Student vs Teacher

Thursday evening, there was a pick up basketball game on one of the courts by some locals that has recently dispersed. The last few cars from that game have just said good-bye to each other, facing opposite directions, and each then headed out of the parking lot. Leaving the park spartan for attendance, other than an occasional runner or someone getting a bit of exercise. Not much loitering aside from a young man, in his mid to upper twenties, who rolled in on a Vincent Grey Flash. Pulled up in the lot not far from the sign, the rider, one Clayton Russell, has kicked down the stand and has waited a few moments near that sign. Another car pulled up. Somewhat beat up, a tail light taped up even, it pulled up near Clayton. Pausing with the engine running, and either unmindful of other park denizens it would seem, there was a quick exchange involving money and an orange sort of bottle. As the beat up car heads away, Clayton takes a moment to pull the top off the bottle for a light drink of it. Seeming to physically relax a little, he tucks it away and then takes in his surroundings for the moment.

Just looking around, casual, seeing who else is even in the park, as if now acknowledging the whole rest of the park. Taking in everyone else, he takes in the nearest playground equipment as well, as if deciding on a swing for the moment, some place to sit. No hurry to ride off at all. Still looking to see what else is going on, his feet turn off towards where ever the swingsets are and he sets off in that direction.

There's a few others in the park here and there, and one such happens to be Claudia. The young college student coming into view as she moves out the treeline along the path, a messenger bag slung across her. Its hard to say if she saw anything of that exchange or not though as she draws closer to the playground she does notice the professor, offering up a bit of a smile as a silent greeting.

Clayton, wearing a brown leather jacket, faded, over oxford style shirt and jeans, notices the student aged girl. When she seems to be headed in the same direction as him, he looks her way. Uncertain himself if she saw anything, he does take the smile in silent greeting as a indicative sign that either she didn't see, or didn't pay attention. In turn, he offers a smile, then he looks at the playground. Making a leap she might be going to the same place, he offhandedly comments, "Good, I won't look completely out of place." IE, adult on a playground that is. Its hopeful, she could just be passing through and he could just be outing himself as destined for the playground.

Claudia laughs lightly after a brief flicker of confusion following his comment. "I can't say I never sat on the swings by myself before," she offers and given that she obviously has one more that one occassion. "I guess I just like peoplewatchingsometimesthough. Well, that and sometimes I thinkthemovement makesit easier to study," odd as it may sound.

The laugh warms to him, glad she took it in the light he meant, Clayton's own smile growing then. Catching a sense of ease at least, "I can neither say the same." He listens a moment as some of her words go together, making sure he caught everything just right. "People watching, to study, mind if I join along, you can tell me what we're studying as the other's move around?" If they keep going, he'll gladly take the swing right next to her if she's amiable to the company at least. His gaze half favoring watching where they're going, slightly more favor to her as the conversation seems to open.

Claudia lifts a shoulder in a shrug at his question of joining her. A little awkwardfrom hersideof the conversation at least, "Its a free country," she offers, turning to take a seat on one of the swings. "Were you out for the baseball game?" she inquires, that she did apparently pick up on.

Moving about, about to sit down, he does give a little pause at the shrug and the free country comment. Paused with at least one hand on his chain, Clayton shakes his head, "No, I was arriving at the tale end. More waiting for it to clear out I guess." His own awkward in not wanting to swing around to many other people, or more that exchange and not wanting to do that around other people. "Free country," he finally agrees, sitting down, but not yet swinging himself, "But I don't want to intrude either, and if you're doing some studying, I don't want to be a pest either."

"Its alright," Claudia assures, "I probably won't get much studying done anyway. I always seemto get distracted." She doesn't seem all that upset by the idea either. A nod about the game as she slips the strap of her bag over her head and let it sit on the ground beside her after retreving a geology text from within. "Well its a nice day for the park anyway."

"Then it all works out," about her getting distracted, and him having his own distraction so far for anything he needed to do this evening. At least for the moment. He kicks a little, but doesn't get to proper swining. More towards kicking a little and half standing. "Yeah, its a great day to be outside," for fall, its warm enough to enjoy it, no biting cold or threats of snow this close to November. He half sees the book, then gives a pause, "That's no Geo 101 is it?" Cause he's have to be embarassed in not recognizing someone in one of his classes, in fairness, its basic science and one of the easy ones to get into to fulfil requirements for other majors, so its a big class.

