Roger Callahan

Roger Callahan



Portrayed By Anthony Hopkins
Race Witch
Affinity Earth
Working Stone
Birthplace Haven Point, MA
Birthday August 21, 1939
Position Retired Businessman
City Council Member
Employer Retired
Affiliations City & Elders Council
Status Married to Loraine Callahan
First Seen

In A Few Words…

A self-sufficient man Roger is one to fix things before replacing them if at all possible. He's a generous man, and an active member of Haven Point society, he spends some time each year volunteering for the community. He generally holds a cheery outlook on life and is every pushing himself and finding new projects to fill his time since 'retiring' from the family business. A persuasive personality, he loves his family but is firm in his beliefs.

  • Roger is a hunter and fisherman, and spends alot of time at the reservoir in the summer months.
  • Roger owns The Garden Gate, a garden center south of town, though his son and daughter-in-law now handle the majority of day to day business.
  • Roger's youngest son, Jacob, died in a fire in 1999 at age 27.


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