Arm Gnawing

Sunday evening in Haven Point, the fog has been rolling off and on for a few days. Its a Sunday which means less busy at least, even with college kids. Its still restuarant and bar, not bar, plus studying. More likely to get study groups wanting a few drinks while they study. However, something came to the Firehouse tonight. Either started on campus or one of the actual bars in town, some sort of disturbence. The other place, with bouncer(s), ousted a few kids. A couple boys ended up here afterwards. But a few texts around, and the others found them. A quick scuffle broke out near the front, some table upturned, a stool damaged at the bar. One kid is injured enough that he needs medical attention. Not critical or serious in that it could be life threatening. But he's out of it and Becky has a towel to his head.

Samuel was there, in the back, came out when things happened, enough to get the other rowdy kids out, leaving just the one injured and his friend. He placed a call to 911, had to report the incident regardless. A fight, an injury, perps ran, no idea who or what, just someone injured and a fight at the Firehouse. He's coming around the bar, finally, "Okay, everyone, back to your tables." Those still gawking, he'll encourage them to return, give some room. "You got him Becky, you need anything." She seems okay, just applying pressure. Sam takes the friend, "I think you'll need to stay, grab a stool." For questions most likekly.

Evie was determined to stay out of trouble so when it had started earlier at one of the clubs, she'd left there and come to the Firehouse for a more quiet evening. Nursing her beer, the label on the longneck had long since been peeled off and the temperature of the beer was bordering on disgustingly warm while being only half finished by the time the scuffle had broken out. In true New Yorker fashion, she'd remained detached, quietly watching, filing away details while remaining uninvolved. There's a glance towards Sam as he tells one of the fellows to stay. Lips twist into a smirk as she waits to see if he will actually listen to the suggestion.

It isn't long before Ashton arrives. She was on duty tonight and so rolls up in a police cruiser along with the local officers on duty too. As she comes in she speaks first with Becky, getting the information needed before. "Hey there," she says to Sam and Evie spotting them both. "Sounds like you had a fune night."

The friend, doesn't consider leaving, but when Sam mentions a stool, some realization dawn's on him, things like academic probation, what his parents might think. He backs up and considers it. Sam looks ready to have to do more, like grab the guy to sit. Not for trouble, but for his friend, and questions of course. He has no idea what happened, could all of been the other guys causing trouble. Good thing the cruiser pulls up. The boy takes a stool. "This is what it takes to get you here," Sam nods a little, yes a fight, joking about getting her here, she's been in off and on as far as he knows, saw her the other day near lunch. "We only get the tail end of fun here it seems." Walking around the bar a moment, out of the way of the officers and Ashton. He poors friend a drink of soda, no more alcohol for him. Then seeing Evie still there, nonchalant, other than the peeled label bottle. "Another, or you still good?"

Then the cops arrive and it's Jude's sister. Evie glances towards Samuel only when he talks to her and she lifts a shoulder. "Another, when you have time, but I'm not in a hurry." There's a look towards Ashton's baby belly then to the woman herself. "Good evening Officer. Yeah, a fun night so far. How are things for you since your return?"

Ashton leans on the bar, watching as the officer deals with the grunt work of interviewing other witnesses and liasing with the EMTs when they roll up to take off the injured party. She is here in case things were a bit more complicated. The belly gets a pat and Evie a little smile before Ashton looks up at Sam, "Can I get some milk. Got a bit of heartburn."

"If I don't make time, I'll end up a gawker," chuckles Sam to Evie, moving to grab a cool bottle. A nod to Ashton as he's pulling the bottle from where its tucked away. "Of course you can." He flicks the bottle under the counter at the opener then, moves it near Evie, "And not so fast, I have hours before I can dance in the fog again." Chuckling, she's not been going fast, more a tease as he grabs a glass, then gets a milk from a minifridge. Pouring it in, "There you go, Ashton. You don't like want it warmed up do you?" He's offering actually, not sure if she takes it that way, but iwth heartburn, no telling. "This the excitement of the night?" As beat officers (patrol) work out the story of who's who, which college kid started it, etc.

"Ginger ale works best for the heartburn and never keep an empty stomach for too long, crackers or dry toast are good." Evie pipes up before realizing what she was saying. "My… uh.. little sister is three, so I went through this with my mom not too long ago." Accepting the beer, she grins at the tease. "Thanks, Small Town." Watching him briefly as he goes off to fill the other order. She stands and moves to the area of the bar where Ashton and Samuel are, to make it easier for conversation.

"I can't handle anything fizzy and warm milk is…just wrong." Ashton takes a gulp of milk from the glass and licks her lips, licking away any moustache she might have. "Thanks." Her attention turns back to the the job at hand long enough to have a quiet word with the injured kid before he is carted off then drifts back to the other two again. "Sundays can be slow, unless it is a full moon. Then they're crazy as hell. Never quite figured out why, been lots of studies on it, but folks just are a bit crazier during them."

