Long Time Local

If you have apped a character who grew up or has been in Haven Point for some time now, there are a few things that your character would know.


  • Haven Point is a town soaked in small town culture, comfort and tradition. Though it's on the larger side as far as towns go, people still enjoy relative comfort in life. There is a less pronounced degree of poverty and theft related crimes, though the town has one of the highest number of missing persons reports in the eastern region. The number of murder cases that have gone unsolved is also alarmingly high.
  • The College is the main draw for many people. It's grown over the years and is now a leading source of education for students focused on the maths and sciences. There is also a very well respected Art institute in the town, affiliated with the university.
  • The town is surrounded by very thick, state protected wilderness. The Kittitas Reservoir and Campground rests on the rim of the Kittitas National Forest.

Urban Legends

Every town or city has their stories. The stories of Haven Point may be able to be found in some form on the net, but the word of mouth versions are held much closer to the locals. To close, in fact, for some details to make it into their written forms. Everyone knows these tails in some form or another. No one however, knows the truth (unless apped otherwise). Remember not to expand on the legends as 'fact'. Some of these are tied into applications.

  • The Kittitas Reservoir: As with any lake, Kittitas Reservoir has it's own fair share of dark tails associated with it's black waters. In June of 1968, just 1 week before the reservoir was to be flooded, 8 workers were killed when a truck hauling logs from the site overturned, pinning them below the load. The lake was completed on time despite the deaths. Later, in 1978 the lake suffered a rash of drowning accidents, one of which claimed 8 lives, among them the 13 year old daughter of the town's mayor Robert Laurence. Again, in 1998, the lake was struck by tragedy again when the community suffered 8 boating accidents, losing 8 more lives. Since then there are some who believe that the lake itself is cursed. Some say that the souls of those claimed by the water await new souls to drag down into the depths. Regardless of what you believe, the lake has a rather troubling headcount.
  • The Reecer Creek Train Station: Once the sight of the areas first rail station, the Reecer Creek Road eventually dwindled as the town moved east to flatter, more easily cleared areas. Forgotten and no loner necessary thanks to the newer, more modern train station, the old station was named a historical location but otherwise forgotten. It became a hangout for local delinquents and was soon covered in graffiti. It was deemed and eyesore and forgotten until a cool fall afternoon in 1981 when police and firefighters were contacted by someone claiming the station was on fire. Officials responded and quickly put out the flames, only to discover the bodies of six dead teens. Later the investigation would discover that all six ha died of gunshots to the head before they were set on fire. No suspects were named and no leads found on the murders. Since then the train station has become one of the areas most 'haunted' locations, drawing paranormal investigators and amateur ghost hunters, all of which claim that the whole area is drenched in evil and that the train station itself is home to a malevolent spirit.
  • The Beast of the Kittitas: As said before legends vary from person to person, but most tell of an animal-like creature, walking on its hind legs that tracks and terrorizes local hunters, hikers and campers alike. Said to stand no taller than a man, this beast can mimic the voices of its victims as well as take on their form. Its eyes are said to glow red and it emits a cry that reaches into your very soul.
  • The Ghost of Reecer Creek Road: Just outside of Haven Point, heading down Reecer Creek one leaves behind the lights of town. There are few homes through this piece of countryside, but those who do drive down this lonely span of roadway say that on fullmoon nights the ghost of a young black girl can be found walking along the roads edge. Truly devoted believers even swear that this is the spirit of a young girl killed in May of 2000 by the name of Birdie Mensah. Birdie was struck by a vehicle and killed when she was 9 years old. Her killer was never found. This is the newest addition to local lore.


  • The Three Wise Cats is located down a dark alleyway in Haven Point, and is home to local psychic Kimbel Bishop. She is not trusted by many at all, and many psychics like to keep their distance.
  • Psychics can feel the power under their feet, and for those who have the skills to see them, there are pocket areas where the power emitted is pure evil. Whatever makes Haven Point special draws the supernatural to it, and once it gets it's hold on something it tries its best to keep it.
  • The old train station is a spot of extremely heavy, dark energy. It causes sensations of discomfort and nausea in unprepared psychics.
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