Ultimate Nachos

Monday evening, a more quiet evening as far as crowds go at the Firehouse. No big sporting event today involving local teams, and most college kids are recovering from their weekends (or studying). A lull even, in the otherwise quietness. No more orders for drinks at the moment. Samuel can pull a stool up himself even, focus on the plate of nachos he got for himself. Curiously the boy has been whistling a little, just a hint more chipper in his normal routine duties. Not even turning to focus on a book, seems he's taking a real break for the moment.

Someone said the magic word and since Meadow was off, she's sitting directly across from him, with a plate of her own nachos. Not just any nachos, these would make the guy from Man Vs Food proud! Chips, refried beans, taco meat, nacho cheese, shredded cheese melted on that with shreds of lettuce, diced tomato and onion, jalapeno and guacamole. Topped with a bit of sour cream. The 'ultimate' nachos (they are called that on the menu) is a huge portion, but she's enjoying them, having to use a fork. A soda is on the table as well, but for now its ignored in favor of the food. "I saw someone order these earlier and decided that's what I was having when I got off work."

Just getting to sitting down on the working side of the bar opposite Meadow, Samuel looks between the plates. His regular nachoes, hers the ultimate nachos with everything on them plus some. He might be a little jealous, though smiling at the size of her portions. "Show off, I was just in a hurry to eat, figured mine was one of the quicker things on the menu." But maybe ultimate nachos are worth the wait he's thinking. "How's school? Getting busy with finals and such, no time for bands?" Lifting a teasing brow, since he's heard via some kid named Nick about some band or another.

With both of the others already seated as for Greg he let his gaze scan the area for somewhere to sit, finding a spot nearby Meadow, "Is this seat free?" He asks, just in case. Holding a glass as he sips from it. Waiting to make sure that he can take a seat. His ribs and wingss about to arrive as well.

"Do I really look like the band geek type to you?" Meadow teases him, but she slides her plate between them. "Help me eat these, or I will be huge. Then I'd never fit in the new clothes I bought with the birthday money I got from the Grands." Another heaping chip is lifted, bitten, savored. "Mmmm." Oh yes, she's enjoying them. Hearing the question, she glances over and smiles. "It is until you sit in it," she teases.

"Ah, so there isn't a band, then this Nick character is just saying there is as some excuse to spend time with one of my sisters?" Even as he returns that, Samuel is gladly helping himself at his sisters plate, more conveniently between them since she slid it over. "Nah, you'll still fit, metabolism and all." He says, and could go on about, but its his sister, she probably doesn't want him talking about that in front of others, even if teasing. A shake of his head at the arrival, "Yeah, all free, help yourself and let me know if you need anything." Help himself to seat he means, and can top off drinks if the fellow likes.

Confidence, and perhaps arrogance, is one of the first things that the man gives off. With messy hair, slightly styled, in a dirty blonde color. A broad forehead and thick straight brows give him an intersting look as it contines down to his dark, but intense, eyes. A straight sleek nose and rounded cheekbones that contie into his chin. His full lips ending in a slight upwards curve.

Greg smirks at the girl, "Well, good then. That's how I prefer my seats." He assures her. "Also, a girl with an appetite is always nice." He teases and winks before looking to Samuel. "Hey, hey. Thanks." Taking a moment to think. "I could do with something to drink. I'll trust your judgement what you think works with wings and ribs." He suggests, perhaps testing the other one as well.

"I admit he wants me to do keyboards for the band, well to help him create a band. I guess I'll help him if he needs, we've only played together a couple of times to see how it went. He's not got a singer or anything, no full band and no, he doesn't look at me like that and I don't see him like that." Reaching for her soda, she takes a long drink from it, the nachos making her thirsty. The mention of the appetite thing from Greg makes her blush and she looks at him with a half smile. "Wings and ribs here are so good. It's my dad's recipe. You'll love em."

"Yes, she is nice as far as sisters go," says Samuel, a little more dryly after the wink, emphasis sister. Though his sister indicating Nick doesn't look at her that way eases him up a little. "Good … good to hear you're playing with others. Is he putting up fliers around the dorms on campus, to fill in the rest?" He's more into the music now that its confirmed there is music happening it seems, and doesn't involve just playing together with no band ever happening. "We have a good IPA on tap that would go great with the wings and ribs," he is nodding in agreement with Meadow, dad's recipe, they are awesome enough.

