In A Few Words…

Lane grew up in these parts, but shortly after graduating high school he and his girlfriend moved on, leaving Haven Point in their dust. He returned recently with the new woman in his life..his 17 year old daughter Paige. The two have settled into their new home, over the Full Moon Pub, which Lane recently purchased for a steal.

In The Details

  • Lane grew up in Haven Point. He was granted a full ride to his school of choice until his girlfriend announced her pregnancy. Lane dropped his college plans and married her, moving to Boston.
  • Lane recently bought the Full Moon Pub.
  • Lane is a member of the fraternity of Single Dads. He may or may not have Goodnight Moon memorized…still, even though shes almost grown.


Kathy Harris (NPC)
Ex-Wife High School sweethearts do not always live happily ever after. In the end Kathy got the car, and Lane got the kid. Last he heard the car was found abandoned on the interstate. They haven't heard from her since.
Paige Malcom (Open)
Daughter Paige has no memories of her mother, but she has plenty of her father stumbling blindly through raising her. The end result is a teenager capable of taking care of herself and a grown man…but the two are very close. It's not a bad life really.

Christopher Lane Malcom



Portrayed By Trevor Donovan
Race Human
Birthplace Haven Point, MA
Birthday June 9 (34 yrs old)
Position Bar Owner
Employer Full Moon Pub
Affiliations nx95ow.jpg
Status Divorced
First Seen


  • Coming Soon


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