Walks of Shame?

Samuel spent the night at the Brooks Farm, plutonically, in a spare room. All face saved. A fire might of been noted in the main house, smoke billowing out last night around midnight'ish. Not sure if Ashton sets fires every night, but last night there was on, and light in the living room. Food tasting, chatting. Two rooms had lights afterwhich.

The next morning, Sam is up, coffee in his hand. A good chilly October, him in a Northeastern University Hoodie, taking the hot coffee, giving warm breath to the morning air. Dark clouds overhead keep it from getting light too fast. He steps off the porch, and takes in the air. Half an eye to the camper, knowing Jude is preferring that for the now at least. Otherwise, just breathing in the ambiance of nature around the farm.

Evie had spent the night, again, in the camper with Jude. That was probably not a surprise to some, except it wasn't really the weekend. If the fire was anything new, Jude hadn't mentioned it, so Evie likely had thought little of it. Unlike Samuel, there were no spare rooms and coffee involved. There may or may not have been fire but it had for sure been heated. >.> Dressed in what she had been wearing the day before, ripped jeans, t-shirt, minus the ball cap that was resting somewhere near some other article of clothing she couldn't find before stepping out. There are at least boots on her feet. When she notices Sam as she steps out, surprise registers on her features and a sardonic smile curves her lips. "I didn't expect to see you out here."

"The same, a surprise," grins Samuel, though, after the incident at the bar, Evie admitted willing what she was going to do. He's being nice about not latching onto that detail, leaving it as a surprise to him. "Want some coffee, I brewed a pot, I think Ashton went into work already. Let me sleep in." Or he didn't see her in the house too, who knows. "Ashton decided she needed to know baby food tasted okay before her little one comes around, I figured she couldn't endure that torture alone. So, like a candle party, but baby food tasting." More true then otherwise, the only fire was in the fire in the house alas.

"Babies don't eat food until way past their birth. Like after six months old." Evie blurts out, but lifts her shoulders in a half shrug. "It tastes the same as people food minus seasoning, like salt." Crinkling her nose, she smirks. "At least Brie is past that whole baby stage now and eats people food. She's even potty trained and stuff." The mention of coffee has her eyeing the house. "Coffee sounds sinfully good." Not that she knows anything about sin, no. "If you're sure you don't mind."

Whether he suspects anything of her sister, Samuel still accepts her word a sister. And at her age, she would remember such details for a sister, unlike him … the triplets were babes when he was 2 going on 3, a lot of boring detail lost, aside from smiles, playing maybe, and helping as parents asked. "Yeah, that was the consensus, just need seasoning. I thought the squash could of been grilled first too, before mushed up, but it was tolerable. The banana pudding stuff was good though." A chuckle, and a nod. "She's three right? That's good for her, big girl already." Pottie training is a big leap. Then he nods to the house, "I don't mind at all, couldn't ask for better company," at Random on the Brooks Farm while not expecting it. "Come on, have a cup, wake up a little."

"Grilled squash sounds good. I guess I've never had it that way. Should add it to the menu at your place." The Firehouse that is. "Try the peaches, so good." A glance towards the house and an uneasy feeling creeps through her after everything Jude had said and she shakes her head. "I will wait out here, if you want to get it and bring it out for me?" Making no move to step in that direction. "Yeah, Brie is three. She's doing really good, I'm so proud of her."

"Sometimes, depends on season. Give it a couple weeks, should be more squash as they're harvested. But I recommend it already, off the grill," chuckles Samuel. He backs up, going up any steps slowly there. "Peaches, I'll suggest that, have to know which is the best … and you should be proud of her, she sounds like a little trooper, and she looks up to you." He saw them part on the night of the fog dance. "I'll bring it out, two shakes." Not knowing what Jude has said or that he should be uneasy, he had a peaceful night truth told. And he turns, returning in a matter of minutes with another steaming cup, its black - unless she snuck in requests before he was through the door. Then he is out in the cold dew grass of the front lawn of the farmhouse again. "Admittedly, I didn't drive, I think I might be walking back to town."

There had definitely been a request snuck in for sugar substitute and as much creamer as could be packed into the cup while still holding coffee in it. When he brings it back out, Evie grins and accepts it. "Thank you, it smells sooo good." She wraps her hands around it, drawing from the warmth. "Yeah, sometimes it feels like she's more than a little sister. I've pretty much raised her, I love spending all the time I can with her. She's a little sick right now though, probably the weather." Looking around she smirks. "I never drive anywhere here, I always walk. I've got a car, I just prefer walking." Eyes flicker back towards the house again. "So, what's her story? Single mom and all?"

