Fruitful Expedition

A good midday as far as fall's go. Its October, but its still in the 70s even. That and Sam and Meadow had plans, so the creek it is. The plan involved picking wildflowers, but the creek was more of a lure. Presuming the are all alone for the moment of course, Sam has taken to doing a little of what it is they actually do. Shoes off, no jacket, just a faded blue tee and some jeans and bare feet, he's over the water. Literally, but not far from the banks. He turns to where his sister is, pausing where he hovers, "Yeah, not the same, not since that dream." He turns to go back near shore.

Meadow is sitting on the edge, her feet dangling in the water. They are there in the water until she is reminded of his dream. Withdrawing them, she turns around and looks at him. "But you haven't had the dream again, have you?" There's concern lacing her words. "This used to be your favorite place. Was it here where you were in your dream?"

You know what they say about assuming! Never assume you're alone just because you're out in the boonies, because chances are… you're not. In this particular case, Ellie is also snooping along the banks of the creek, only further downstream and making her way up. She has one of those fashionably big shoulder bags with her, with some plants and flowers sticking out of it, and a small book in hand which she checks occasioanlly as she peers along the ground while she walks.

Sam bends down where he's walking to touch the water below for the moment. Then shakes his head, "No, not that one, nothing quite as bad as that one." He is squatting and looks up at his sister in considering the topic at hand. "I know, it still is, like I miss it, but just haven't gone out of my way to come out here. Its odd, I drove out here with Claudia and Belle even just last week, but that dream. Unhinged I guess." He looks around in thinking about the place, "It was here, but it wasn't, you know how dream's get, the details are different but you just know its a place."

"I was hoping it wasn't here, that maybe it was at the reservoir since we're seldom there." Meadow can't help but worry about him. She's wearing shorts and a tank top, she looks a little uneasy with the way things have gone so far. So, she tries to lighten the subject. "Well, let's find some flowers and I can lace them together like a crown." She hasn't seen Ellie yet.

Because the Bates siblings are so noisy, Ellie is bound to notice them first. Unsure of who they are at first, she peers in their direction and cautiously approaches, but it won't be long before she can ascertain their identities. Relaxing with a sigh, she picks back up the pace and approaches them, making sure she calls out ahead so they're not startled - even then, her voice is gentle and soft. "Hey guys."

Standing up to return with a nod, "Crown sounds cool." Samuel agrees, then another voice is with them. Instead of fully returning though, he startles more. Good thing he's close to the bank, cause he ends up in the creek for the moment. The look on his face one of being scarred, initial reaction, dream coupled with he doesn't really swim. Thankfully its not deep water near the bank. But his shins are covered and he's scrabbling for shore. Inhaling when he's near, remembering to regain his breath, "Hello … Ellie …" Catching her as he looks, its not that she called out to startle so much as he is caught unawares.

Meadow beams at the praise though when she might have said something, she hears the other voice. Her head swivels around and she notices Ellie. "Oh hey!" She exclaims excitedly. "I'm glad to see you! We were just telling ghost stories and talking about picking some flowers." Maybe not ghost stories, but scary! "What brings you out here?"

Even though she has been greeted, Ellie slows down her steps before entering the siblings' immediate space, hanging back just at the periphery with a reserved smile - the sort of smile that's typical of her. "I was just…" She gestures back towards the way she came. "…I'm picking blueberries and elderberries. For, you know, medicinal…." Her sentence trails off as she peers between Sam and Meadow. "…ghost stories? Are you planning on staying till nightfall?"

"Yeah, something like that," returns Sam about ghost stories, back to shore, wet pants and all. "Just not staying till nightfall part." He's not so much a fan of that at all it seems. Looking for socks to start getting them on, he plops down near the bank as well, not dangling feet though, they're cooled off enough. "Do you have enough blueberries," ponders Sam, as they actually sound pretty tasty even.

"It's not safe to be out of the city limits after nightfall." Meadow echoes the recent rumors going around. "It's dangerous out. Something is.. eating people." She shudders. It's the rumors anyway. Looking towards the basket, she smiles. "Plums grow not too far from here, I could go get us some." She stands up and brushes off the seat of her shorts. "I have no plans on staying until night either."

"What? No. No." Ellie shakes her head to Sam's question, and actually tries to hide her shoulder bag. "I mean, sorry, these are for herbal medicines. I have bottled water if you want some." She offers instead, perhaps as a peace offering, as she reaches into her bag to search, though Meadow's spread of the rumors brings an alarmed look to her face. "That's what I heard too. You… you guys don't think it's real, do you?" Her eyes narrow and they peer between the siblings, clearly hoping they would say no.

