Emily Gorman

Emily Gorman



Portrayed By Marie Osmond
Race Witch
Affinity Energy
Working Stone Moonstone
Birthplace Haven Point, Massachusetts
Birthday November 1
Position Business Owner
Employer Fountain of Youth Spa
Affiliations Elder Circle
Status Widowed
First Seen

In A Few Words…

Emily Gorman is a firm personality. She knows what she wants and she always gets exactly that. After the death of her late husband Rodney, Emily took his place on the City Council and Elders Council. Though it was only two years ago, many people suspect that the marriage between Rodney and his beautiful wife was not all it was cracked up to be, Known as something of a 'cougar', she has since embarked on a number of scandalous relationships, using her money and political sway to make friends in high (and low) places. Emily was also the sole guardian over her two grandchildren, who lost their mother (Emily's daughter) just over 6 years ago.


  • Emily is the elder for the Gorman family after the death of her husband Rodney Gorman 2 years ago.
  • The death of Rodney Gorman was declared an accident after his car ran off a bridge during a thunderstorm.
  • Both of Emily's grandchildren live with her, they are the last 2 remaining Gorman family members.


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