Greg let the siblings talk, hearing some of it of course. It is quite unavoidable. Smiles at the girl as she blushes. "Ah, yeah, give my thanks to him. That's usually what I get when I'm here. When I am that is." Letting his gaze go to Samuel, of course not missing the emphasis. "Yeah, I take your word on it." Stretching his back some. "Go with that then." He says about the IPA. "I'm Greg, by the way."

"I don't know," Meadow says between bites of the food. "It's mostly his thing, I'm just helping out." She tilts her head and regards him with a half smile. "Did you ever ask Amelia out?" There's curiosity in her eyes, but the Greg is introducing himself and she nods "I will tell him and it's nice to meet you, Greg. I guess I've seen you around some. I'm Meadow and this is Sammy."

"If you keep coming in, you'll get a chance to meet him eventually," grins Samuel to Greg about their father that is. A pause from him as Meadow turns the pondering of others back to Sammy, he was lifting a nacho from her plate covered in the works. "Yes, something like that, official date," he returns, "I think finishing the dreamcatcher in the treehouse was more official though." Official indicator perhaps of any going out over hitting up a nice place for steaks. He offers a hand over to Greg, "Sam Bates, you're new'ish to town?" Or just not noticed much until recently by Sam, he turns to grab a pint and pull's the IPA, giving a good head to the drink before offering it over to Greg to go with his wings and ribs that are on the way.

As the ribs and wings come he will thank for it and taste one of the wings. "Pleasure to meet you both." He says after finishing the bite. "I am sure we have, at some point. Though nice to properly meet." Using his clean hand to shake Sam's, "Been about for around four years, though a lot of working and school." He suggests, as of why they might not have noticed one another much. Besides, him talking with Meadow might put him on Sam's radar more than anything else. Sliding the plate of his towards them some. Offering it to them both, in case they can't resist. Once he get the IPA he will take a sip, "Thanks."

Meadow isn't so easy, she levels a narrowed gaze at Greg. "Let's see some ID." Card under whatever age, she needs practice! She's totally not joking! "And where do you work?"

Holding his hands up a moment, Samuel grins, "Hey, she's tougher than me." As in, card asked for, now they have to see it. He was trusting enough, the guy came over with a drink, perhaps he should of asked. Still conversational, "And sounds like you're sticking around too, four years is practically local? Or you just staying to finish up school here?" Better safe than sorry, it is still a college town, depends on the working bit and if that job is a keeper. He digs in for some more notions, glad for the offer of wings, resisting for the moment at least.

Greg grins at Meadow and does as he's asked, "Hey, that can be a good thing." He offers about how tough Meadow is. Giving her his card. "Is that good enough?" He asks with a small grin on his lips. Turning his attention to Sammy as he asks his questions, "Well, I'm going to try and get my doctorate. Did just finish my undergraduate. So I'll be around for a while longer at the least." He explains before looking back to Meadow, "At the tattoo parlor. Got my proper license not too long ago."

With a glance to Sammy, Meadow smiles, she wasn't trying to make it seem like he wasn't doing his job at all. When the card is handed over, she looks at it but gives it to Sammy. "He's twenty-two." The way she says it may as well have been he's old instead. "Tattoo parlor? Oh. I don't have any of those."

Samuel quickly eyeballs it, just enough to check for signs of official license and tampering, but doesn't spend long at it, handing it back over to Greg just the same. He did leave the pint on the counter before Meadow asked, never took it back. "Yep, he sure is." Not quite a chuckle at the tone of her voice, "That sounds like you'll have your hands full balancing the two, tattoo parlor and the doctorate. Is it your place, or you just working a room?" Sam doesn't have any tattoos either, alas.

Greg just grins at the way Meadow says his name, shrugging in response, "Experienced." He offers in a light tone as his gaze goes to Sam. "Yeah, hands full. But no, my mentor owns the place and I work with him." He explains before eyes go back to Meadow, "Well, if you ever feel like getting one, feel free to come by." He says and will offer business cards to both of them.

Meadow concentrates on her nachos for a few minutes while Sam looks at the ID and hands it back and makes conversation. Hearing Greg call himself experienced though, her eyes widen and she blushes. Oops, took that one the wrong way. When he offers the tattoo, she gives him a lopsided smile. "If I ever do, I will."

"And I better be the first to know," grins Samuel about the tattoo. Not opposed to them, he just hasn't felt the need to get them "You can leave some on the bar if you like," he returns to Greg, indicating closer to the tap area where some people do use it as a posting board so to speak. Good place for college kids to grab it if they don't already know about the parlor even. "Do anything on yourself you could show us …?" Or some other way to show some of his work, website and social media; maybe its on the card, Sam just hasn't looked yet.

