Something of Trust

A warm autumn day, early enough to beat evening crowds at the Firehouse, late enough that Sam's classes are done. Fall break behind him, he's looking forward to end of semester and getting ahead on some of his research papers. Only research in that it requires a certain amount of researched citations and journal articles, but still in his primary focus. The exciting world of a business major. That also means he's on the main floor. Near the end of a bookshelf close to circulation, but looking opposite that desk he can see a window to the outdoor world. He's taken a few books off the shelf and is skimming them for content and relevance to his topic. Two on an unused portion of shelf space, ready to be looked at or put back, the other in his hand. Though that window is distracting for the moment. He's probably considering the topic is boring and he should do something before he has to work tonight.

There's no loud noises in the library, so Sam doesn't get a warning before Ellie approaches from a random direction — not that it would make a difference anyway, given how soft-spoken she generally is. Clutching several books against her chest, Ellie arrives with her always-demure smile. "Hey Sam." She greets once she's within quiet-talking distance. "I just saw you from across the room." She explains, and takes the time to steal a glance at his books. "Are you in the middle of… am I interrupting?"

Turning from the window, surprised, but not a startled motion. Samuel maybe one of those more laid back types, even if his heart skipped, it doesn't show in a physical jump. Though his eyes were opened just a little more than usual when he sees who it is and shows relaxed gestures, such as eye lids lowering to normal for his face. "Hey Ellie," a grin that she noticed him then he looks down at his books. Shaking his head as he ponders that, "No, no interrupting, probably saving me from boredom. I've been finding references for an hour, this just isn't natural." Looking at non-fiction books for this long maybe? Grinning a little more, towards his right side, "What's up?"

Waitaminute, she reads non-fiction books for hours, all the time! With a simple shake of her head, Ellie dismisses that thought and the momentary frown on her brows. "Can we… do you have time to talk a bit? In private, I mean." Ellie glances around the immediate vicinity to make sure no one is eavesdropping. "It's kinda important." She emphasizes it with a /look/ that tells him it's probably witch-related.

His grin falters with her brow frowning, but Sam doesn't quite catch onto that it relates to his own dismissal of non-fiction, or there could be some apologizing from Sam. He might be easy to guilt, with the right looks probably. Folding the book he head, he leaves the other two on the shelf. "Sure, can I check this out real quick, I think there is a micro fishe room up on the third floor, no one ever uses it?" For a quicker moment of privacy, he isn't prone to walking from the library either, but it gets them off the main floor and away from the bulk of traffic in the library.

To her credit, Ellie isn't actually offended, nor does she dwell on it. She simply bobs her head, smiles and follows Sam so he can check out his books. In the meantime, though, she is quite willing to make small talk. "It's been a pretty quiet fall, hasn't it? You looked like you were zoning out earlier." Ellie observes, stealing a sidelong glance at Sam as she walks alongside.

Walking the same, Sam turns over the book the person at the desk. Outdated, its still a physical card in the book, and some librarian with a date stamp in hand. He hands over his card, responding to Ellie, "Completely, quiet, a little warm. I don't mind a few early frosts this time of year, we're just not getting them." He takes the book once its checked out to him, slipping it under his arm. He moves towards stairs to go up the two flights to floor three, "Good for more fishing I guess though, but doesn't feel like football weather. I should of picked a topic closer to home for my paper. How about you, here for school work?" He'll hold the door for her, then move into walk up along side, or behind her even.

"Me? No, no." Ellie shakes her head. And now that she is preceding him up the stairs, she'll glance backwards from time to time. "This is more, uhm, private research." She gives the clutched books a quick pat. A quick and quiet 'thanks' is uttered, and then Ellie is through the door into the micro film room. Sam is right that no one uses the room anymore: it's dark and cramped and smells a little musty, but at least the darkness is taken care of once Ellie finds the light switch. "I hope nobody saw us come in here." She muses — because imagine the scandal!

Nodding as he follows, private research, Samuel takes a few seconds after she says that. Looking over his shoulder at the recetnly closed door even, as she has the light switch turned on. It dawns on him, and he half chuckles, a few breathes let out with hints of amusument. "Oh yeah … I'm sure someone noticed." Its a small town, and the top floors cater to older topics of older folks (according to the desc); the ones most likely to gossip probably. "They'll talk anyways, we could of fist bumped, and they'd think it was a drug deal." Though, in honesty, them coming into a dark room hardly used is more scandal worthy. Before he can dwell on the topic of town gossip, he turns more back to Ellie and asks, "Your curious about your private research …?"

