You Should Tell Her

Bates Residence – Living Room

Later that morning after, Samuel is camped on the living room sofa, feet up on an end table or coffee table or something for wich to put feet up. Not stretched out too lazily, his knee is bent and the bottom of his foot is on the edge of said object, just a hint of a bounce to it. Not restless leg syndrome, but a habit perhaps. The TV is on, but showing nothing interesting at all, some documentary on the history chan about Chicago gangsters or something. He's got a bag of chips in his lap, and some ranch to dip it in. Not studying or thinking about work, he is relaxing.

Much like Samuel, Meadow is taking a little time off and at the moment she's coming out of her room. Dressed in a lightweight dress in some breezy feeling fabric she walks over and plops down beside Samuel, "What are we doing today and did you stay out all night last night?" It was odd to her for Sam to be out. "What gives, Sammy, find a girlfriend?"

"Something like that," grins Samuel, almost scooching a cheek to let Meadow on the coach. Chip bag offered in her direction with the turn of a hand at least. "Slept out last night over at the Brooks Farm. Ashon was tasting baby food, I couldn't let her suffer that one alone, joined in the tasting." Then a pause, as he thinks, taking a chip himself, scooping up some ranch from the tub thing in his other hand, offering that over too. "Not a girlfriend yet, hoping Amelia stays sweet. Hand holding still, hugs yes, no kiss yet. Maybe going slow … she feels like a keeper."

"If you're wanting a girlfriend," Meadow accepts the chip. "Then you don't sleep over at other girls houses. I don't think anyway. I don't have a boyfriend. Never have, but you know it may be a thing." Her eyes dance with laughter and she leans in and kisses his cheek. "Better not to rush things with her though. Anything worth it is worth waiting for. Or something."

"What, even old friends?" Samuel is curious, sure, they hadn't hung out much since about Junior High, the change being High School after the death of the Brooks mother, Ashton becoming a clueless rebel so to speak, dad leaving not helping. They drifted apart. "You're the love expert." Frozen, Trolls … love experts. "Maybe you're right." Wait until he learns Jude texted Amelia after hearing he was there. "Okay, its worth waiting for. So, no boyfriends now … Elliot is just hanging ivy right?"

"Oh maybe, I don't know. Like I said, I don't know much about dating," Meadow laughs, "I'm not the love expert, you know that. I don't know anything about it. You've dated before right? Would you like it if Amelia spent hte night with someone else? A guy?" Meadow doesn't respond about Elliot, she had no clue what that was anyway.

Chuckling along, even with love expert, Samuel returns, "Don't sell yourself short, your smart enough to wait until you can enjoy it." Without squeezing time in, or just waiting for the right one, he doesn't mind her waiting though, older brother and all. "You know, I suppose that depends. If I knew the guy, sure. You raise a good point though, I haven't been friendly with Ashton for years, then suddenly spent the night. That's cause for gossip." Especially the single mother thing. "See, love expert. You can flip the channel if you want."

"I definitely want to wait until I can enjoy it and I'm in no hurry to do that." Meadow laughs, shaking her head. "Besides, when I do, you'll be the last to know, what kind of sister tells their protective older brother when they do that?" Reaching for another chip, she dips it herself and eats it before flipping through the channels and ending up on something on the National Geographic channel about a rain forest, leaving it there. "Wouldn't it be so fun to go there?" Dangerous, sure, but so was their home town! "You better tell Amelia, before someone else does."

OOC Date: 2015.05.28
IC Date: 2014.10.05
Cast: Meadowlark & Samuel

Bates Residence - Living Room
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