Not the watery kind of Pool

The pool hall is a calm and relaxing spot for a lot of people. Also safe, especially with the rain outside. Which has the pool hall acting as some cover for now. Among those escaping the rain is Greg. Playing pool against some random people. Sipping on his drink and seemingly doing decent at the moment. Leaning down to try and shoot. Still in his jacket and all, with damp hair due to the rain.

When it comes to a combination of a rough-and-tumble pool hall, and a cold autumn rainstorm outside, one would generally expect to find a lot of hoodies, or caps, or leather jackets… 'cool' stuff that can at least help repel some of the rainfall. But on rare occasions, like now, someone comes in with a designer umbrella, a bright, eye-catching orange in color with a yellow sunflower pattern printed on it; right off the bat it (A) marks the person as "I don't belong here", and (B) brightens up the place!

Either way it doesn't bother Ellie, who takes a moment at the door to close off the umbrella and shake off the excess water. She gradually notices people just might be staring her way, and after glancing from one person to the next, quickly mutters "Sorry" before slinking her way to the counter. As out-of-place as the girl seems to be, the staff here clearly know her, and the guy behind the counter leans over at her approach. "Rosa's not back yet." He tells her. "Why don't you hang out till she gets back?"

With a soft sigh, Ellie nods and retreats from the counter, looking for a spot to park herself and ends up at a chair near where Greg is shooting pool. She fumbles with her backpack and umbrella a bit there, probably splashing water on to Greg when her umbrella unexpectedly pops open. "Sorry!" She exclaims with wide eyes, just to be safe.

The bright umbrella does catch Greg's attention as it causes him to hit the ball at a bad angle and just sinding it around the table, sighing to himself. Though he does chuckle and shake his head, seems it is managing to brighten up the place. Watching as the other guy is able to slowly beat him, putting one after the other down. Luckily Greg is getting another shot. Though misses his mark as the water splashed against his face, instead sinking down the eight-ball. Letting someone else take his cue, and also the other seem to have won a small amount of money. Greg instead just turns to Ellie. Brushing water off his face. "No worries, and that's a bright umbrella." He points out as he moves to join her. "Though I think you owe me one after making me lose." He points out, though mainly just seeming to tease her. "How has the day been?" At least recognizing her a bit.

Ellie does have the whole deer-in-the-headlights look down pat, especially when Greg tells her she owes him money. "What?" She manages to sound as surprised as she looks, along with an uncontrollable flush to her face. "No, I didn't know you were playing for mon…" She blinks and glances over at the pool table - and the winners of the match. "…but I didn't do any… no. Wait, really? Sorry about the…" Now she looks more embarrassed than surprised, once she sees the water on his face. Putting the umbrella aside, she reaches into her backpack and fumbles about before digging up a pack of kleenex, which is offered to Greg. "…Here. My day's okay, except for the part where I made you lose your game, I guess?"

Greg laughs and shakes his head, "It's fine, I promise." He assures her and smiles. "Well, you could always just offer something to drink or something." He suggests, giving a dismissive wave at the kleenex. "It's fine. Besides, it was a tiny amount." He assures her. "Though I get to sit here and chat now." He offers and grins, "Glad to hear about a good day. What brings you here? While I'm not here all too often, I've not seen you here too often." Or she usually manages to avoid attention better than this time.

Ellie gives him one more look, one that says 'you sure you don't want the kleenex?' before she bobs her head and pockets the packet. "I was just, uhm, running an errand for Rosa." She offers nonspecifically, turning her head back towards the counter as if Rosa might magically appear to corroborate her story…. but no, that doesn't happen. Turning back to Greg, she crosses her arms over her chest, then promptly uncrosses them and puts her hands on her hips. "You're… your name is Scott, right? I've seen you around campus. Wasn't it you last year at the registrar's office that I, uhm, accidentally spilled coffee all over your schedule?" That /must/ be where she saw his name.

Greg chuckles and nods, about it being fine. As for her running errands he just nods, "Ah, cool cool." He does study her for a moment though, just reading her a bit. A habit from all the psych stuff. "Ah. Yeah." He says, furrowing his brows, "You just keep popping up and messing with me." He teases, though with a smirk on his lips. "Or you're stalking me." He offers with a wink. Perhaps trying to get her to blush more. "You can call me Greg by the way, Scott's my lastname."

And he would be successful, as Ellie turns a nice shade of red at his comment, the wink notwithstanding. "I… no I wasn't. It was just…" She starts to stammer, but this time she catches herself and takes a deep breath to cut herself off. "…right, of course. Greg, nice to meet you. Like, properly meet you. I'm Ellie, Ellie Cunningham." As if remembering, she offers a hand for a good old-fashioned shake. "I wasn't stalking you though, honest."