"I'm not sure… drug deal is better." Ellie smiles nervously at his suggestion. Because in a town like this, who else would have access to drugs than the town doctor's kids? "And… no, this isn't about…" She shakes her head some more, and turns to put down the stack of books on a nearby surface. "…it's about Greg Scott. You know Greg, right? He's the one studying to be a psychiatrist AND a tattooist."

Following to the nearby surface, he grins at drug deal being better, different sort of defammation at least. Samuel keeps the book he checked out in his arm, he might have a bookbag downstairs ready to go. With a hip lean to a micro fishe machine near that surface she found, he nods. "Oh yeah, I remember him talking about that. He's been coming over to the Firehouse more. I think cause he's a grad student now, less actual bar time, more regular sort of …" A shrug, not sure how to name it, just that less bars, more normal stuff in town, beyond college kid stuff and out from under parents wing stuff; more mature. "You're getting a tattoo?"

Wow. Ellie's eyes go wide at Sam's question, her face goes red, and for a minute she has no reply. "What? No." She shakes her head in denial — she's so shocked because she was actually thinking about such a thing. "No. That's… it's not what I wanted to…" There is a momentary double facepalm, before Ellie recollects herself. "Okay, no. It's about Greg. He's a witch. Like us." She just blurts it out, and lets it sink in for a few seconds.

Watching her redden, then struggle through a few thoughts and words, Sam can't help but grin a little more, as if he deduces the idea of a tattoo is in there. That she turns red and face palm doesn't help him with imagining it going someplace not shared with just everyone (not indecent per say, just not quite out in the open). He won't go where he would with a sister, the remember its permanent talk. Though he focuses more on the info on Greg. "He is, and he just sort of let that out in conversation?" Suddenly Sam's thinking there is something in the water, Elliot was pretty out there in talking about things too of late.

"No. I poked him." Ellie admits, pursing her lips thoughtfully for a moment. "We saw each other's stones, that got me curious. So I probed him a few times about it until he told me where he got it from. Things about his family, how he felt about supernatural phenomena…" Picking up one of the books, Ellie shows Sam the cover — Native Shamanism. "…legends, magic, all of that. So yeah, we danced around the topic a while before I popped the question about being a witch."

Where Sam starts with mildly surprised that she prodded him for it, he ends up with a slight grin. More a persistence pays off sort of thing. Looking at the cover a moment, "Did you talk to him about some of our legends?" As she did mention legends and magic, then he shakes his head. "Did you tell him there were a few of us in town, or did he poke you to learn that stuff too." A slight loss of color, he might not want to adopt this idea of poking each other, maybe a better term for that to come.

Thankfully, Ellie doesn't catch on to the connotations of the word 'poking'. "I did, a little bit. Actually he wasn't… he didn't sound surprised to hear there are a few of us in town. I told him I'll introduce him to the rest of you, but really, not much more than that. Nothing about our local laws and legends." She makes a face here. "So, you think you guys want to meet with him about it?"

That they move away from it, that helps Sam's color return to more normal. Though, staying serious at least, not so much grinning as he was when the joked a little about town gossip either. He nods as he considers that, "I think so, a few of us could meet with him. We were going to take Elliot up to a cabin near the lake to talk about it. If you think Greg is on the up and up, we could just go meet up there, be more open about it?"

That last question brings another frown to Ellie's brows, and a thoughtful uncertainty to her eyes even she lowers her gaze. "But I don't know, Sam." She finally admits. "I want to think he's… as you said, on the up and up, but I've only known him for a few weeks." Heaving a sigh, she lifts her gaze to meet his. "I tried putting trust in people, and… it didn't go well." As long-term residents and fellow witch, no doubt Sam remembers Ellie's first and only serious relationship in highschool, an outsider witch named Jeremy Stamford who dated her for a few months before he was exposed as someone who was really after the founding family's accumulated arcane knowledge. He was banished, of course, but it's burnt Ellie, a burn that she has never quite recovered from.

He probably does recall that, also that idea of trust being why he suggested a few to meet with him. Samuel ponders that some more. "If you like, I can speak with him first? No need to tell him who all else is one of us." Offered for better affirmation. "Could be he's as uncertain about it as any of us." That is meeting other witches from outside the community. "And if he's not level, at least he only knows a few of us right?" Then that thought, of her own concern, "You good with it, him knowing about you, or should I make cause to check up on you from time to time?"