Coffee handed, Evie is enjoying it, Samuel nods. "I know, fresh out of the bag it was shipped in," nearly fresh coffee. If there are grounds to grind, he didn't go for that option in making the coffee. He just put it in a filter and pushed the button. "Yeah, poor thing, hopefully she gets over it soon so you all can enjoy like pumpkin patch stuff. I might get some sinuses from this if the weather keeps up, more rain than usual." Considering, "Then we can walk if you like, we'll get the cups back … and that's it, her story, mom and single. I think she's getting stares in town from the gossip group, needs someone in her court. We were friends a bit in school before …" The Brooks mother mystery and father leaving, "She started hanging with a different crowd, sort of reconnecting."

Evie had just left the camper after spending the night, her usual breath of fresh air, a brief walk around. Only, she had encountered Samuel in the interim and he had offered her coffee. So, she's nursing a cup of coffee, caramel colored, taking in the warmth, wearing the same jeans and t from the night before, boots on her feet. "I hadn't thought about taking Brie to the pumpkin patch. That sounds like fun. And the corn maze. Maybe costume shopping." Rolling her eyes, she smirks. "Gossip groups, they're worse here than New York. At least there they don't care about single mothers."

His coffee having cooled a bit, Samuel simply drinks from his instead of nursing. More than a sip at least, but nursing enough to enjoy the warmth longer on the cool autumn morning over the farm. "You should, I should ask around see who wants to go … I've been away a couple years." From the pumpkin patch that is. Costume shopping not so much, but with a little sister, it would be fun indeed. "Here, they shouldn't care about single mothers, but, everybody has to know everybodies business I guess. I don't get it, so much to actually do, other than, guessing or spreading rumors." Not that he was asking of the circumstance, but he does ask, "It always this quiet in the mornings." Out here implied, any sounds from nature is quiet to him. Enjoyable even.

The door to the house swings open and Ashton walks through it, pulling on her jacket as she pulls the door shut behind her. Dressed for work already, she has her phone tucked against her ear and is forced to switch ears as she pulls her coat on. That doesn't seem to stop the flow of her side of the conversation, however, seeing people does. "Yeah, Randy I'll call you back. I got something I need to take care of," she says into the phone before ending the call. Once her phone is tucked safely away she ventures out a clearly audible, "Good morning."

"Yeah then comes the next inevitable questions, about the father." Evie rolls her eyes, not interested in getting into that. "I admit you're right, the quiet mornings are good here, it is a good time to go for a walk." Dark eyes glance back towards the camper with a smirk. "Better than waking up with an arm gnawed off, that's for sure." It's about then that Ashton makes an appearance. "Morning." She says cordially. After all, she's drinking the woman's coffee.

Catching the eyeroll, Samual nods, "If no one's asked already." Then a chuckle from him, looking halfway over towards the camper, "I suppose it doesn't do to gnaw off, hard to escape anywhere if its your place." Still a grin on the memory of the arm conversation as a good morning greets them. "Hey," he calls back to Ashton, nodding, "Not bad at all, brewed some coffee, hope you don't mind. Didn't know how you like it." So no extra cup made currently. "I think we're agreeing, completely jealous, of the quiet mornings and being able to go for quiet walks, that you get out here."

Ashton drags a hand through her bright red hair and looks at her surroundings. "The tranquility is just on the surface. But I won't bore you both with talk of a working farm and all it's dangers." She does however take notice of the work already done and still in need of doing. "Guest room bed alright for you, Sam?" The question seems genuine, not one posed just to point out the sleeping arrangements to Evie in case she reports on Samuel's early morning appearance.

"All on the surface." Evie shivers despite holding the warm coffee. "Just reminds me of something Jude said." The question of the guest room gets a soft chuckle, despite the reasoning behind it. "It is quiet here though, no sirens cutting through a middle of the night sleep." There's a glance back towards the camper. "He's still sleeping, we were watching a movie and fell asleep." As an explanation likely isn't needed, she gives one anyway. "We were just talking about the local corn maze and pumpkin patch and taking my baby sister."

"All take it then, the surface," returns Samuel and the idea of tranquility. "Yeah, bed was cozy. Either too cozy, or baby food makes me tired. I slept like a baby." Better than his own bed maybe, that and the quiet helps. He nods to Evie, "Yeah, I haven't been in a few years, and with her sister and all, sort of liking the idea myself now too. You guys gonna just farm out here, or thinking about going that route someday?" Tourist farm versus agriculture.

