Kimbel Bishop

Kimbel Nicole Bishop



Portrayed By Alicia Witt
Race Psychic
Birthplace Haven Point, MA
Birthday May 2 (34)
Position Business Owner
Affiliations The Three Wise Cats Occult Shop
Status Single
First Seen

In A Few Words…

Kimbel has been a part of Haven Points outcast community for the better part of 15 years. She first began to make waves when she opened The Three Wise Cats, an occult shop specializing in palm readings and fortune telling. This did not settle well in the stomachs of the towns Elders Council who believed that her behavior was a blatant disregard for the towns safety. Kimbel's life took a terrible turn three years ago. Neither Kimbel nor the Elders will talk about what happened, but in the end, following an attack, Kimbel was left blind. She is permitted to exist in Haven Point under the assumption that she will not do readings for Outsiders or discuss the events that took place.


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