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"I was not designed to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest."- Henry David Thoreau

Bright and intelligent, Amelia is, when it comes down to it, a closet nerd. That being said, her feisty and semi-dry sense of humor is not exactly unknown in the small but lucrative community of Haven Point. Sweet an well-mannered, Amelia does not generally allow people to walk over her, unless she’s in a situation where she feels particularly inadequate – and then she can be easily swayed in her vulnerability. Amelia is also a creature of subtlety and finds being the center of attention utterly terrifying. Unintentionally awkward at times; has a difficult time opening up; and is frequently too hard on herself.


  • Family: The Gray family moved into town from Amherst around 4 years ago. Since then they've found their place. Lynette works at the local public library, while Joe Gray coach football and teaches history at Haven Point High School. The Gray kids are pretty well behaved, though that son and youngest daughter of theirs has had a few small run-ins with the law.
  • Local: Amelia Gray is a known name around town these days. Not because she's popular, but because she's prone to getting her hands in as many community projects as she can. An individual prone to stretching herself a little too thin, she spends a large portion of her weekends helping the elderly, reading to sick children, and volunteering at the local animal shelter. When she isn't volunteering or going to her classes at the university, she works part time at the Black Sheep Cafe, which her family owns.
  • College: Amelia Gray is best known as the girl who is commonly seen handing out fliers outside the campus book store. Viewed as a sweetheart, it's said she is a little bit of a do-gooder and Mary Sue for most peoples taste. She's a sophomore business student, but that's about all there is to be said about her.

All In The Details



psychic-1.jpg Claudia Hale They've been besties almost their whole life. They share almost everything.
earth-1.jpg Elliot Hale Claudia's older brother, but just barely. He' super sweet and fun to talk to. Lia rather enjoys him.
water-1.jpg Evie Amor New to town and she's already managed to get more kind words out of Jude's mouth than the group has managed in years. Amelia is appropriately amazed.
psychic-1.jpg Jude Brooks They've had ups and downs, but as many can attest, there's just something people love in Jude. Amelia is no different.
earth-1.jpg Meadowlark Bates One of the triplets. More to come soon!
fire-1.jpg Michelle Trask A lifelong local like Amelia, Michelle can be a bit 'doom and gloom'. It's the polar opposite to Amelia's normally optimistic approach to things. Still Lia has nothing bad to say about her.
water-1.jpg Samuel Bates The older brother to the triplets and only Bates son. He's super sweet and fun to be around. He also pays very good compliments. He's currently holding the record most Amelia-Points earned in one conversation, and she's fine with that.

Amelia Isabelle Gray



Portrayed By Ashley Benson
Race Witch
Affinity Air
Working Stone Amazonite
Birthplace Amherst, MA
Birthday June 7 (19)
Position University Student
Employer The Black Sheep Cafe, Barista
Affiliations black-sheep-cafe-icon.jpg NSU-icon.jpg
Status Single
First Seen

Worm Serial Killers (2014.09.20)


  • Love Art: Amelia is a well known local artist.
  • College Student: Amelia is a Freshman at Northeastern State University.
  • Founding Family: Amelia's mother was a Cunningham.
  • Love RP: Page me and we can work something out!

Azurite Necklace


Amelia is never seen without this necklace, which she made herself (under the watch of her grandfather) when she was twelve.


Logs featuring Amelia. Logs that refer to Amelia. News and Gossip about Amelia.
  • Skip Day (2014.09.30) - A gathering at Sugar Jones, Amelia and Samuel cut classes, Claudia plays good student, goes to hers.
  • Enlightenment (2014.09.23) - Meeting at Rosalinda's there are several college age that sit and talk about many topics of interest.
  • Breakfast Points and Duckfaces (2014.09.22) - Samuel and Amelia chat over pastries and coffee. Numbers are exchanged and at least one duckface is made.
  • Worm Serial Killers (2014.09.20) - Elliot and Samuel catch up before school, meet Amelia and then go out to Reecer Creek and encounter Evie learning to fish
  • Malted Gossip (2014.11.22) - Ashton and Samuel catch up after the gossip leaks about the mutilations, the follow up on his dream, Ashton takes his stone to see if she can purify it somehow as that may be part of the cause of his dream issue lately.
  • Skirting the Edges (2014.10.31) - Ellie and Greg come to the Firehouse to talk with Sam about things
  • Fruitful Expedition (2014.10.12) - Meadow and Sam take the walk to look for flowers, chance upon Ellie gathering fruits; protective family comes into play
  • Ultimate Nachos (2014.10.11) - Meadow and Sam talk about things, such as Amelia, Greg joins in, meeting the siblings.
  • Tossing Balls on a Rainy Day (2014.10.11) - Ellie and Samuel run into each other at the student rec center, both trying to escape the pouring cold rain. End up doing some ball-tossing exercise, with some mucked up +roll results.
  • Those Three Words (2014.10.06) - After his dream, Meadowlark and Sam go to the bookstore, talk with Claudia, then go get milkshakes
  • You Should Tell Her (2014.10.05) - After Brooks Farm, Meadow and Sam have a brief talk
  • Fortune Cookie (2014.10.01) - Drinking at the Firehouse, advice, some quiet talking and a dance in the fog.
  • Research (2014.09.30) - Research at the library is a dead end, but Evie is determined not to give up.
  • Vive la Viv (2014.09.28) - Cousins Vivica and Elliot find each other at the Firehouse, Bates siblings Sam and Meadow are there to serve/talk, Ashton stops by for lunch
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