"Jude's run it all while I've been away. I used to help whenever I came home but now he doesn't want me doing much." Ashton tries to tame her wild, uncombed mane into a braid that she is working forward over one shoulder. "The horses are used for local events, tourist rides and stuff. He spun that into a money maker but no, I wouldn't want to see the place flooded with tourists. The horses can go off site to be used, leaves things easier here." She glances behind her at the house and then over at the barn before turning back to Sam and Evie, "Some say the place has bad juju. I guess I'm just used to the pockets of cold and the strange noises."

Evie laughs out loud. "You slept like a baby? Woke up crying every two hours, hungry?" Of course she was teasing, and she takes a sip of her coffee as she listens about the working farm. "Yeah he said he had been alone out here for a long time now." Sympathy darkens her eyes but she averts them quickly. "I'm glad you're here for him." To lighten the subject, she smiles. "So, a baby food tasting. Rice cereal tastes best with bananas added."

"A bit of both then," grins Samuel, touristy with horse rides and that able to be done off site, preserving the farm as it is. "I think my sister wants to get me out horse riding, I might just have to give in one of these days." A chuckle towards Evie then, and a nod. "Exactly, but the crying didn't help, I still had to get up and feed myself." More dry, he doesn't chuckle, but goes along with her tease. "Wait, is that the next teasting, rice cereal?" He's not sure about, but may remember some of the boxed stuff, just add water. Sort of malt-o-meal, but didn't come in chocolate. A look more at Ashton about bad juju and strange noises, cold spots even, "I'm taking it, I didn't get the full ambiance then." Or he was overly tired and missed strange noises.

"I'd better go get started on the chores then if Jude's slept in," muses Ashton. Although she looked set to head out to work. "I'll have to meet your mother, Evie, see if she has an advice for me. See this baby sister of your's." She glances at Samuel then and chuckles, "I didn't really plan for rice cereal but I'll keep you on speed dial just in case. And you should learn to ride. It's a good thing to know how to do around these parts. Sometimes the weather gets so bad that even trucks can't get through but a horse can."

"Usually that's for the best," Evie tells Sam in a tongue-in-cheek way about the getting his own food. "Sure beats what a baby needs." Looking sort of nonchalant, she nods to Ashton. "Maybe, she's a good mother. Busy, but good." The smile makes a reappearance. "We just gave rice cereal about six months because Brie was hungry and formula wasn't doing the trick. Made it like a thick formula with the milk added instead of water and added some bananas for taste. She enjoyed it anyway. But all babies are different, or so says my mother." Dark eyes drop to her baby bump. "Jude looking forward to being an uncle?"

A hint of a chuckle returned to Evie. No argument from him, about seeing after his own needs even. "I'll send a selfie your way, help with that speed dial," to Ashton, or not, and even though not taking selfie, most definitely no duck lips ever. Or mirror posing selfies, or anything of that sort. "Allright, I'll have to give it a got then." Learning to ride that is. "If I do that, I think it means I'll have to find reason to go places when the weather is too bad for a car." Small Town he is, but still 'town' is in there. He can't comment on Jude being an uncle, but he can nod, "Bananas … and milk, and warmed up?" Completely malt-o-meal now, and that changes they way he looked at rice cereal for babies.

"How old is Brie?" she asks Evie. This is followed up with a second question, "You're twenty-one, yeah?" Ashton then smirks, "I don't know if Jude is looking forward to it because it is an awkward thing for him. It's more likely that he is in denial most of the time and will be until the baby arrives." The redhead grins at Samuel, "I think I can remember who you are without a photo. It's not like we haven't known each other since our paddling pool days."

Brows arch and Evie gently breaks the image in Sam's mind. "Breast milk." There it goes, possibly. After a gulp of coffee, she looks back at Ashton. "Yeah, she's three. I'm twenty one. Was thinking of bringing her out here to learn how to ride. You're right about Jude though, he's not too sure about kids, just because it's mostly a fear of the unknown. He'll be around your baby from the beginning, so maybe they'll get really close."

Smile fades a little, eyes widen, and he shakes his head, no, no breast milk for Samuel. Definitely good seeing after his own food needs in the middle of the night its decided. A grin at least returns for Ashton about paddling pool days, "Good, it works out. I haven't tried it yet." Taking a selfie, "But I imagine I'd still get my thumb in the way. Though, Tre Bates," one or all three, "Did scan some old pictures, I might still have one around." From that era. A look to Evie about Jude, as if measuring to see if that's an honest thought, he'll get use to kids around, or wishful thinking. He gets Ashton's take, family is family, even if a little one, uncle might be suitable in that circumstance and grow.

