sister. She's the better half of him…which means back off boys. She can date when she's 30.

Rhydian Shane Gorman



Portrayed By Cody Christian
Race Witch
Affinity Fire
Working Stone Carnelian
Birthplace Haven Point, MA
Birthday September 2
Position University Student
Affiliations Psi Kappa Nu Fraternity
Status Single
First Seen


  • Founding Family: Rhy is a Gorman, one of the towns founding families. Expect bragging.
  • Serial Dater: Rhy has a /lot/ of ex's. Are you one of them? Wanna be?
  • Reluctant: Rhy's not to happy about being a witch.
  • Fraternity: He's a legacy of Psi Kappa Nu. Are you?


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