"I'm not getting a tattoo Sammy. If I do it'll be some sisters thing with Marty and <insertnamehere>, since we're triplets and stuff." Her nachos look as if they don't even hardly have a dent in them. She smiles at Sammy. "Are you getting one? And I'm glad about Amelia, if you're happy about it."

Greg chuckles and shakes his head, amused at the blushing. though he won't tease her about it. "Sounds good." He offers before looking to Sam. Grinning at him. "Well, after me. Since I'd be making it." He teases Sam as well. "Ah, sure. Thanks." Doing as suggested as the cards get put there. His ID card of course back in his wallet. "This one my mentor did." He says as he takes off his jacket and pulls down the shirt, at his shoulder to show some of it. Then pulling up the sleeve on his right arm. "This one I made." A blade with cherry blossom around it. At the end of the hilt the shape being a pyramid with an all-seeing eye.

"I'm not getting a tattoo Sammy. If I do it'll be some sisters thing with Marty and <insertnamehere>, since we're triplets and stuff." Her nachos look as if they don't even hardly have a dent in them. She smiles at Sammy. "Are you getting one? And I'm glad about Amelia, if you're happy about it." Meadow is relieved no one teases her but she looks between the two of them before focusing on the tattoo on his arm. "That's pretty cool. So you're an artist."

Grinning to Greg, Samuel nods, about after the artist. Though hopefully its not spur of the moment thing and tehre is some forwarning. "Wow, nice," he says, looking at his mentors first, then more at the one he made, involving the blade and cherry blossoms. "Yeah, that's great work." He sees plenty on the other kids and bar patrons, just not yet ready for that leap. "Yeah, she makes me happy. Hopefully the dream catcher works. I guess I won't know, unless I get another awful dream again." Hard to say, nightmares he has, but not nearly as bad as that one, so not nightly occurence, the ones he can't go back to sleep too that is. Looking back at Greg's tattoo, the one he made, "Does that have a lot of meaning for you?" Or just sympolic in general.

Greg does listen and nod to what Sam says. "Yeah, nightmares suck." Is all he'll say. Grinning to Meadow as well. "Means a bit. Most things in one. Eye for psychology, Cherry blossom for my family and the blade is for my dedication and also my mentor." He explains. Nodding to Meadow. "Sure am.

Meadow looks at Sam as he grins and can't help but smile. Her brother was so awesome. She leans over and impulsively hugs him. "I am so glad you're happy. Now it's your turn to make sure she stays happy. Little surprises now and then, a bouquet of wild flowers, maybe next time her favorite candy, a cd with music that makes you think of her, things like that. It would be sooo sweet." There's a solemn look at the nightmare mention, but she doesn't ask him to elaborate for now. There's a nod given to Greg about the meaning of his tattoo but when he goes back to his food and concentrating on it, she sips her soda. All content with her world.

"That's cool," the overall meanings, but he elaborates, "And always with you, family and your mentor." Sam offers to Greg about his tattoo. Taking some of Meadow's nachos to help put that dent in them, getting a hug out in the process and not complaning. "Little things, yeah, I think that's important. Want to go find some with me?" Wild flowers that is. He pours himself a pint of soda, offering something off the tap to Meadow by visual expression. "Oh yeah, haven't heard from Elliot but ran into Ellie … Cunningham, at the Rec Center, was thinking, we should do that cabin party regardless, just get us all together."

Meadow leaves Greg to his food and concentrates on her own and Sammy. "I would love to go find flowers with you, it's one of my favorite things to do, to go out exploring." At the mention of Elliot, she lifts a shoulder. "Yeah, I haven't seen him either since we went out to the cabins. Not in the cabins but a clearing in the woods by it. It was nice." She nods about Ellie. "We should meet anyway, yeah."

"Allright, a mission to find flowers and explore it is." A pause about Elliot, he only knew of hanging ivy, not trips out to clearings in teh woods. Still, he has utmost trust in Meadow too, she hinted enough that nothing was going on before. "Yes, you should," he returns, or at least remeat?, they might of known each other by proximity at least in high school, he's never sure. As when someone knows his sister, they usually don't specifiy a name, he doesn't clarify either. "Seems things are busy in town, I haven't been out for anything since Brooks Farm, not even to fish." And that weather will be in the past soon with winter fastly approaching.

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