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The youngest of the Bates triplets, Meadow takes great pride in being friends with the popular crowd. Though she's friendly and a bit flirty, don't take her seriously, she has never shown an interest in dating. Even all through high school, she would go out with groups of friends, but not so much one on one. She loves playing the piano, cooking, riding horses and exploring nature and anything else she can come up with. Adventurous!





Meadowlark Soleil Bates



Portrayed By India Eisley
Race Witch
Affinity Earth
Working Stone Pyrite
Birthplace Haven Point, Mass
Birthday July 7
Position College Student
Employer The Firehouse Grill
Status Single
First Seen

Saddle Up (2014.09.14)


  • One of the triplets Though they aren't identical, they do have a lot of similarities, and all are named after birds. She's the youngest of her siblings.
  • Founding Family Bates are one of the original and founding families and they have their hands in a lot of pies. Especially the anti-black magic one.
  • Sigma Zeta Rho Sorority She takes great pride in being one of the sisters.
  • Nature Lover Chances are if you can't find her, she's out exploring nature somewhere.
  • Firehouse Grill Her family owns and operates the grill and she works there both as a waitress and a cook.


Logs featuring Meadowlark. Logs that refer to Meadowlark. News and Gossip about Meadowlark.
  • Fruitful Expedition (2014.10.12) - Meadow and Sam take the walk to look for flowers, chance upon Ellie gathering fruits; protective family comes into play
  • Ultimate Nachos (2014.10.11) - Meadow and Sam talk about things, such as Amelia, Greg joins in, meeting the siblings.
  • Those Three Words (2014.10.06) - After his dream, Meadowlark and Sam go to the bookstore, talk with Claudia, then go get milkshakes
  • Late One Night (2014.10.06) - Very early morning (late night), Samuel is disturbed by one of his dreams, Meadowlark hears him, the two stay up then to talk about it
  • You Should Tell Her (2014.10.05) - After Brooks Farm, Meadow and Sam have a brief talk
  • Pleasant Valley Sunday (2014.10.03) - A small meeting at the Firehouse Grill.
  • Vive la Viv (2014.09.28) - Cousins Vivica and Elliot find each other at the Firehouse, Bates siblings Sam and Meadow are there to serve/talk, Ashton stops by for lunch
  • Communing With Nature (2014.09.23) - Elliot and Meadowlark run into each other at the Grill. They learn how alike they really are.
  • Ivy (2014.09.22) - Meadow goes shopping and Elliot helps her out and they talk about a few things.
  • Sister For Sale (2014.09.20) - Claudia and Elliot go to the Firehouse for a meal and run into Meadow there.
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  • Skirting the Edges (2014.10.31) - Ellie and Greg come to the Firehouse to talk with Sam about things
  • Tossing Balls on a Rainy Day (2014.10.11) - Ellie and Samuel run into each other at the student rec center, both trying to escape the pouring cold rain. End up doing some ball-tossing exercise, with some mucked up +roll results.
  • Reminisce Forward (2014.09.26) - Ashton and Samuel run into each other at Brewfest
  • Enlightenment (2014.09.23) - Meeting at Rosalinda's there are several college age that sit and talk about many topics of interest.

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