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I may be crazy but it's kept me from going insane. Waylon Jennings

Chase is from out of town, recently moved to Haven Point from Muskegon, Michigan by way of Nashville, Tennessee. Few may recognize her as the country music star Chelsea Lynn who has pocketed several number one hits before a breakdown almost two years ago. Now, she's known as Author, Chase Holt. Her genre of books include a best seller - Lost Moon, a thriller. Living out of the town proper in a log cabin, she keeps to herself most of the time though occasionally she is in town at either the pub, a cafe or library, researching.


In Pictures

Cause I'm the one who knows what scares you

I'm the one who loves you best

I'm the thirteenth at the table

I'm the uninvited guest

I'm the Banquo at your banquet

I'm the cuckoo in your nest

I'm your fifteen-stone first-footer

I'm the uninvited guest

I'm the evil in your bloodstream

I'm the rash upon your skin

And you made a big mistake all right

The day you let me in

And you can fly to the other side of the world

You know you'll only find

I've reserved the seat behind you

We can talk about old times

♫ Marillion - Uninvited Guest ♫

Chelsea 'Chase' Lynn Holt



Portrayed By Carrie Underwood
Race Psychic
Birthplace Muskegon, MI
Birthday July 27 (25)
Position Former Country Singer/Author
Employer Silver Soup Publishing, Boston, MA
Status Single
First Seen

Half a Worm (2014.10.20)

VitalsComing Soon


Logs featuring Chase. Logs that refer to Chase. News and Gossip about Chase.
  • Skipping Stones (2014.10.26) - Chase and Clayton skip some rocks, spend some time together
  • Half a Worm (2014.10.20) - Collecting apples, Chase and Clayton run into each other and touch briefly on professions.

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