Holding up his hnad, Sam won't take a water, didn't meant o have her protect her blueberries either. "Its yours, we can find some looking around, I'll take a water though." Cause it was offered. "Yeah, something, I don't know if its worse than some large cat though. Something returning with more game around." Cause dwindling interest in hunting in general, leading to overpopulations of some animals with predators removed a long time ago. "if its real though, yeah, I'd rather be in city limits or with good friends, come nightfall."

"I think it's real. I don't come out here after dark. Ever." Meadow looks back at Sam. "What are your plans for tonight? I think I'm going to play around in the kitchen at the Firehouse and make something random." She loves cooking! "I'll be right back though, I'll go get some plums, those are good. I may take some back and have mom teach me how to make plum jelly."

Ellie clearly doesn't like the sound of this, so she purses her lips and furrows her brows. She does fetch a bottled water from her bag and holds it out for Sam though, finally stepping closer to the others to hand it over. "I think I saw plums downstream, on my way over here." She offers helpfully to Meadow, but turns back to Sam. "Do you need to… are you going with her? I mean, with the whole protective big brother thing we talked about."

A nod from the look given by his sister, it could be more, but Sam's going with natural explanation for the time at least. "I'll be on later tonight to help close out, maybe swing by Amelia's though, depending on how our scavenger hunt goes." He ponders the question from Ellie though, turning to look at her, "Nah, I'll be within earshot, and out here, more her place. If something was out there, she'd probably know it was there before it got too close." But he starts getting his shoes on just the same. "We can walk a little while she's picking plums though, look for those blueberries." Both sound good actually, plums and blueberries.

Ellie bobs her head to Sam's reply, making a quick adjustment of her shoulder bag while waiting for him to put his shoes back on. But something he said draws a curious tilt of her head. "Have you been see… I mean, spending time with Amelia? I think I saw you with her a couple of times in the last little bit." She asks, with a bit more interest than she intended.

Samuel weighs out her words, where she started, where she corrected. The extra interest not quite noticed by him so much as the curiousiyt. Second shoe on he steps up, walking in the direction Meadow headed in just the same for plums, not the same pace. More conversational than following or trying to catch up, "Yeah, something like that. No status updates, but spending time yeah." Not that he uptates profile or does much with social media. Feeling sheepish on the topic himself, or with some focus at him, he offers back, "How's your abs, did the ball help at all?" More did she feel it after, or should they try a larger ball next time.

"He asked her out on a date." Meadow inputs, much like she had in the book store, inputting what is left unsaid by her brother. She looks at Sam curiously. "The way you made it sound when you told me, you sounded much more positive than just now when you said it." Odd that, to her at least. The conversation slipping to abs now, she laughs, not partial to that bit of conversation, so she waves Sam away, "You two catch up, I'll go get the plums." She heads off by herself.

Ellie starts to walk alongside Sam as soon as he's ready, although his abrupt change in topic catches her by surprise. "Abs?" Instinctively, a hand comes up to her belly, as if checking her abs are still there. "Oh, yes. I'm sure the ball helped. Thank you." She smiles at him, genuine yet also slightly embarrassed. Her hand moves away from her belly as she resumes walking by his side, but looks up as Meadow answers the question for Sam - which brings a little chuckle to Ellie. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to… I wasn't prying about you and Amelia." The hand lifts to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. "But you know, I'm… well technically she's my niece so I should be looking out for her."

Grinning, it hits a bit sheepish as Meadow comments, Samuel looks at her, "You're family." As if he can open up more to family, "I can't just spill anyone's business." Like Amelia's that is, and he gets a tinge of color to his cheeks, turning back to Ellie as she's thankful for the ball works. "If you want more, let me know, fun stuff." Like playing catch, with medicine balls, better than treadmill. "Nah, don't be sorry." Then considering more family, neice and all even if same age, he has to nod. "Yeah, I can understand that, looking out for her. See, you got it a little, but maybe like me. No one close in age to be protective, sort of had to do it. So, true, I'm spending time with Amelia and enjoying it, little has happened, to worry about at least. But I know how you might feel for family, you can punch me, or give me a talk."

"It's not the same." Ellie shakes her head and glances sidelong at him. "And I'm not going to punch you. If I did you'll just laugh at me." She notes sagely. "We're not, uhm, close like you and your sisters are. And I'm pretty sure none of my nephews and nieces wants to be protected by an aunt who's their age, so I just… I do the worrying in private." Again, she flashes him a weak smile. "But so, an actual date, huh? Are you looking for something to, uhm, /happen/ on this date?"

