Henry Cunningham

Henry Cunningham



Portrayed By Hugh Laurie
Race Witch
Affinity Earth
Working Stone Citrine
Birthplace Haven Point, MA
Birthday October 6
Position Doctor
Employer Our Lady Mercy Hospital
Affiliations City & Elders Council
Status Married to Ester Cunningham
First Seen

In A Few Words…

Dr. Henry Cunningham has been a well respected ember of the community since well before he joined the ranks of the City and Elder Council. Born into a life of privilege, he didn't take to magic right away like many of the other current council members. Instead Henry turned his mind toward the sciences. It's no secret that magic and science go together like oil and water. It would take Henry 22 years before he would finally concede to his family and educate himself in his bloodline. Once he opened his mind to the possibilities of magic, Henry found he had a very impressive talent at healing magic. Once he discovered this, it was only a hop and a skip to the realization that medical school was his calling. Now he is a senior adviser and the towns most revered physician.


  • Henry's private practice does not employee witches. He has never explained why.
  • Henry is the towns utmost expert on crystal magic.
  • There is a rumor that the Cunningham line has dark magic in it, however there is no proof on this claim.


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