What Is Essence

Essence is pure potentiality, a chaotic force that can spawn matter and energy in violation of all known physical laws. It is the stuff of our souls, and it is a force of emotion as much as it is of reason. To work Magic, one must be able to weave Essence into the right matrix. Invocations and rituals provide the basic mold into which Essence is poured; if enough Essence is summoned and used, and if no outside force is interfering with the Invocation, the desired effect will take place.

Sources of Essence

Essence is the fuel of Magic; the more the available Essence, the more powerful and spectacular an effect will be. Unfortunately, tapping into the primal forces of Creation is not easy, and the sources are limited.

  • The Self: The closest source of Essence is the witch herself. All living things have an Essence Pool. Most witches have large Essence Pools; as Essence is channeled in and out of the witch's body, their total capacity increases, much like a muscle that grows in size as it is exercised.
  • Storage Devices: Some Invocations can “fix” some amount of Essence to a specially prepared object or place. The Essence can then be stored indefinitely for future use. After the stored Essence is used up, however, it must be replenished once again. Many witches take the time to create one of these storage devices, which are then carried on their persons for ready use. This is often refereed to as a Talisman.
  • Group Magic: Several witches can pool their resources to perform an Invocation. Furthermore, groups of a certain size seem to have more Essence available to them.

Witches are capable of incredible feats, but have to pay a price. Using supernatural powers is risky, sometimes uncertain, and often as dangerous to the user as to his enemies. Each of the Arts, the different abilities that some witches have, has strengths and weaknesses. With these abilities, witches can heal, protect or destroy.

About Magic

Magic involves the channeling of Essence to affect the real world. Essence, a primordial element of reality, is the unifying link between matter and energy, life and spirit. By manipulating Essence, the sorcerer can make and unmake things, can release energy and affect matter, can cause wounds with a touch or heal the injured. To work the Magic, the witch must use Invocations — ritual actions and words that help focus the witch's will and imagination to produce the desired effects.

All Magic requires three steps in its performance.

  • First, the Essence needed to create the effect is called forth — the Summoning.
  • The Essence is then woven into a matrix (provided by the Invocation) designed to produce the desired effect — the Focus.
  • After the effect is finished, the Forces summoned must be banished, or they may run rampant, turning on innocent people or even on the magician himself — the Dismissal.

Group Magic

Magic is more effective when performed by a group. One of the obvious reasons is that all the participants can infuse their Essence into the Invocation, speeding up the Magic and allowing more powerful effects to take place. It is for this reason that witches form circles.

Certain numbers and combinations of numbers seem to have a degree of intrinsic power. The most commonly sought number for a circle is 5. By working as a circle, witches can gain great amounts of Essence. Even three relatively weak witches working together can create powerful effects by tapping into this additional energy. Of course, when manipulating such amounts of Essence, the problem of controlling, focusing and then dismissing the power remains. More than one overly ambitious group of witches have been obliterated by playing with far too much power.

Conducting Group Magic

Working as a group requires coordination and skill as well as power. Most group Magic is conducted by forming a Circle, facing inward. As a closed form, the Circle is useful in focusing the power of the gathering on the Task at hand without letting it escape through any corners or gaps. Sometimes, the members of the group hold hands, although this is not necessary. A member of the group, usually the most skilled witch at the Invocation or Invocations to be attempted, becomes the Leader of the Circle.

The basic steps to cast group Magic Invocations are the same as for normal Invocations: Summoning, Focus and Dismissal. The only changes are the contributions of the group to the process.

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