Rain and Tats

Thick clouds and cold rain is found over the campus. With a lot of people running between different buildings or do their cars. Avoiding the rain, unless you have an umbrella. One that is found among them all is Greg. While he's not a native Haven Point resident he has been around for quite a long time now. Having done four years at the college. Right now leaving the area for the day. A bag over his shoulder, seemingly heading for work, or home.

Evie is just leaving as well, she's got a backpack over a shoulders and her steps are slow. Tilting her head back, she looks at the sky with a frown from the entry of the Hall she is about to step out of. "Bummer." She states to no one in particular.

It seems someone is close enough to hear Evie though, as Greg looks over his shoulder at Evie. "Not fond of the rain?" He asks with a small smirk on his lips. The leather jacket being zipped up more or less all the way up. Shifting his bag some as he studies the other person.

Vivica moves along a path that spreads throughout the campus grounds, a backpack slung over one shoulder and the hood of her jacket pulled up over her head. She moves without purpose, her pace casual and steady. She glances around to the people around her that she passes by, recognizing a few people she has seen in class and others that she recognizes from the town. A pair of white ear buds are stuck in her ears, pumping music from a device hidden in a pocket.

"Yeah, I'm not some shiny vampire trying to hide his sparkles." Evie smirks, reaching for the zip on her hoodie. The hoodie has a radioactive symbol front and center. Reaching into her backpack, she tugs out a baseball cap and drags it onto her head. Backwards. Looking out into the courtyard, she sighs. "Either way I'm getting wet, may as well start now." She zips her bag back and looks back out, noticing Vivica then and lifts a hand in a brief wave.

Greg chuckles and nods. "Well, good to hear." He offers. "Sorry, don't have an umbrella that I could offer." He tells her and grins. "I'd offer the jacket, but not sure that I'd actually get it back if I do." He points out. Following Evie's gaze and spotting Vivica, and giving a wave of his own.

Vivica continues to move along the path, spotting the waves from the pair, she returns the wave and changes her course to head towards the two. As she gets close enough, she pulls the ear buds from her ears and she tucks them into her pocket. She looks towards the pair and offers a smile. "Hey guys. What's going on?" She asks as she slips her hands into her pockets, the fingerless gloves not seeming to do the trick to keep her hands warm.

"I've got a hoodie so I'm good." Though dark eyes flicker over his jacket when he mentions it. Evie looks up at the sky, willing it to stop raining. Too bad it doesn't work! When Vivica arrives, she steps back so the other girl can take shelter in the doorway with them. "Just debating when to take off into the storm, what about you? Had a good day?"

Greg grins at Evie, "Well then." Looking amused as she looks to his jacket, or at least that she looks down and then up to the sky. Letting his gaze go to the other girl. Greg smiles to Vivica as she comes closer, "Hey there, not much. About to head off." He explains before glancing to Evie, as she speaks. Nodding agreeingly with what she says. "Got to go work some later." He adds.

Vivica nods her head slightly as she listens to the two, looking around for a moment before she looks back to Evie. "Not too bad. Just got out of History and almost fell asleep because of the rain." She says with a soft chuckle and a light smirk. "But as of now, there's nothing really planned for the rest of the day. Probably just drive around for a while."

"Where do you work?" Evie asks Greg, since he mentioned it anyway. "I work out at one of the farms, outside of town." She straightens her backwards cap, tugging it down a little further. "Driving around in the rain? I think that I may go to the firehouse for the warmth from the fireplace."

Greg ahs and nods to Evie, "Cool. I work down at the tattoo parlor." He explains, "Got my license not too long ago." He adds before looking to Vivica, chuckling softly. "Glad that it was just 'almost'." He says about her History class. "Nothing planned and just driving around alone? Sounds boring." He offers relatively bluntly. "Though I could join you for a bit, as the client doesn't come in for another…" He says as he looks at the time, on his phone. "Another hour and a half." Hearing what Evie says, grinning and nodding. "Sounds nice."

Vivica nods her head as she looks to Evie at her question, nodding her head. "Yeah. Don't have anything else to do." She says with a slight shrug of her shoulders before she turns her attention to Greg as he says where he works. "You doing an apprenticeship or are you actually a full fledged artist?" She asks, her head tilting slightly to the side. "Got some touch ups that I need to get done."

"I always go home after school to see my baby sister and spend some time with her. Today though, my mother has her, they're shopping for groceries, so I have some spare time." The mention of the tattoo parlor has Evie perking up. "You work in a tattoo parlor? I've been looking into getting something. I want my.." there's a slight hesitation on the word, "boyfriend to help me pick it out." There's an odd look on her face as she tries to come to terms with the word.

"Been an apprentice for the past three to four years. I just got my license to be a full fledged artist." Greg explains, as Vivica asks. "I am sure that I could help you with it." He assures her. Turning his attention to Evie, nodding a bit. "Ah, that's nice. All my folks are still off in Providence, as far as I know." He shares in return. Grinning and raising a brow at the last words, and her heistation. "Cool. Well, you could both show up at some point and we could work something out, and I could do a sketch. Then you could come back later once I have it ready, if you wish." He suggests.

