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Life is easy if you ignore the bulk of it and take the rest with a grain of salt. That’s the approach Jude takes to every single solitary hurdle that life gives him. Step around it, and mosey on your way. With a father that vanished not to long ago , a mother that died a few years ago and no one else in the world except to very old grandparents who are very disconnected from reality, life never fails to present the Brooks kids with new hurdles to sidestep and responsibilities to avoid.



Jude isn't the most socially active student at the University. In fact, it could be said that Jude simply exists alongside his peers. He's not overly sociable, maybe even a little shy. He's also never really been known for anything.


The Brooks children are, like their parents, Haven Point born. It was nothing short of a tragedy when his mother died five years ago, victim of a violent and unsolved murder, and since then the community can only sigh and shake their head when the names of the Brooks children come up. Many wonder why Jude doesn't leave like his sister, or why he forces himself to live alone on the same farm where his mother died and father vanished from. Of course, no one asks him. That would be rude.


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Gavin Brooks (NPC) Father Jude's dear old dad has a pretty rich reputation with the locals. A good, outstanding family man tuned fowl mouthed drunk after the death of his wife. Not long ago he also went missing and is presumed to have just skipped town.
Kathryn Brooks (NPC) Mother Jude's mother was a well respected woman in both the local and magical communities. Her death (which was nothing short of horrific) left many stunned and many more suspicious of Gavin, though the police never found a shred of evidence. Her case has gone cold.
Ashton Brooks Sister Ashton and Jude are not even a year apart. They were always very close, but once she graduated Ashton packed her bags and headed as far away from Haven Point as possible. College is her focus. She called occasionally to check up on her brother.

Christopher Jude Brooks



Portrayed By Ryan Guzman
Race Psychic
Birthplace Haven Point
Birthday November 12 (22)
Position College Student
Status Single
First Seen

Sliver of Conscious (08-31-2014)


  • College Student: Jude is a Sophomore at the university.
  • Dead Mom/Missing Dad: No one has forgotten about the tragic murder of Kathryn Brooks, or the suspicious lack of evidence or suspects. Even fewer openly discuss the missing father or the estranged sister. No one likes to discuss it less than Jude.


Logs featuring Jude. Logs that refer to Jude. News and Gossip about Jude.
  • Research (2014.09.30) - Research at the library is a dead end, but Evie is determined not to give up.
  • Branded (2014.09.28) - Jude and Evie cross paths again and for once it ends on a positive note.
  • Friends At Least (2014.09.26) - More of the drama between Jude and Evie.
  • Reading it Wrong (2014.09.20) - No matter how hard they try, Jude and Evie just can't seem to get it right.
  • Foolish Pride (2014.09.18) - Jude and Evie meet up. Neither says what they mean and it ends not so good.
  • Just Once (2014.09.17) - Jude and Evie come to a mutual, if brief, agreement.
  • Saddle Up (2014.09.14) - Meadowlark stops by the Brooks Farm and pays Jude a little visit.
  • Red Light Green Light (2014.09.01) - There's more unease in the pool hall as several meet up.
  • Sliver of Conscious (08-31-2014) - A chance meeting doesn't end up exactly on good terms.
  • Malted Gossip (2014.11.22) - Ashton and Samuel catch up after the gossip leaks about the mutilations, the follow up on his dream, Ashton takes his stone to see if she can purify it somehow as that may be part of the cause of his dream issue lately.
  • Lurking Beneath the Surface (11.15.2014) - Samuel is contemplating a recurring nightmare when Ashton comes upon him.
  • Walks of Shame? (2014.10.05) - Evie and Samuel find each other at the Brooks farm one morning … Ashton appears to clear up half that story perhaps.
  • Baby Food Taste-a-thon (2014.10.04) - Sam and Ashton meet up at the EZ mart, different 'late night' cravings, end up sharing and talking
  • Arm Gnawing (2014.10.03) - After a fight at the Firehouse, Ashton, Evie, and Samuel talk briefly
  • Fortune Cookie (2014.10.01) - Drinking at the Firehouse, advice, some quiet talking and a dance in the fog.
  • Reminisce Forward (2014.09.26) - Ashton and Samuel run into each other at Brewfest
  • Window Shopping (2014.09.24) - Evie and Ashton run into each other and make introductions, talk about pregnancy and Jude.
  • Enlightenment (2014.09.23) - Meeting at Rosalinda's there are several college age that sit and talk about many topics of interest.
  • Breakfast Points and Duckfaces (2014.09.22) - Samuel and Amelia chat over pastries and coffee. Numbers are exchanged and at least one duckface is made.
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