Metaphysics (also known as Crafts or Arts) are the special Powers that those gifted with magical or supernatural abilities possess. They and their point costs are fully described in the files below.

Magical Invocations

Witches manipulate the world through the power of their will, the expenditure of Essence, and the performance of rituals that help focus that will and give shape to the Essence used. These rituals, or Invocations, must be learned by the witch. Click HERE for more info.

The Sight

The Sight, or Second Sight, is the term used by occultists to describe the powers of the mind, also known as psychic, psionic or esper powers. The Sight includes the power to see into the past and future, to read thoughts and to move objects through sheer force of will. Each power is acquired separately, and it has an Art (the skill used to activate the power) and a Strength (the raw power of the psychic ability). Click HERE for more info.

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