Rosalinda Ayers

Rosalinda Antoinette Ayers



Portrayed By Kat Von D
Race With
Affinity Earth
Working Stone Opal
Birthplace Haven Point, Ma
Birthday October 9(
Position Owner of Rosalinda's Pool Hall
Status Single
First Seen

In A Few Words…

Wild, in your face…and completely responsible. That's Rosalinda in a nutshell. While her exterior may lead to a few misconceptions in regards to her lifestyle, Haven Point knows and loves this young woman. Prone to be a little to sensitive to the plights of youth, Rosalinda opened her pool hall seven years ago when the college began to see an alarming increase in the number of witches enrolling. Hoping to give these witches a safe, private place they could let their hair down and discuss magic openly, The Pool Hall opened it's doors with a unique little feature. When the green light is on, the room is mortal free. When the red light comes on, the privacy of the pool hall has been compromised. So far it's worked and her with her council offered to anyone with questions, Rosalinda has helped more young people than she ever dreamed possible.


  • Rosalinda owns a popular pool hall, which caters to the magical community of youth that frequent the town and college.
  • Rosalinda has a 17 year old daughter who attends the local high school.
  • Rosalinda is a well known Kitchen Witch with a specialty in herbal remedies.


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