Vivica nods slightly as she considers the offer. "I'll probably stop in at some point. See what I can get done." She offers before she looks over to Evie and offers a slight smirk. "Who's the lucky bloke?" She asks with a slight raise on an eyebrow.

"Sure, we'll stop by. I want it on my lower back, a slut tag," Evie says wryly. Her attention goes to Vivica at the question and she gives her a sly grin. "He's not really my boyfriend, not really classified as anything, but we've got the benefits thing going on without the complications of calling it anything."

Greg nods, "Sure, anytime." He assures Vivica. "Always good to have someone to work on." He adds and grins at her. Letting Evie answer the question posed by the other girl, as his own gaze goes to the blonde. Smirking, "Hot." He says with a playful tone to his voice. Chuckling and shaking his head a bit. "Sounds interesting. Though not really answering her question though." He points out.

Vivica nods her head in agreement with Greg. "Yeah. That doesn't really answer my question." She says playfully with a grin as she looks at the girl. "Couldn't ever do that whole friends with benefits thing. Too much of a chance of getting hurt." She adds after a few moments before she looks back to Greg as another question pops into her head. "How much do you generally charge for touch ups?"

Evie chuckles in response to the 'hot' comment by the tattoo artist. "I'm Evie, from New York. New in town and all that." Brows lift, "Oh, you mean who as in a name. Jude Brooks." The name slips off her tongue easily. "Yeah, maybe but you've got to allow yourself to get hurt to get hurt. You keep up the walls so no one can get in, that's the trick," she winks.

Greg grins as Vivica agrees with him. As for the whole friends with benefits thing, he just stays out of it for now. Though at the question posed to him, he shrugs, "It depends on how much touching up there is, and what kind. Though it's usually not too expensive. And we could always negotiate the cost. Though usually it depends on the tattoo itself. I'll make sure that it won't be too expensive though." Hearing Evie's introduction, he nods, "Ah, pleasure. I'm Greg, from Providence. Though I've been around here for some time now." Rolling his eyes at the comments from Evie, about the walls. Though he does his best to keep it to himself. However, he does offer, "At least you're having fun, right?"

Vivica nods her head slightly at Evie's suggestion. "I guess so." She says as she looks to the other girl as she introduces herself then to Greg as he does as well. "I'm Vivica from New Hampshire by way of here." She offers before she looks back to Evie. "I've seen you around before. Do we have a class together?" She asks for a moment before looking to Greg again, nodding her head at the talk about the tattoo. "I'll swing by sometime and we can setup something for the touch up."

"Oh yeah, a blast." Dark eyes hold to him a moment and Evie grins "It's worth trying, I swear to you." At the intro from Viv, she nods, "Makes sense. Yeah I think we have a class or two. It's good to formally meet you." SHe looks between the two then at her watch. "I do have to go soon though, Brie will be getting home soon."

Greg chuckles, "Why, you offering?" He teases Evie. Shaking his head. "I am sure I'm fine for now though." Smiling and nodding as Vivica also introduces herself. "Yeah, come in anytime." He offers and then looks back to Evie with his own dark eyes. "Yeah, a pleasure to meet you." He offers. "Wherever we go, we should get moving." Since they should hurry through the rain anyhow. Handing out business cards to them both. "Feel free to call whenever you're coming in."

Evie gives Greg a withering look, leaving no doubt to what she thinks of his tease without actually responding to it. Accepting the card, she glances at it and nods. "Thanks, I'll set an appointment soon for that tat."

Greg chuckles and shakes his head, "Ease up." He offers to her, seeing the look. "Go ahead and do so, I could need some customers to spread the word." He offers and smiles. Studying her for a moment, taking note of small details, the psych major in him showing a bit. Giving a brief glance to Vivica as well.

Vivica glances at her watch for a moment before she looks up at the others before she looks to Greg. "What time does the shop close? I might stop off later tonight if I have time." She says as she adjusts the strap of her bag on her shoulder. "I should be heading home before the weather starts to take a turn for the worse." She says, looking up at the sky.

Since she'd mostly already given her reasons for leaving, Evie smirks and nods. "I'll do that. Catch you both later, it was really nice meeting you." She lifts a hand, tilts the back bill of her cap forward briefly in a little salute, then runs off into the rain, feet making splashes in the already wet grass.

Greg nods to Vivica, "We'll be open for a couple more hours, so no rush." He assures her. Nodding as she is about to head out. "See you both around." He offers in turn, shifting his bag before he will start off as well.

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Central Campus Courtyard
The Central Campus Courtyard, at its most basic, is a vast stretch of concrete set down lower than the rest of the campus. Leading down into the courtyard from all sides, one will find sidewalks to hold three steps, as well as tables stud the area, some kept shady by umbrellas mounted at their center, while others are left to bask in the sun, open seating for any that should care to stop and rest. Found here are several of the Universities student resources. The Memorial Library, the Campus Bookstore, as well as the dorms and the local University coffee shop, all open until late to suite the college crowds odd hours.

Cold rain falls from a grey-black sky without moon or stars. A raw wind blows from the east. Raindrops patter against the leaves, invisible in the darkness.

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