Claudia can't help but laugh a little at his embarasement. "Yeah. I'm in your 10 o'clock Dr. Russell," she clarifies for him. But it is an easy course to get lost inthe crowd in. "I'm there's plenty of faces to try to remember, no worries."

"I need to make a better effort," he returns, but grins a little, hints of a chuckle even. She did give him the out of lots of students. "I'm not good with the Dr. thing yet … Clayton or Mr. Russell." He gives the second just in case, some students like to keep that boundary up there. "So … its Ms. …." Asking for her name, in context she wishes to give, but gives another option, "Or do I have to try to guess from the list of names I do remember?" And its probably he knows the names more readily than name to face.

Claudia shrugs lightly. That's a problem that's up to him. "Mr. Russell then," she corrects herself for him. Sometimes its just weird calling a teacher by first name, especially since she was just high school last year and she doesn't know him that well yet either. "Hale," she offers her name at the prompt, she'll not make him guess today anyway. "Claudia," adding her first name as well, the book still on her lap, hands crossed over the top.

Clayton is skirting any awkwardness between them, going with a wide range of students by age, from freshman to seniors to 4+ years or audit even, not making a leap to how young she is relative to him. Mr. Russell it is. "Ms. Hale," he returns, getting a feel for it that way, keeping it level with her preference towards him. "That's a local name right?" Thinking he's seen it around, but that doesn't preclude she could have a name similar to some of those in town and still be non-related, non-resident student.

Claudia nods, "Yep," she replies, confirming his suspisionson the family name. "Not quite as well known as some of the families from around here, but they've been around almost as long. My grandfather owns the bookstore, just down the street from the university…" she continues divulging a bit more information as to where he may have picked up the name other than his 10:00 Geo 101 roster. "And please, call me Claudia. Ms Hale is my mother." She's a teacher - that's what the locale kids call her!

"Ah yes, Westward, that's right." Not that he knows its her grandfather that own the place, but that's one place he has probably been. Though on the hit/miss end of seeing her there it would seem. "Claudia it is." As it makes her more comfortable. "I should talk to you then about finding where to go in town? Avoid the college bound places, more what the locals like?" More meaning hidden gems, if any, for restuarants or entertainment, versus those trying to cater to the college itself, though he has been looking around most likely, hince getting some of the local names otehr than student rosters.

"That's the one," Claudia confirms with a smile and a nod. "Hmm…" she considers, tilting her head as she thinks a moment on where to go. "Its not a huge town really, most places attract the college kids sooner or later, but the Firehouse has good food… I like the Black Sheep, but then its right next door to the bookshop and my best friend works there so…" Its kind of a given. A shrug. "Not really into the bar scene," not to mention she's not old enough to get in yet if she tried.

"Ah, I've seen the Firehouse, passed by it at least," returns Clayton, giving another kick and letting the swing actually swing more. Tucking his legs, but not pumping them, just starting those kinetics to let gravity pull him back and forth a couple of times. No comment on the Black Sheep, curious as he knows the bookstore, maybe not at the neighbors so much. "I can't say I'm not into it, I go sometimes, but not out of my way to enjoy. Looking for other things to do instead. Went to the Alperton for apples, and someone took me out to the creek to look at the rocks there." Exciting, and probably not surprising, he's a geologist after all.

Claudia laughs, swinging back and forth just a bit but not putting out any real effort to swing. "Alperton's is good this time of year, actually its even a little late for the best apples, but the creek is nice too - more so in summer but I'm sure you liked the rocks more than the water." Even if there is little teasing in that comment.

"I'm too late," he considers about Alperton's, though there was some apples left, and more into having a few pies in the works. Assuming they keep cold counter space inside the shop to sell things such as that. There is a nod about the last comment. "Its too cold to swim," in his opinion, or lamenting not having gone more in the summer before his 1st semester here began, "But lots of good rocks, quite a few quartz, I picked up some green quartz. Its home in the tumbler now." Then he catches on, that most people do go to the creek for the water, and he chuckles slightly, "Okay, yeah, more for the rocks. There's more to see at the creek you're saying?" As if he completely missed the water in, joining her tease, even if at his expense.

Claudia shrugs. "Well you'll still find some, but its the end of the season," she explains with a shrug of her shoulders. "And yeah, there's usally more to see than what you first notice. Doesn't really matter where it is you go." No one ever takes in everything on first look after all. As for rocks, "I'm so going to fail that identification test next week."

