Norman Egan

Norman Leaf Egan



Portrayed By Stephen Lang
Race Witch
Affinity Air
Working Stone Jasper
Birthplace Haven Point, MA
Birthday March 11 (62)
Position Retired Sheriff
Affiliations City & Elders Council
Status Married to Stephanie Egan
First Seen

In A Few Words…

The shoes of Norman Egan are large, to say the least. A man known for his big heart, his strong personality and his honorable moral compass, he is a steadfast personality and one of the backbone individuals of the town. A retired sheriff, Mr. Egan takes pride in Haven Point and the family friendly environment it is. He sees the modern worlds obsession with video games and computers as corruption, and often encourages his four grandchildren to step outside the box and enjoy what nature has to offer them. Norman is also a firm presence on the City/Elders Council. He has joined the Bates family in their war against dark magic by offering a 'no questions asked' council to all of the communities budding witches.


  • Norman is well known in the community as a kindhearted family man.
  • Norman is second chair in the Elders Council and involves his wife in all his decisions.
  • Norman has a very tetanus relationship with Emily Gorman.


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