Local Library Lore

It's a cool fall afternoon, but at least there's no rain. The library isn't by any means crowded, but there are a few students milling about; and speaking of milling about, Ellie Cunningham is one of them. In fact, she's likely one of the students who haunt these hallowed halls quite regularly; and right now, she is at the front counter with a small stack of books, evidently in the process of checking them out… or in, shuffling book cards about while a library assistant looks on in obvious exasperation. Good help is so hard to get these days.

Vivica moves up towards the counter with a stack of books in her arms that she intends to check out. She moves to the back of the line to wait. There seems to be a mixture of classroom related books as well a collection of other books. There are also two books whose spines are hidden against her body as she waits, trying not to drop the stack of books on the floor.

It's the library assistant who notices Vivica, and he beckons her to approach. "Why don't you go figure out your paperwork while I help the next person." He tells Ellie, who looks up, blinks, turns her head in Viv's direction briefly, utters a quiet "Sorry, sorry", and pushes her stack of books to the side of the counter, all in one, unsmooth series of motions. And once she's scooted to one side, Ellie continues flipping through the books, which leaves the assistant rolling his eyes.

Vivica smiles as she steps up to the counter when beckoned, setting her books on the counter before she looks to Ellie and offers a smile. "Thank you and it's okay." She offers with a smile before she pulls out her library card and sets it on the counter as the books are checked out. The two book's spines are now visible, showing they're books on the history of the town. She turns to the person behind the counter for a few moments before she looks back to Ellie. "Do we have a class together? You look familiar."

The assistant moves to take Viv's card and proceeds with the checkout process, although he looks only marginally less grumpy about it. Oblivious to his grumpiness, Ellie turns in the direction of Viv when the question is posed, allowing her to have one good look at the other girl. "Yes?" A slight narrow of her eyes. "Yeah, I think we do. You're, uh… is that… Sociology? I recognize your…" She raises a hand to gesture at Vivica's hair, but quickly stops herself and lowers the hand. "…sorry. I mean, I like your hair. It's very… chic." Stopping in her rambling, Ellie smiles an apologetic smile.

Vivica thinks for a few moments before she nods her head and smiles. "Yeah. I think it's Sociology. I thought I've seen you before." She says before she looks up at her hair and offers another smile as she looks back to the other girl. "Thanks. I like it too." She says again, looking at the stack of books she has, looking over the spines that she can see. "What are you checking out?" She asks after a few moments, looking back to Ellie.

"Oh, me?" Ellie's attention is abruptly pointed back to her books, which she briefly fusses over, turning them so Vivica can see the spines: and it's quite a range, including a couple of medical journals, a meaty text on medieval history, and a couple of thick paperbacks. "Just some light reading." Is that a deadpan? And fair's fair, Ellie will take a peer down at Vivica's own stack, tilting her head to see the spines better. "Local history?" She looks curious now, and glances back at Vivica's face. "I didn't think anyone… you're the first out-of-towner I've met who actually wants to read up on the town's history." She observes, but with a pleased smile to go with that. "Hey, if you're really interested, my dad has a lot of really old books on that topic."

Vivica can't help but let out a soft laugh at her comment. "Light reading? Personally, I don't think I'd call that light reading." She offers with a smirk as she leans against the counter while her books are being checked out. She looks towards her books as they're brought up, nodding her head. "Yeah. I'm originally from here. My family has been here for years." She says, looking back to the girl. "I'm sorry. I'm Vivica. Vivica Callahan." She says, offering a hand towards the other girl. She finally remarks about the other girl's dad's books. "Really? That'd be cool. I wouldn't mind checking it out and see what he's got. I've always been interested in local lore."

Ellie smiles noncommittally at Viv's light chuckle over her 'light reading', but takes the offered hand in a gentle shake just the same. "Ellie Cunningham. Nice to meet… uhm, I mean, have a name to a face." She offers a name in return, although she does narrow her eyes at Vivica slightly. "Wait, you're one of the Callahans? You must've been away a while then." Because otherwise, Ellie would definitely know her. "But yes, he's got a lot of books on that. You're welcome to, y'know, you can come over to read. Although I'm sure your family has lots too, since… well, our families have both been around here forever."

Vivica returns the gentle shake of her hand before retracting it. "Nice to meet you." She offers in returns before she takes a deep breath and a nod at the mention of the length of her absence. "Yeah. I left for New Hampshire when I was little to live with my mother's parents after my Uncle died. I was gone for fifteen years, so it's been a while indeed." She does offer a warm smile at the invitation, tucking a bit of her hair behind an ear. "That'd be great. I'd really appreciate it." She offers, standing up straight again.

"Oh, don't mention it! It's so rare to find people who like history and lore anymore." Ellie shakes her head and waves off the thanks. "I mean, I go back and re-read the old books all the time, and I still find interesting stuff and new knowledge. Oh! One second." Tearing her attention away, Ellie digs into her shoulder bag a bit and retrieves a notepad and a pen, on which she scribbles down her name and phone number the old-fashioned way. The piece of paper is then ripped from the pad and offered to Viv. "Here, my name and number." Beat. "So, how long have you been back in town? Has it changed much in 15 years? My mom keeps talking about how the town has changed, but I always thought everything still looks the same as when I was little."

Vivica takes the piece of paper and looks it over before she slips it into her pocket. "Awesome. I'll call you as soon as I get home so you'll have my number too." She says with a smile. "I've come back just before the start of the semester." She notes, thinking about the town and how much it's changed. "It has changed a lot, though there are still some things that still remain the same." She pauses for a moment, a small smile on her lips. "Though, I can truly say that it's good to be home." She says just as the last of her books are checked out to her and her card returned. "Thank you." She says to him before she looks back to Ellie. "I need to head out. Thank you again for the offer and it was really nice to meet you." She offers with a bright smile as she slips the card in her pocket and picks up the stacks of her book. "I'll see you around." SHe offers back to Ellie before she starts for the exit.

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IC Date: 2014.10.13
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NE04: Memorial Library

Within the walls of the Memorial Library the central air pumps quietly, chilling the air. Several reference computers sit on a table near the librarian's desk, each tucked safely into a small cubicle for privacy and comfort. Not far from the same desk stands a rather grand shelve, a card catalog for those that still brave the Dewey Decimal System despite the convenience of today's technology.

Just beyond the computers and catalog shelves line the floors, dozens of heavy wooden frames loaded to holding capacity with books on every conceivable subject. The occasional isle is cluttered with a reader or two, someone busily working who would rather block foot traffic and have a seat like a normal student.

In the back of the library, toward the south wall a row of doors run, each leading to a small study rooms, perfect for students who are serious about their studies, or who would rather visit with study partners as they work.

Centered in the library, among the rows of shelves and computer cubicles one can find several open tables and chairs. The soft bustle of students going about their academic pursuits is the only noise heard.

Outside, a chilly wind blows from the west, driving dark clouds before it and blotting out the stars in patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere they glitter brightly in the dark sapphire sky. Leaves on the ground rustle, unseen, stirred by the winds. Falling leaves blow past you, whirled around by the wind in the dark.

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