"Okay, I'll go back out, look up from the rocks then. I meant to get away from the creek a little actually, just couldn't get past skipping a few stones," returns Clayton, though taking in the idea to give everything more than a first look at least. Maybe there's interesting stuff out there for all he knows, century old abandoned buildings and such, cemeteries, who knows. His swing stops, he turns sidelong more to look at her, "Nah, don't stress it. It'll be easier than it sounds. I could help a little if you like, exchange for the insider info." Or, giving her opinions on town that is.

Claudia raises a brow as she lifts a glance from the book in her lap, still closed, to Clayton. "Isn't that sort of like cheating?" she ask, at the offer of help. "I mean you helping study for your own test? And of course you'd think its easier than it sounds. You don't have to take it." Not that he never took anything similar in his studies, but that's beside the point right now.

Grinning a little, he nods, "Sort of like cheating, but only if I just handed you the answer guide to study. I'm still a rock geek at heart, it'd be instructive cheating." Where stuff is learned, but he's not pushing the topic either. More a chuckle about him thinking it easier, "Yeah, good point, I just mean, I'll be more lenient than I remember. Get in the right ball park and I'll still award credit." On the test, he means in general, not special favor on the test. "Rocks that boring?" A curiousity, since she did think she would fail the identification test.

Claudia rolls her eyes. "Yeah, that's a good way to start. Tell one of your students you'll help them cheat," she teases. Hey! He's the one who agreed it was sort of like it. "But no.. I wouldn't say boring per say, just well they all start to look the same," she admits.

Chuckling a little, Clayton shrugs to the tease, "Its that fine line, some boundaries are meant to be broken, otherwise nothing new for the world's copious knowledge." Break the rules in the name of advancenemt. Maybe it doesn't work that way so much. "Mostly, at least to start with, they save the cool things for the higher level courses." Then he pauses, "No, okay, its all relatively the same, sometimes its more thinking of the history too that helps, not just how they look. Still, even then, the right polish and any stone takes on a new look." Then he looks sheepish, paushing, realizing he's geeking on rocks for the moment.

Claudia laughs. "See you totally just made my point," she replies at his mention of a change in polish. "History I can handle, and I know about them, its just the identifying. You know?" Of course he doesn't he can identify them. "I mean and brown rock is a brown rock."

Chuckling, his head bobbing a little. "That's the secret to the fun stuff, looking at the boring stuff to get an idea of what's in it, or what it looks like when you do polish it," returns Clayton. "When you see it all brown and boring, you can figure out what sort of deposits you see on the surface, and maybe figure out whats inside or underneath. And more an more, GIS and other scanning sort of replaces it, its just tradition to learn the boring stuff first I think."

"I'll just have to take your word on it I guess," Claudia agrees to disagree on that note. "Can I ask though..?" she starts curiousity getting the best of her now. "What brought you to Haven Point?"

Disagreeing works for Clayton too, he's conceded the early stuff tends towards boring at least, if not more, knowing there is personal interest that not everyone has. "I had a few fellowship grants after my doctorate down in Penn State, the funding ran out this year. I choose it as an opportunity to make a change, sort of happenstance that one of the job openings in geology was here at Northeastern University. Oddly, I was thinking I might like New England in the fall too, so seemed like a good move. But I only have the first notice, I need to go out and look again."

Claudia ahs, nodding slightly as he explains. "Well," she starts reaching for her bag, "Welcome I guess, and good luck?" she offers, a slight upturn on the last word. "I should get going, but I'll see you in class," she finishes as she tucks the book back into her bag and slides the strap over her head before heading out with a wave.

"See you in class, Claudia," returns Clayton, sticking to his swing for the now, but offering a wave as she leaves the playground.

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City Park

Squeezed into the landscape of the city, the park stretches on for quite a bit, an expanse freshly mowed-lawns, tall, aged oaks and flowerbeds among the man-made structures. Its entrance faces the street, greeting patrons with a wide, curved wrought-iron sign welcoming them to 'City Park.' Located off to the side is an old parking lot with crumbling pavement; parking meters are stationed at the head of each parking space. A wide concrete path leads off from the parking lot with a sign stuck firmly into the dirt describing the various areas of the park, from the the small sporting fields to the feature flower beds.

In the near distance, a cleared out area is filled with small, gravel baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and a lone basketball court can be seen. It is bordered by a shallow, man-made lake with filled with water that always appears a dull shade of brown.

A dirt path leads into a small thicket of trees, it couldn't even really be considered a forest. The path winds some way before arriving at the thicket, and is lined with old-fashioned wrought-iron benches and trash cans for passing pedestrians to use.

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