Greg grins but doesn't push that as she stammers. "Yeah, pleasure to meet you Ellie. I mean, officially." He says and smiles. Taking the hadn, hearing her comment and unable to ignore it. "Aww, too bad." He teases, shaking his head. "Sorry, I'll stop now." Giving the hand a gentle squeeze.

Her other hand comes up to scratch at the side of her head, before a faint, demure smile floats to her lips. "It's okay, I just… you know." Ellie tries to dismiss his apology, albeit not very gracefully. She gives his hand a soft squeeze as well, much lighter than his, before releasing him. "What year are you in? I don't remember seeing… I haven't seen you in any of my classes, I don't think. You still go to school, right?" She asks, along with a curious tilt of her head.

Greg chuckles and nods. "Yeah." He replies and smiles. As for school, he nods, "Yeah, I am. Though starting my doctorate, just got my undergraduate recently. Working on my Psy.D." He explains to her. "How about you?"

Her brows are so distinctive and expressive, when they arch they really show off her amazement. "Psy.D. Wow, impressive." Her hands slip into the pockets of her jeans now. "I'm just a sophomore. Uhm, second year, but I'm going to go into premed." Ellie says this with such certainty and conviction, it sounds like it's all but decided. "But yeah, that would… uh, explain why I never see you in any of my classes." She's distracted again and glances back at the counter. "So, should I owe you a drink? I mean, I can buy you one."

Greg ahs and nods as well as she explain her own plans. "Awesome, sounds like it will be quite interesting." He assures her. Though another nod is offered as he shifts in his seat, finishing his old drink. "Yeah, that would explain it. And sure, but then you'll have to stay for a bit. Keep me company. Or we could go sit somewhere else, after you've talked with Rosa. If you want."

Ellie bobs her head some. "I think…" She spares one more glance at the counter - still no signs of Rosa. "…I'll be waiting a while anyway. Uhm. If you're not playing more pool, you want to grab a table? I'll just get my stuff here." She's already backpedalling towards the chair where she placed her backpack and umbrella, both of which she picks up. "Oh, if you're having beer you will have to get it yourself. I can't…. I'm not 21 yet."

Greg ahs and nods as his eyes go to the counter as well. "Sure, I can get a table. And no worries, your company will be enough." He offers in light hearted flirt. Getting a beer and he will move to grab a table as she get her things. Letting her sit before he slides into a seat of his own.

The umbrella is clearly still giving her trouble will the dripping water, never mind the bright orange keeps attracting attention whenever she moves the thing around. But after a few moments of fumbling she manages to get it under control, dumping everything against the wall under the table before she takes a seat. Even when seated, Ellie spends a moment or two getting into a comfortable position, before looking up at Greg with a gentle smile. "Sorry again about earlier. I can be so clumsy sometimes. So… what do you want to have?"

Greg doesn't seem to mind. Then again he might be a bit care free and reckless at times. Shrugging at her words, "Oh, no worries. Or well, we could go for coffee at some point perhaps. I mean, then you'd also be making up for the one you spillt all over me." He suggests with ease.

She can't help but smile bashfully at that, her right hand lifting to tuck a lock of brown hair behind an ear. "Yeah, I guess I owe you that one too." She concedes, then tilts her head at him. "Lia… I mean, my niece works at a coffeehouse, so I can always treat you there. But she's… uhm, well I really shouldn't say this, but she keeps telling people her coffee isn't that good. If you feel adventurous though, it's probably safe enough."

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Rosalinda's Pool Hall.
Rosalinda's Pool Hall is nothing flashy. Bathed in crisp, florescent lighting, this small, two-level brick building has been completely refurbished from floor to ceiling. Newly buffed wooden floors stretch the length of the room, while brick walls have been dressed with color advertisements for liquors, local bands and other Haven Point businesses.

The front of the building holds several tables, their black tops matched perfectly to the leather upholstered chairs that sit around them. While Rosalinda's doesn't serve food, there are no rules against bringing in outside snacks, and a wastebasket filled with fast food wrappers and pizza boxes proves just as much.

Toward the back of the building stands three pool tables, each one well cared for by both the owner and the locals alike. The walls hold several racks, while a change machine provides a quick source for those carrying only cash.

The very back wall of the building holds three doors, two leading to the girls and boys restrooms, and one leading upstairs to the 'Sitting Room'.

Outside, cold rain falls from a grey-black sky without moon or stars. A raw wind blows from the east. Raindrops patter against the leaves, invisible in the darkness.

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