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Ahh Belle… Most people see her and say "that poor sweet girl". She's one of the Gorman twins, and those kids have seen their fair share of tragedy. But somehow, she just keeps on charging through, just like that energetic brother of hers. You wouldn't think the two of them would have been through what they've been through, because Belle, not unlike her brother, is pretty lively. A natural born performer and she love to do so at any given opportunity. That dance clique she hangs out with is known to spontaneously burst out into a musical at the drop of a hat. As far as relationships go? When is she EVER single? The girl almost always has a relationship, and she ends up with the worst guys: liars, cheaters, douche-bags, and insensitive types alike. She loves fully with her heart, and that seems to trip her up sometimes. So she leans heavily on her brother for the support and the willpower she lacks when guys throw her that melting smile. She can actually be one of the guys sometimes, cause she loves X-Box and even has her own gamer tag and everything. And that works out for her, because the quicker she can friend-zone a dude? The more immune she is to their charms!


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Emily Gorman(NPC) Grandmother Belle is very loving of her grandmother, despite the matriarch's scadalous ways. They both want the best for each other, and they both want the other to do what makes them happy. So they easily have that kind of relationship where they can go shopping together. Upside is, her grandmother is a bit of a cougar that Bella can use her as a shield to intercept the boys.
Rhydian Gorman Twin Brother Her brother is her rock and keystone when she has the bad feels from her most recent heartbreak or just the typical downs. He can usually cheer her up. She also has a major hate-on for the girls he runs through. She's told him that if he doesn't slow down his Cassanova ways, she won't have a single friend in Haven Point.
Belfry Familiar Belfry is her Familiar. He is a large brown bat that typically hangs out hidden on her person somewhere. Might check her bag or even her hair. He's pretty hard to see, and can be a bit fussy when roused.

Belladonna Bethany Gorman



Portrayed By Danielle Campbell
Race Witch
Affinity Fire
Working Stone Carnelian
Birthplace Haven Point
Birthday September 2
Position College Student
Affiliations Sigma Zeta Rho Sorority
Status Single… Wow really? Is it the Apocalypse?
First Seen


  • Founding Family: Belle is a Gorman, one of the towns founding families.
  • Crew: Belle hangs out with a group of guys and girls that are into peforming. They do it often. Are you one of them?
  • Sorority: Belle is a member of Sigma Zeta Rho Sorority.
  • Gamertag: Belle is the type of girl that can sit and play video games with the guys, Ask her what her gamertag is,
  • Bad Romance: Belle has the worst luck with guys. She's terrified of the 'R' word anymore, yet she has a weakness for a charming smile and hot bod.
  • Music, Music, Music!: Belle love love loves music. It's her passion and her life. She can listen to it for hours, and usually is.
  • Don't Call Me Bella: Belle has a few different nicknames: Belle, B, Donna, but do not call her Bella. She hates that for some reason.


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  • Mark the Date (2014.09.25) - Samuel catches Elliot at the food court on campus, talks to him about going to a cabin to meet others, and maybe get some questions answered

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