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Been around since freshman year in college, and got his undergraduate and recently started on his doctorate. Studying to get a Psy.D and also working at the tattoo parlor. Having recently become a real licensced tattoo artist, having earlier only worked as the apprentice. Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island.


Headstrong and easygoing when he first look at him. Though as with most people, and more so for psychologists, there are a lot of layers to the main. With several acquaintances, but few close friends.


Known for two things mainly. Being a college student, who has recently started his doctorate, to get a Psy.D. Along with having been an apprenctice at the local tattoo parlor. Having gotten his own license recently. Having been around in town since he started college, so he has been around a couple of years.





Gregory Damien Scott



Portrayed By Jean-Luc Bilodeau
Race Witch
Affinity Air
Working Stone Amethyst
Birthplace Providence, Rhode Island
Birthday December 29 (22)
Position University Student
Employer Tattoo Parlor
Affiliations Tattoo Parlor NSU-icon.jpg
Status Single
First Seen


College Student: Undergraduate, just started his first year of his doctorate.
Tattoo Artist: Works down at the tattoo parlor, having recently gotten his license.
From outside: Not a local to Haven Point, but he has been living here for about four years.

Amethyst Amulet


Landed in his possesion right before he left for college. Kept most often around his neck, under his clothing.


Logs featuring Greg. Logs that refer to Greg. News and Gossip about Greg.
  • Skirting the Edges (2014.10.31) - Ellie and Greg come to the Firehouse to talk with Sam about things
  • Coffee Treat (2014.10.12) - As promised, Ellie buys Greg coffee at the Black Sheep, to make up for a past transgression that also involved coffee. We call this Karma!
  • Ultimate Nachos (2014.10.11) - Meadow and Sam talk about things, such as Amelia, Greg joins in, meeting the siblings.
  • Rain and Tats (2014.10.10) - Rain falls as people stand and chat about Tattoos and other things.
  • Not the watery kind of Pool (2014.10.10) - Ellie splashes water on Greg as he play some pool, and it sparks a conversation.

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