"No, I'm good, but thanks." Ellie smiles a little, relieved and grateful all at once, before a hand lifts to rake through her long hair. "If you don't mind talking to him, that'd be… really great. I can be such a bad judge of character…." Yes, that would be a Jeremy reference again. "…and, I'm not sure, but I think maybe Greg… uhm." There is a slight blush rising to her cheeks again. "He might be… I think he likes me."

Sam is nodding his head, he'd be gald to talk with him, but then a shake of his head, putting off the judge of character thing. Whether true or not, in part he's also not wanting anyone to get down on themselves. Despite the Jeremy thing even, even if this turns out just the same, doesn't mean she was a bad judge so much as just some manipulative jerk. Though his head movements change, the blush comes, Sam grins a little even. "Well, that could change things." A pause, "So, talk witch with him, or should I big brother him a little?" That might actually be a tease from Sam, he doesn't think she'd want that if there is a return of the like. "Actually, if he didn't admit too fast and he likes you, that could be a good thing Ellie." Cause if he was after more from the local witches, telling one he was one too could be a way to try and gain fast trust, at least in Sam's mind.

Ellie really doesn't want to dwell on this 'liking her' thing, because it doesn't help with her blushing condition. "I should… I haven't even told Silas yet. If I did, I'm sure he'll big brother him. I mean, you already have your hands full with your sisters." She points out, allowing a small but weak smile to flash across her lips. "I think… just talking witch is good for now, thanks. I'll be careful though; I don't know if I can deal with another Jeremy Stamford."

"Yeah, I don't think anyone wants another situation like Jeremy Stamford." Sam is certain of that, even if she was more the focus, there was a broader focus. He's comfortable with Silas being the one to go to for that stuff, he won't push the liking her business then. Not a teaser at all when it comes to who likes who even. "He's left a few cards for business at the Firehouse, if you want, I could just go talk to him curiously. Unless you want to say something first, I don't know what he'll think knowing you told me?" That is more to gauge her opinion on that very topic, which would in turn help him talk to Greg of course.

"I told him I'll mention him to the other witches." Ellie confirms, her blush receding now that the topic is back on more important — and official — matters. "And introduce him. I think it would be best if he knows I told you; that will… it should come across better than someone asking him about it out of the blues. I'd be suspicious too if I were in his shoes."

"Allright, I'm good for this," returns Sam, more comfortable. "If you like, you could just invite him to the Firehouse, we could all meet up and find a table on a quiet day to just talk about it?" He lifts off the lean on that machine for the moment, setting his book down near the reel to reel mechanism, not on the machine itself. "That way, its not like we've cornered him either, and we should be good there to avoid interruptions on a slow day during dead time?"

"That sounds like a good plan." Ellie bobs her head to the suggestion, thoughtful at first but it soon gives way to a genuine smile. "Thanks for doing this, Sam. I didn't… I wasn't sure I can deal with this on my own." So she spreads her arms a bit awkwardly, clearly meaning to give him a grateful hug.

Having three sisters and being on the friendly side, if stoic sometimes, Sam isn't opposed to a grateful hug. "Hey, none of us are truly on our own," he returns, more meaning the families in town that are aware of each other. His return is less awkward and more comforting to the gratefulness. There is warm patting, not as hard as a bro-hug, but friendly just the same. "We have your back, kid," not that they're far apart at all with age even. "Just give me a time and date, we'll be good." For meeting, he'll be at the Firehouse at said time/date.

This would be a great time for some random person to barge into the room, wouldn't it? Fortunately, nothing of the sort transpires, and Ellie gladly gets her hug. "I'll set up something with Greg and let you know." And once she releases him, Ellie moves to pick up her stack of books. "I should let you go back to your, uhm, regularly-scheduled research, I guess?"

A warmer twist to the smile of his lips than before, Sam reaches for his book as well. "Sounds like a plan, and I suppose you could let me … unless you really wanted to help me stay distracted by going fishing or something." Half a chuckle, "If I get done with the paper sooner though, more free time later." Instead of cramming last minute like most students.

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Haven Point Memorial Library
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All three floors are identical, for the most part. Someone has made an attempt to offset the orange carpeting and cream-colored walls by placing comfortable bean bag chairs and chaise lounges around the walls. Cubicles for privacy and studying are clustered in the center of the room, while the stacks of books flare out in a circle around the center of the room. The stacks are old-fashioned and often require a ladder to reach some materials. The check-out desk is a worn wooden structure located near the entrance on the first floor.

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