Sam of course turns a look to Evie about the advice on heartburn and crackers, a brow slightly lifting. Still, he accepts that, her sister, or even if he suspects, he's friendly enough he won't point anything out otherwise. "Dry toast sounds like it could be good," he says, more his stomach thinking about it, not sure of eating dry crackers though. "You're a fountain of advice." A grin, appreciating it more than anything else. A nod back to Ashton, "Full moon's and game days." For preferred area sports teams that its. "I'll accept it just is more crazy. Its helping kick October off to a good start, just when everyone is settled in for the semester even."

Evie gives Ashton a curious look at the mention of the full moon, feigning a nonchalance in her tone. "Have there been studies? I wonder what the findings were.." Catching the lofted brow, she gives Samuel an innocent look. "You live and learn. I can only say what works in my experience, for my family." She lifts her bottle and tilts it slightly towards Ashton. "So, here to you and all the best wishes for the baby. When will you find out what you're having?"

Ashton drinks more of her milk and nods. "Sure. Psychologists and sociologists have both studied the pheneomena. There are no real medical corrolations between it but criminologists have certainly said there is a pattern." A shoulder rises and falls in a shrug, "It's one of life's many mysteries. Like why some cheeses taste better hot than cold or why women stupidly think they can change my brother to be the man they know he could be if he were just better at being the man he could be." She smirks a little at Sam, "How is the old high school team doing so far? I bet you keep tabs on them." Her head tilts towards him, "Sammy here was instrumental in several team victories in years gone by." The switch to the baby again has her acknowledging the well wishes with a tilt of her glass. "Thanks Evie. I'm not really in a hurry to find out. I might leave it until the end."

LIstening abou tthe studies and relations to crazyiness and moon, Sam takes it at face value, lack of scientific proof despite correlation noted in the field. "Huh," he says, accepting it; he's sure they only need to check log books on activities to show it happens even lacking such proof. A chuckle about changing her brother, being male, its out of his league so to speak. Shaking his head, but favoring an eye to Evie, as in don't take it personal maybe. He does answer about football, "Yeah, good start, little Eddie Baker is a mean cuss, they need him running the ball. He's got a knack for find the hole on the field, but they're trying a passing game. Won't make state at this rate, but a couple younger kids means next year, or the year next, could be contenders." Then a sort of 'nah,' and shaking his head to Evie, a team player through and through, even if he did help. Going with the mystery of finding out what the baby is, he throws in, "Have some names at least, or too soon to consider a few … I'm partial to Sam." Joking.

Listening to the conclusions and more lack of, Evie smirks, offering a nod for the answered questions. "In other words, no one knows." The bit about her brother makes her wince and though she had not asked him to change there's suddenly a guilty flush to her cheeks and she finds sudden interest in taking a long drink of her beer. "If you mean me," she says finally, "I'm not trying to change him." A casual shrug is given. "Surprises are best, I agree. We waited on Brie also, until she was born." Catching the look from Sam, she gives him a wry smile in return.

"Sam isn't a bad name," agrees Ashton. She then shakes her head at Evie, "I didn't mean you in particular but you do have to be careful. My brother might not seem like it all the time, but trust me in that he isn't one for the whole settling down, babies and a white picket fence. He's more of the 'crap I've woken up and my arm is trapped under a strange naked woman's body now I will have to gnaw it off so I can get out of here without her waking up and wanting some kind of morning after conversation." There is a wince that crosses her face and Ashton rubs at her chest before downing the remainder of her milk.

Samual brow lifts with a hint of smile returned to the wry one he received. Then Ashton elucidates upon the topic and he chuckles a little as he looks more at her with the sudden wincing. "See, that sort of talk only makes it worse. Kind words, less burn." No not really, it was funny in its own way. But he's trying to play nice all around it seems. "Yes, so if you wake up with an arm there, just toss it in the creek … and know you know the legend of Reecer Creek." Gnawing off of arms to escape dreaded conversations. He can't contribute more on Jude either way, leaving it between them, just playing friendly himself.

"I'm not asking for a marriage license and a ring. We've got a mutually agreeable sex relationship at the moment." Evie shrugs, feigning a nonchalance she is far from feeling. "And we use protection, so there's no worries about him getting a baby out of the deal." She arches a brow, tosses a few bucks on the bar to cover the cost of her two beers. "In fact, maybe I'll go catch up with him now. See ya both later." With an ease that surprises even her, she turns on her heel and heads out.

Ashton sets her empty glass on the bar. "Safety is important. You don't want to end up like me." She pulls a couple of bucks out of a pocket in her jacket and sets them on the bar. The rest of Evie's tirade however gets ignored. "Thanks for the milk. We're all done here. Call the station tomorrow if you want to press charges for damages, Sam."

Sam's smile is there, if not whole hearted as Evie takes that route. He can't stop her, he makes no move to do so. "Same time, next week," he offers to Evie as she turns on heels and heads out, or whenever she shows up again at the bar for a drink. Then a nod to Ashton the same, "Thanks, we'll do. Might just be the one chair, I'll check the table, but otherwise." He shrugs, he won't press for the chair, but he'll let his parents determine otherwise if they want to. "Good to see you again, Ashton, hopefully first and last crazy of your night."

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