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Clayton has, recently, completed a doctorate in Geology. After graduation, he spent a couple years at Penn State (University Park), his alma mater. There he was a research professor, not on a tenure track, but receiving a fellowship grant his fourth year as a grad student, and staying on to finish the fellowship as well as an NSF grant involving using GIS to locate certain rocks in Asia relating to the prior ice age in relation to the current situation on global warming and what may be expected outcomes in shifts of the earth's surface in the years to come. Once this grant ran out, he was left in search of a tenure track and has landed an Assistant Professorship and Northeaster University.



Clayton Adam Russell



Portrayed By Jeremy Sumpter
Race Human
Birthplace Riverside, CA
Birthday August 29th
Position Assistant Professor
Employer Northeastern University
Affiliations Northeastern University
Status Single
First Seen

Half a Worm (2014.10.20)


University - He is a geology professor/researcher
Bar Crowd - Go out much, likely to run into him having a few drinks
Local Curiosity - Interested in local studies, he's interested in the geology around Haven Point


Logs featuring Clayton. Logs that refer to Clayton. News and Gossip about Clayton.
  • Student vs Teacher (2014.10.28) - Clayton chances upon Claudia in the park, discovers not only is she a student, she's in his class
  • Skipping Stones (2014.10.26) - Chase and Clayton skip some rocks, spend some time together
  • Half a Worm (2014.10.20) - Collecting apples, Chase and Clayton run into each other and touch briefly on professions.

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