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Michelle was born the second child of John and Eileen Trask. Their son, Mark, was already 5 at the time that Michelle was born. Eileen's family had lived in Haven Point for a good number of decades. Not long enough to be considered an old family, but long enough to be well known for their benevolence and their charity throughout the years. Eileen had met John while she was away at college, and when the pair married, they'd come back to Eileen's hometown to start a family. John had never known that Eileen was a witch, descended from a long line of them, the family drawn to the power at Haven Point. He also had no idea that his daughter, Michelle, born on the Summer Solstice, shared the same power.

Eileen had subtly taught Michelle how to use her abilities, even before they had fully manifested. Michelle's grandmother, Stefanie, had helped teach her as well, especially in how to keep her powers hidden. They feared that others would take advantage of Michelle and use her powers. Because of always hearing this, Michelle became cautious and paranoid of other people. Michelle had shown an affinity to the fire element early on. The pair made sure to carefully control this ability, so she doesn't burn down the whole town. Another innate ability that manifested was the ability to channel essence from other lifeforms. Currently, she's only about to take it from plants, and even that scares her. It's about the only thing that does scare her. Eileen and Stefanie made sure that she was well-trained, and not scared easily. With her power being fire-based, a panic could cause a fire that could engulf the town. Unfortunately, between the raw nerve and the paranoia, Michelle became someone who didn't have many friends.

Despite the training Michelle had received from her mother and grandmother, she'd decided that she couldn't stay within the confines of the town. She looked forward to life in a big city, both as a witch and a young woman. She'd learned that she was a good writer, often writing on her own, even writing fan-fiction online. She's taken a few creative writing classes in high school and joined the school newspaper. She loved being a reporter, and when she was accepted to Northeastern, she'd decided on journalism as her major. Her typical way of dealing people still did not bring her many in the way of friends, and she's used to being by herself, except that there seems to be whispers of a circle forming. Other witches in town. Could these people help her grow in her power, or could they truly be the ones that she was warned about, who would use her power for their own means?



Michelle Marie Trask



Portrayed By Milana Vayntrub
Race Witch
Affinity Fire
Working Stone Sugilite
Birthplace Haven Point, MA
Birthday June 21
Position College Sophomore
Employer None
Status Single
First Seen

Red Light Green Light (2014.09.01)


  • College Sophomore She might be in some of your classes or you might've come across her on campus.
  • Local Her family's been in town for decades and her parents own Haven Point Hardware.
  • Journalist Do you have a story to tell? Seek out Michelle.


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