Late One Night

Tuesday night, maybe wednesday morning. Bar closed, college kids sent back to campus, kitchen closed and cleaned. Literally middle of the night. Lights off, everyone asleep, even Sam after looking in after everyone. Though its not long after, within the first hour or so, close to 3 AM (the witching hour curiously), there is a noise from Sam's room, next to Meadows. The sound as if he had been underwater and surfaced … not wet sounding, inhaling. Inhaling deeply that his throat growls for breath as he sucks oxygen. He has nightmares from time to time, usually waking nightmares, but he gets up, has warm milk, returns to bed. This one is that loud noise. Could easily be looked over if everyone else is deeply asleep maybe. Even if it startles one, if he lays back down they could too, but he plods up, stumbling for the door, opening it loudly, then breathing more a moment. Hurried breath in the hall outside their rooms. A pause, a forearm to his mouth, recalling where he is, he doesn't want to wake anyone. In PJ bottoms, he pads more softly and heads for the kitchen before he wakes the house.

Meadow is a light sleeper, especially when it comes to her brother. Maybe another time before or two she had woken when he had. Hearing the gasping, she's already on her feet, and without her slippers, she hurries to his room, oly to catch him stumbling by her door. Wearing fuzzy pajama pants and a tank top, she takes him in but puts a bracing arm around his waist for support to quietly help him to the kitchen where they could talk without waking the house.

Taking the offered hand to his waist, apologetic look even in the darkness of the hall as the stumble a little, Samuel reaches over one hand to her opposite hand, thankful just the same as much as sorry for waking her as well. "Sorry …" he says, raspy even, looking for a chair to sit on a moment. "That was a bad one. It felt more real." Thinking he should get up, get some warm milk, but now just focusing on his breathing a moment.

Once he is seated, Meadow releases him and moves about the kitchen preparing him some warm milk like she knew he liked. She heats herself some milk but is pulls out a packaged hot chocolate for her own. When its heated, she walks up behind him and hugs him from behind. "Don't be sorry, please wake me when that happens, Sammy, I'm here for you, I love you, you know?" Pressing a kiss to the top of his head before resting her chin there. "Want to talk about it?"

One hand left to rest on the table, entire forearm there with fingers dangling at the edge, Sam lifts a hand to one of her arms about him. Patting, then rubbing there, as an assurance with his sister, they're both her. "I know, I just …" Doesn't want to trouble anyone, but that hand says otherwise, glad she got up and came with him. "I love you to kiddo." Thinking about it himself, capturing what he can before it fades from his mind as many nightmares are want to do, he goes with talking about it so someone keeps it. "I was fishing I think, it was the creek. Something was splashing." The something being an unknown to him, "Just a darkness. I walked out to see what it was." She would know, he doesn't much swim, which is odd, but he is able to levitate, which is probably what he means about walking out. "I tried to draw from my ring, to make it out. But it failed, and when I looked, it wasn't my stone. It was red and green and rust. Like it was drawing from me. Then it all failed me, and I fell into the water, something pulled me under." His breathing increases a little, that falling part being the most real.

Meadow remains there, holding him while he relives it in his mind, warmed by his return words of affection. As he relates the story, she realizes it's not that far off base, in that it could really happen. It could be a reality instead of just a nightmare. She holds him tighter, "Oh, Sammy, I wonder what it all means? Have you considered a dream translator or anything?" She straightens only after comforting him a little longer, and she finishes off his milk and places it in front of him before doing her hot chocolate and taking a seat across from him. "What stone did it change in to?"

"Maybe I should find someone," returns Samuel, glad for the tight hold. Sitting up some, reassured with his sister here in the kitchen with him. "I'm not sure, I'd have to look at the stone. Do we have a book here?" Curious himself as she joins him at the table, taking his milk with the arm already there, his other falls softly on hears, keeping that reassurance with him. As if assuring its not a dream still, but he's awake. "It was just not my stone, and I don't know if that means anything. The water was dark below me, I couldn't see what was down there, but looking up, I could see the surface clearly, I just couldn't get to it." He asked about the book, not sure what books who has here. Bookstore a thought too, but he further's his curiousity, "Or we could speak to someone else too, see if anyone might know." Not just dream translator.

"We should." Not even letting him say HE should, Meadow is sticking with him, she'll be right there beside him. "I don't think we have a book here, but we can go to the book store as soon as it opens. I don't think either one of us is going to get more sleep tonight. I can't, I'd be worried about you because even if the dream wasn't real, your body though it was and you weren't breathing as if you were really under water."

She insists, Sam smile a bit with a nod. "Okay, first thing tomorrow, you and me, another whirlwind adventure." Or just looking for books, not really an adventure so much, not like exploring old trails outside of town adventure at least. "No, not sleeping again either. We should take our milks to the couch." Not standing as of yet though. "Yeah, it was too real, I was just starting to open my mouth too, like I couldn't hold my breath any longer. I don't know if the dream decided to just end, or that's what woke me up. But my lungs were burning, I did hold my breath." He does look at his ring curiously, to make sure its still the same.

Meadow does indeed insist. "Another adventure together, we haven't had one in awhile now. It will be fun." Her voice is soft, reassuring. At the mention of the couch, she nods. "Good, I can snuggle against you and get warm, like I used to. At least my feet aren't cold yet." She sticks out her foot, her shiny red painted toenails, and she wiggles her toes as if to prove her point. "Sammy, I think you can't hold your breath to kill yourself I read, you just pass out and wake up with a killer headache. Maybe that's what happened. You held your breath until your body was about to shut down or something and it woke you. Either way… it's not good, it's really scary." She stands and gathers both of their mugs in case he's still shaky. "C'mon, let's go sit in the living room."

Getting up and nodding, "I'm good for cold feet, I'm hot as it is." Naturally warm bodied that Sam, or he feels that way. "No headache yet, that's good, but bad to wake up remembering that too. I don't want that dream again though. Lately the dreams haven't been bad, but I don't know. The changing of the stone like that was worrisome too." He ambles towards the couch, to take a corner and be a good corner pillow for his sister. "We gonna watch more Nat Geo, see big spiders in South America, be glad we live here?"

Meadow places the cups on the coffee table and curls up against him, leaning her head against his shoulder after pulling a throw over herself. The remote is given to him but she smiles up at him. "I'm very glad I live here, but one day maybe I'll live in the big city somewhere, maybe be a little anonymous and be known as Meadow, not 'one of the Bates or one of the triplets' and I can shine on my own."

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