Ashton nods as Evie answers her questions. Her hands begin to rummage through her own pockets as the conversation continues only for her to jerk to attention and say to Evie, "No. Do not bring Brie out here. Not yet. There is still work to be done. Cleaning. Deep cleaning. Give us more time. And you will need to ask first, even after." Her gaze flits to Samuel as if somehow she expects he will understand or back her up on this. All talk of selfies and silly photos left unspoken by her, so firm is her conviction that the child must not come to the farm.

Seeing the smile fade, Evie gives him a wry look. He gets it now. "Oh I take selfie's all the time to see what clothing combination looks good together and what looks like hell." Not. She grins when she says it though, to show she's teasing. More seriously though, she nods to Ashton. "Oh I had no intention of bringing her out here right now. It was a random thought, I don't bring her out when I go walking, she's much safer within the town limits. My house in particular." Which has been cleansed and warded and all safe and sound. Oh yes, Brie was safe as she could be. "As I've mentioned to Jude, Brie is a big part of my life and always will be and some people just aren't kid people and I get that and I'd never force her on them or them on her."

Samuel might get it more, but he's friendly truth be told, supportive even of friends. He is nodding agreement to Ashton, even if he doesn't mind the tranquility, no kids. "Its good, she can get fresh air at the pumpkin patch." More fresh than even the parks in Haven Point, certainly. Of course, the next bits by Evie gets him thinking that if there is no coming around with Jude and kids, that never forcing might have cause for reconsidration of the circumstance there. But he's content with his coffee for now, complacent more likely. "Until then, well, hopefully deep cleaning proves fruitful."

"Your dedication to your little sister is admirable." Ashton pulls her sleeve back and looks at her watch. "I need to get started if I'm going to help Jude before work. Are you heading back home soon Evie? If not I can give you a lift Sam, but it won't be for another half hour."

"I may take her today if she's feeling better. I'll have to go home anyway and check on her, mom has work soon. May as well head in now." Evie glances towards the camper. "I'll just let him know I'm headed back into town, if you don't mind the lift into town."

"Half an hour is good, give a shout if you two want a hand," returns Samuel to Ashton, "Besides, worth another cup actually." Of coffee, he grins, finishing his cup. "She's right, its admirable. You and your sister, two peas." That gets more a grin from Sam, only cause he's definitely more family man, currently is with his own just the same, rather loyal. Thus, admirable for certain in someone else. "She see the doctor, or just she get's seasonal allergies?"

"Okay, I'll come get you when I'm finished," Ashton tells Samuel. To Evie she says, "I'll see you later I'm sure. Hope your sister is better." She starts off then, heading towards the barn and the horses, having not been kidding earlier - there is a lot of work to do on the Brooks' farm.

"I like walking." Evie says, but she does disappear into the camper to let Jude know she was heading back into town. It's when she comes out that she walks back over to Sam and offers him the now empty mug from her coffee. After thanking Ashton for the best wishes for her sister, she smirks to Sam. "I think I'm going to head that way. The phone service is terrible out here," indeed no signals. "And I want to know how Brie is. See ya later?"

"I like walking." Evie says, but she does disappear into the camper to let Jude know she was heading back into town. It's when she comes out that she walks back over to Sam and offers him the now empty mug from her coffee. After thanking Ashton for the best wishes for her sister, she smirks to Sam. "I think I'm going to head that way. The phone service is terrible out here," indeed no signals. "And I want to know how Brie is. I think it's something seasonal though, but if she's worse we'll take her in to the doctor. See ya later?"

With two empty mugs and everyone doing things, Samuel is left to his own devices, "Yeah, of course you will, no escaping now." That is her escaping Samuel. "See you around Big Fish." He tries another name, and mixes it up, from a big town, and pole in the water. He'll figure more of nicnkname stuff later. But he turns to go wash the one mug, fill his own up. Maybe pick up more so when its time to go in about 30 mins, he's ready.

Later that morning after, Samuel is camped on the living room sofa, feet up on an end table or coffee table or something for wich to put feet up. Not stretched out too lazily, his knee is bent and the bottom of his foot is on the edge of said object, just a hint of a bounce to it. Not restless leg syndrome, but a habit perhaps. The TV is on, but showing nothing interesting at all, some documentary on the history chan about Chicago gangsters or something. He's got a bag of chips in his lap, and some ranch to dip it in. Not studying or thinking about work, he is relaxing.

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Brooks Farm

Small and tucked away from the rest of town, the Brooks farm has seen a good bit of neglect in the past year. The grass, what hasn't been beaten down, grows tall along the driveway, building higher toward the house and barn, both of which are in desperate need of new paint.

Closer to the drive a barn stands tall, it's wide doors slightly ajar enough to allow someone inside, while abandoned and neglected farm machinery rests parked along it's sides.

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