Half a chuckle from Samuel, but he shakes his head, "No, I wouldn't laugh at you, no matter what your punched looked like." He's not normally the teasing/joking sort for that matter, friendly yes. "They might be touched that you care, even in private you know." There is a pause, and he turns to her smile, more at her question, measuring it out. "Ugh …. no, I mean, I hope we have a good time, but no expectations of anything to happen, especially not that." What some guys might expect out of a 'date' that is.

She steals another look at him at that last part, and nods. "Okay, well. If it /does/ happen, can you make sure… uhm, I mean, can you please…" She frowns a little, as if she's actually physically struggling to get the next words out, followed by a flush on her cheeks. "…please make sure you guys use protection." Finally, she blurted it out, but she quickly adds in a very quiet, deadpan voice. "And by protection I don't mean a warding circle." Hey, it's basic sex ed. class material! And her dad is the lead physician in town. Two and two, yo.

That earns a look from Samuel, surprised a little, but some color hits his cheeks. The tease at the end helps him, earning a grin at least, but a nod. "Yeah," he returns seriously, "I'll promise that. Protection." The grin grows a little, comfortable saying it himself after she brought it up. "See, perfect protective relative right there." That and her father, and her own studies as he recalls, it does add up. "I should borrow that, when meeting boys, but I think I'll push the abstinence issue, maybe you should be around to follow up, for the points I miss?"

Ellie is visibly relieved that Sam agrees, and an easier smile comes to her lips. "I think I only made /one/ point, so I really doubt you'll miss it." She heaves a quick sigh though. "I'm sorry though, that was a bit… I was being really forward. I probably shouldn't even have said that." Her hand comes up again, scratching at the back of her head. "Please don't say anything to Lia either."

Plums abound and are gathered in the bottom of Meadow's shirt, she's using it as a basket. If only she knew what conversations she had missed, she would be eternally grateful to have missed them. As it is, she only hears the very end about not telling Lia something and she looks between the two curiously. "Hey.. I'm back." Pointless announcement.

"A critical point, not easy to bring up," or so diretly, for Sam at least. "You can be forward all you want, its good. I won't say anything to Lia." As if to help his sisters arrival even. He looks to Meadow at her return, "Good, hopefully fruitful …" Even he gives a dead look at that, no pun. "I'm getting hungry thinking about those blueberries for medicinal purposes only."

Ellie looks over at the returning Meadow - and notices the curious look - in return she offers the other girl a serene smile and a shake of her head. "I was just being… uhm, having a 'nosey aunt' moment. It's nothing, Meadow." Giving her shoulder bag a slightly tug, she steps back and glances between the siblings. "I should be going. Do you guys need… do you have a ride back to town?"

"Fruitful." But Sam and all his coveting the blueberries and Meadow laughs. "You're hung up on the blueberries. Does that mean I get all the plums myself?" The explanation from Ellie gets her complete attention, glad there was something not sinister or awkward about it so much. "It is getting later isn't it? Did you drive out? We took a walk." Mixed in with plums is some wildflowers, an array of boisterous blooms. "We could all go get some dinner at the Firehouse, if you want."

"I'm addicted I think," returns Samuel on blueberries, they are good, he won't lie. "All the plums? But, Ellie needs the blueberries …" As if, pleading for one plum now. Then there is talks of dinner, "Sure, a ride back would be good, and yes, welcome for dinner if you like. Do what you have to, come to the Firehouse if you can?"

One more glance between the siblings, as if she's trying to determine if she'll be interrupting family time, before Ellie bobs her head. "I would… love to." She finally admits, and points a finger along the creek. "I parked downstream, on the side of the road. Fifteen minutes walk, tops." And locals would know what Ellie drives, a 2013 VW New Beetle painted in bright, cheerful yellow. Even out in the wilds, that thing can be spotted miles away.

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Cast: Ellie, Meadowlark, & Samuel

Reecer Creek

Though not far from the road, the sounds of tumbling water over smooth stones eclipses the sounds of the road, giving the area near the creek banks a serene feel. The creek slopes downward, surrounded by a thicket of pines and elm trees with trunks so close in some places they nearly form a wall. The water is clear in the shallows, but deepens into a brown-green color where the depth is a little more drastic - in fact, some might not call this a creek at all, as it is wide and deep enough in some parts to be considered a small river. There is much wildlife around these parts, ducks, fish, and small woodland mammals - it just takes an observant eye and a quiet step to meet them.

A chilly wind blows from the west, driving dark clouds before it and blotting out the stars in patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere they glitter brightly in the dark sapphire sky. Leaves on the ground rustle, unseen, stirred by the winds. Falling leaves blow past you, whirled around by the wind in the dark.

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