Magical Invocations

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Invocations and Range

Unless otherwise specified, most Invocations have an effective “range” equal to line-of-sight; if the witch can see the target, he can affect it. Typically, this means the target must be in the presence of the witch, or relatively close (within arm’s length). In theory, one could cast an Invocation on a target over a mile away, but if the witch cannot clearly see the target, a -3 penalty is applied to all Tasks. Casting an Invocation through a remote viewing device, like a television camera, only works if the Magician knows exactly and intimately the location the device is showing (security cameras in the witch’s own home would work; a television interview “somewhere in New York” would not). Even when possible, using an Invocation through such a device would be at a -4 penalty.

Greater Invocations

Greater Invocations may not ever be taken in CG. These are invocations that only deeply studied witches have learned. Most never reach this level of education therefor one must learn this ICly through an IC mentor.

Having the ability to manipulate Essence is not enough. The raw energies of Creation need focus, or their potential remains unrealized or, worse, produces effects at random. Invocations are the tools used to weave Essence into the desired shape. As the witch learns her Art, she acquires a transcendental understanding of how Essence is used to Create specific things. One can think of Essence as a fine thread, a thread that can be used to weave anything. The pattern of the weave determines what the final result will be. Each Invocation helps the witch to understand one specific pattern or matrix.

To imprint that understanding in his memory, the witch uses a series of words and signs that will, when properly spoken or gestured, allow him to focus on the the pattern he wishes to weave. So, the Elemental Fire Invocation is learned to weave Essence into fire shapes and forms. The amount of Essence available limits how large or destructive the fire is, but the same Invocation will serve to light a match or to turn a building into a blazing inferno; both effects are part and parcel of the same Invocation.

A number of Invocations are described below. A brief description reveals their characteristics, followed by a list of possible effects and Essence costs. The list for each Invocation covers some basic examples.

Learning Invocations

Each Invocation is learned as a separate skill. Due to the complex nature of Invocations, Invocations cost 2 character points per level up to level 5, and 5 character points per level thereafter. Learning a new Invocation after character creation costs 10 character points for the first level; the rest are learned normally.

Casting Invocations

Using an Invocation requires two steps, as long as everything goes well. First, the required amount of Essence must be gathered together. This is the Summoning (the player must make their intent to use an invocation known and the character must begin concentrating their focus). Second, the Essence must be focused. A Focus roll is necessary (The Invocation Level + The Willpower Attribute). The more powerful the Magical effect desired is, the more difficult it is to Focus the power.

Intent and Magic

Unlike mindless natural forces, Magic is a function of the will of the witch, and it is colored by the emotions and intentions of the witch. The forces invoked reflect his inner desires and his intentions. If the witch holds evil in her heart, the Magic itself will be evil and treacherous.

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