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Elliot is the oldest son to Daniel Hale and Hannah Callahan-Hale. He's also Claudia's older brother. The siblings always got along well, though through the years Claudia clung closer to the Hale side of the family, while Elliot leaned more to the Callahan. This is because Elliot was born a witch, like his mother and grandparents before him. He never understood why the Callahans had shunned his mother, and he had tried to rebuild the relationship with them. Once he'd begun to show ability, the Callahans begrudgingly decided to take him under their wing. He'd taken lessons from them and even learned from his mom, as he seems to have inherited the Earth affinity from the family.

Elliot grew up a happy child, and even got along with his sister, Claudia. He didn't have any close friends, but everyone who met him liked him, and he'd even been able to win over enemies to his way of thinking. He did alright in classes. he wasn't a star student, but his teachers did really like the way he wrote. Writing became his oasis when things got rough growing up. He wrote in a journal and wrote creatively whenever he felt like it. While in high school, he was a strong proponent for tolerance of all kinds, and often wrote op-ed pieces in the local newspaper advocating tolerance. He got accepted to Northeastern, majoring in English, minoring in Writing. He's about to begin his sophomore year.

He drives his own car, and lives at the Hale residence with the family. He works part time at the Garden Gate.


Descended from Reverend John Hale, an early supporter of the witch trials in Salem, the Hale family moved from Beverly, Massachusetts to Haven Point somewhere around the time of the town's founding. The Hale family has long been a part of the Haven Point community, and while not considered one of the original founding families, they do have a strong foothold in town.

  • Daniel Hale - Father Dad's an architect at a local firm. He's a great guy, always willing to listen if I've had a bad day and he always made sure to make time for Elliot and me when we were kids.
  • Hannah Callahan-Hale - Mother Mom teaches the fourth grade. She works hard, sometimes a little too hard, and loves her job but she's a wonderful mother. She had a falling out with my grandparents when she was in college that had something to do with my dad.
  • claudia-icon.jpg Claudia Hale Sister Younger sister by less than a year, but we have some weird almost twin-like connection. We get along fine, even through adolescence.
  • Roger Callahan - Grandfather He's a good man, knows an awful lot about plants. After spending time with him, I now know why. I seem to be a chip off the block, and I work at their garden shop.
  • Loraine Callahan - Grandmother The easiest of the pair to get along with. I still don't understand why they're so mad with mom, but they seem to be more accepting of me. They want me to get a spot in the Founder's Circle. I'm trying to do it myself, without their intervention. I just need to speak with Amelia.


Elliot Nathan Hale



Portrayed By Dominic Scott Kay
Race Witch
Affinity Earth
Working Stone Hematite
Birthplace Haven Point, MA
Birthday April 21
Position College Student
Employer The Garden Gate
Status Single
First Seen

Sister For Sale (2014.09.20)



Logs featuring Elliot. Logs that refer to Elliot. News and Gossip about Elliot.
  • Morning Talk (2014.09.29) - Claudia and Elliot talk about seemingly nothing, though they both leave in frustration
  • Vive la Viv (2014.09.28) - Cousins Vivica and Elliot find each other at the Firehouse, Bates siblings Sam and Meadow are there to serve/talk, Ashton stops by for lunch
  • Mark the Date (2014.09.25) - Samuel catches Elliot at the food court on campus, talks to him about going to a cabin to meet others, and maybe get some questions answered
  • Enlightenment (2014.09.23) - Meeting at Rosalinda's there are several college age that sit and talk about many topics of interest.
  • Communing With Nature (2014.09.23) - Elliot and Meadowlark run into each other at the Grill. They learn how alike they really are.
  • Ivy (2014.09.22) - Meadow goes shopping and Elliot helps her out and they talk about a few things.
  • Worm Serial Killers (2014.09.20) - Elliot and Samuel catch up before school, meet Amelia and then go out to Reecer Creek and encounter Evie learning to fish
  • To Tell The Truth (2014.09.20) - Elliot tells Claudia about his attempt to from a Scion Circle. Claudia has her reservations.
  • Sister For Sale (2014.09.20) - Claudia and Elliot go to the Firehouse for a meal and run into Meadow there.
  • Ultimate Nachos (2014.10.11) - Meadow and Sam talk about things, such as Amelia, Greg joins in, meeting the siblings.
  • Tossing Balls on a Rainy Day (2014.10.11) - Ellie and Samuel run into each other at the student rec center, both trying to escape the pouring cold rain. End up doing some ball-tossing exercise, with some mucked up +roll results.
  • You Should Tell Her (2014.10.05) - After Brooks Farm, Meadow and Sam have a brief talk
  • Skip Day (2014.09.30) - A gathering at Sugar Jones, Amelia and Samuel cut classes, Claudia plays good student, goes to hers.
  • To Understand and Be Understood (2014.09.26) - Claudia and Samuel finally have their talk, which leads to understanding between them for now.
  • Similarities (2014.09.22) - Claudia and Sammie have a talk at the Firehouse, realizing they need to have another talk, just not at the Firehouse
  • Reading it Wrong (2014.09.20) - No matter how hard they try, Jude and Evie just can't seem to get it right.

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