Pleasant Valley Sunday

The family owned and operated grill is busy for a Sunday afternoon, the bar part not so much as those coming in after church services and other things about town. It's damp and cold out, the fog fairly thick but promising to dissipate as the sun threatens to break through.

Several familes are seated and there are a handful of waitresses taking care of the customers. Among them is Meadow, but she's eyeing the clock, she gets off work soon. Taking another order, she fills the drinks and delivers them, checks on a few other tables in her area. It's a seat yourself arrangement, and the inside is decorated for Halloween. It's October 03 after all!

Nick saw the sign, but he's pretending like he didn't, because it's too much fun to troll the help. Gently. "Can I get a table for one over here?" he teases Meadow, before lowering himself into a seat and setting his backpack down to one side. "You know, I'm starting to actually get used to this town. That's probably a sign that something's going to turn everything on its head soon."

Hearing the question, twin brows arch until Meadow recognizes who was giving her a hard time. Laughing, she walks over, drapes a cloth over her arm and takes up a rolled silverware and a menu. "Your table is waiting, sir, if you could see your way into forgiving me my discrepancy and pardon my rudeness, I would be delighted to offer you the best table in the house," she bows politely but there's amusement in her eyes. Dropping into the seat across from him, she tugs out her order pad after placing the silverware and menu on the table. "Uh-oh. Getting used to it? I hope that means you don't have a 'usual' here?" She writes down what drink he usually gets anyway. "The fajitas are good."

"Well, I don't want to get complacent," Nick replies, shooting Meadow a polite smile. "I have heard good things about them. One beef, one chicken? And yeah, if I start getting complacent then you need to whack me over the head with the drink menu." Because it's thinner.

"Complacency is not a death knell, you know." Meadow teases him. "Combination it is then? Would you like guacamole, pico and sour cream on the side?" Of course it comes with rice and beans. "I promise to whack you then, at least once a month if you get where you're boring." She eyes the menu, then him with a smirk. "Debating…." she grins. "I will be right back with your drink."

Nick shakes his head. "Yes it is, it means we're getting /old/. Yeah, the sides are good. And don't hit me /now/," he adds, playfully balling up a paper napkin and getting ready to chuck it. "Or else I'm not helping you with Chem 105 next week."

The restaurant is decorated for Halloween since it's October. The food side is busy this Sunday afternoon while the bar holds fewer patrons. Outside, there's fog and it's pretty cold. Meadow rises from her seat across from Nick with the order written down. "You'll help me," she tells him confidently. "You don't want me to fail, right?" Laughing, she walks over to get his drink and leave the order with the kitchen and brings his drink back, placing it on a little round paper coaster boasting the name Firehouse Grill on it. "So, how's the band?"

"Oh, I don't think you'd fail. Maybe a D." Nick is maintaining a B but that's better than nothing. "And 'the band' is basically just you and me, so far. Met a guitarist last week, he's okay but I think his schedule's too busy, he said he was lucky to make it there even the once."

Vivica pushes open the door to the grill, stepping inside with her messenger bag slung over her shoulder. She glances around for a few moments before she moves to find a seat at an empty table, setting her bag down next to her. She glances around as she waits, looking to see who else is in the place, trying to see if there's anyone she knows and hasn't run into yet.

"I can't do a D, my parents would totally ground me." Meadow inputs. "If Sammy didn't give me the third degree first. Could you imagine? My parents are putting four of us through college at the same time, it's no wonder they want me to get good grades." There's a smile that flits over her lips though. "Put an ad on the board at the college?" Seeing Vivica, she excuses herself a moment. "Be right back. I'll get her order." Walking over, she smiles. "Hey Viv, this is Becky's area and mine is full." IDEA! "Why not come join at Nick's, I'm about to get off and I'll join you guys so it won't be weird."

Nick makes a face. "Four? I thought it was just the three. I'm surprised they let you out after sunset." He nods, turns to see who she's talking with - he has some books of his own to hit, but they can wait till later - then waves to Vivica as Meadow invites her over, scooting out an extra chair for her.

Vivica smiles up at Meadow as she arrives at her table. She raises an eyebrow slightly in response to her suggestion, looking over towards the table in question and seeing that Nick doesn't seem to have a problem with it, she shrugs and picks up her bag before she stands and moves over to the table. She offers Nick a smile and extends a hand towards him. "Hey. Thanks for letting me join you. I'm Viv."

"What can I get you Viv? Eating today or just something to drink? We've got these great iced coffee's." Meadow makes sure Nick has plenty of drink left as she follows Viv over. "Viv, Nick, Nick, Viv." Giving Nick a look, she grins. "Sammy is still in school then there's the three of us." The triplets who were similar in looks but not identical, and who all were named after birds.

"Good to meet you," Nick replies, shaking hands briefly. "And yeah, I remember Sammy, just thought he was out already." A pause, then: "You don't happen to sing, do you?" Maybe that's what Meadow had in mind here.

Vivica returns the handshake and sits herself down, making herself comfortable before she looks up to Meadow as she asks for her order, thinking for a moment. "You don't serve alcohol here do you?" She asks, a playful smirk on her lips before she looks to Nick as he asks his question, letting out a quick laugh. "Only in the shower and not very good at all."

"Oh we do serve it here. Sammy bartends here." Meadow motions towards the bar. "I just can't serve it myself, but I can take the order for it." She looks between them and grins "I wasn't sure, but I didn't even think about that. Are you musically inclined at all?"

Nick nods to Vivica. "Yeah, I'm about the same. Meadow and I jammed together a couple times," he explains, "I had this idea to get an actual band together but it depends who's available."

Vivica smiles to Meadow and shakes her head. "No. I don't play music or anything. I like listening to it, but that's about it." She says before she looks to Nick as he speaks. "Oh, you guys are trying to get a band together?" He asks, looking between the two. She then remembers the drink order. "Oh, ummm… sorry. I'll take a Budweiser draft if you have it, bottle if not."

"It's fun. I'll go get Becky to get the draft and check on Nick's food. I'll be back you two can get better acquainted." Meadow smiles and heads off towards the bar area, already flagging down Becky for the alcohol.

Nick is working on a Coke or Pepsi, depending on the restaurant's religious affiliation. "So how do you two know each other?" he asks Vivica, since his first guess didn't pan out.

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The Firehouse Grill

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