Fortune Cookie

Its October, the sisters or someone has put up decorations, ready for the holiday at the end of the month. Including lights around the bar of orange and purple, some cobwebs, some of the beer label cardbord monster faces and such, and anything else they had to be festive most likely. Probably a black tree near the window with lights and spooky ornaments even. Samuel is on duty tonight, manning the bar. Today in tight black tee, and less faded blue jeans. Tucked in, looking more professional than usual faded clothes tossed on for comfort alone. Still looks comfortable, but not quite 'down' as his usual dress. He finishes some martinis for a group at the far end of the bar, then slowly works his way to the front, with less people, to get a look out the window. Restaurant and pub, its more pub now with college students in town this time of year. But not crazy as some of the full time pubs and taverns in town at least.

Evie is dressed down instead of up. It's the Firehouse and all the festive colors had been inviting. Still, she's just outside those windows that Samuel may be looking out and she's talking to a taller blonde woman. Her hand is clasping that of a little girl with white blonde curls that reach almost to has waist, the little girl is bouncing on the balls of her feet and girlish laughter can be heard when the door opens to allow someone in. Evie lifts her and gives her a smacking kiss on her cheek and tickles her tummy, the girl delights in it, her squirming and giggling easily seen by anyone. After a few moments, the girl is placed back on her feet and Evie squats down, looking sort of serious when she talks. The girl nods solemnly but her eyes are dancing still as she releases Evie's hand and slips her hand into the other woman's.

After Evie stands again, she reaches for the door, tugging it open in time for a voice to drift, "Byyyeee Ebie, lub you." To which Evie blows a kiss. "Love you too, Briebear." Gives her a wink, then heads inside for the bar.

Samual watches it all, some might turn away, giving the women their moment, the adults and the little one all the same. He finds himself captivated a moment, the tenderness, the joy. The affection between the girl and Evie. His grin grows, especially at the right side of his face, a comfortable warm grown smile as they blow kisses, winking, and parting. By the time she get's to the bar, he moves to intercept. "Damnit Evie," he teases, "You need to warn me when something that cute is gonna happen." Lifting a closed hand he opens it offering suckers, its all he has, probably for 'good' kids - or to encourage them to want to come back when families come to dine at the Firehouse, but he has to give something. "How are you doing, anything you want?" Forget the rest of the bar, he's got both arms on the counter after suckers offered, waiting on her, both to know what she wants, but in the greeting more personable than random other college students.

Once she's at the bar, Evie slips into one of the stools and when she notices Samuel and his grin she laughs and looks back towards her mother and Brie. "Brie is always cute," she warns as she looks back at him. Accepting one of the suckers, then having second thoughts and taking a second one, she grins, opening a strawberry one for herself and saving a blue raspberry one for Brie, she pops in the strawberry one into her mouth, holding the stick. "I want something with peach schnapps and orange juice. Just some of those together with something or other that would be good. Vodka? Not gin." Shudder. Gin.

"Something good with those, you got it, do you trust me?" Returns Sam, about her drink order. Moving to get some of the things ready, vodka and schnapps to start. "And don't hate gin, you just haven't had it mixed right. Takes the right amount of lime, but to each their own." He gets a shaker, and starts pouring in there, probably going for smooth but fancy, some martini drink with her chosen flavors. Enough orange to set it off will be added, but the vodka is one of the nice, high end brands. The sort strained enough the alcohol is hardly noticed. "Cute it is, you're saying I'm going to need to carry more suckers with me, or warning me that cute as she is, not too many sweats?" A chuckle at the thought. Flavors in the shaker, he adds cold hard ice and proceeds to shake it.

"I think you asked me that before. I trust you, you're a bartender. Maker of drinks, listeners of drama, counselors of the masses." Evie shakes her head. "It's too perfumey tasting for me, gin." Tilting her head, she regards him with a bemused look. "I think spoiling her is fun, I do it myself when I can, but there are limits, yeah, I don't want her to be a brat or anything." Watching him mix, she is anticipating it. "So, a sucker is fine, she loves them and they are small suckers," She pulls her own out for emphasis and waggles it at him. "A dum dum right?" Leaning an arm on the bar, she pops it back into her mouth. "You like kids?"

Shaking, he reaches for a clear martini glass, pouring the smooth, flawless liquid out. Mixed and no bubbles, just clear with a tint of orange coloring even in the glass itself. Then he proceeds to add a hint of grin, wich can be taken out, its for show, along with an cut of orange and whatever plastic stirrer they have out ready for drinks. Handing it up and over. Then he nods, "Spoiling within limits. Noted and understood. Yeah, can be perfumey, need to get it towards a good citrus and its tolerable." Then he is leaning near her again on the bar. "Depends," on liking kids, "Am I a dork if I say yes … or am I a stalker?" A chuckle they, "Yes, I like kids. They're full of joy, wonder, makes you remember you were there once and not to forget it, no matter what happens in the world. A smile, a laugh, its all it takes sometimes."

"I'm glad you agree." About the spoiling within limits. "So the next time you see her, a sucker, some high fives or fist bumps cause she just learned those and has fun doing it, some swinging at the park, those kinds of things are what she prefers when I take her. The slide is her favorite though. I don't so the see saw I'm afraid she'll fall off or get her leg caught under or something. She likes the merry-go-round." Taking the glass, she lifts it, looking inside and she just has to laugh. "With all of the different alcohols, I don't really need a tolerable one when I can have one I really like." His question makes her laugh. "Not a stalker. Guys who like kids are cool in my book."

"That works, I'm just learning fist bumps too," not really, Samuel grins though. He offers one up to test it. Then does the Beymax 'blah la la la la' fist bump. Its not a month out from opening, but its probably been in a preview by now. Showing he still needs work on his fist bump. "Good, I want to remain cool in your book. See, there you go, works out that you're afraid on the see-saw. Sounds like you could use some weight on the other end, so you can hold her. And I'm a sucker for cute, let me know when you're going, I'll be the counterweight so she can try it, all in safety." A grin the same, chuckling even. "Tolerable is where you start, then you get used to the flavor, like brandy, tastes scratchy at first, but then you become a coniessuer (sp)." A shake of his head, he's not becoming a coniessuer of anything any time soon.

Evie had seen the fist bumps with the lalala thing after and when he does it, she rolls her eyes. "Brie wants to see that as soon as it's out and I've promised to take her. It's what big sister's do right?" Bumping her fist at the offered one. His offer of the see-saw has her considering him and giving a tentative nod. "Maybe. I usually just take her alone to spend some one on one time with her, but I'll see if she wants to, too." She samples the drink finally and it's so good, she drinks it all, giving him a half smile when she's finished with it. "I want a shot of tequila, sort of get the party started, but I want another one of those to chase it." Lofting a brow, she smirks. "I don't want to be a connoisseur of anything. What is it? Jack of all trades, master of none?"

Giving a nod, he moves to make another of those orange martinis for her. Sam gets a clean shaker ot start the process again. Seems he doesn't mind conversation so making martinis is good for doing his job and chatting at the same time. "If its your thing, its your thing, I don't need to intrude if its one on one time with you and your sister." Still curious of that and comfortable with anything she says, its her sister, he goes with it. "No one's promising to take me to see it, I'm looking forward to it," a grin, a shrug, "Maybe Amelia thinks that's dorky." Or he hasn't just asked her directly to go see it. Its a month away from opening, he's still in day to day, that day may come. "Exactly it, jack of all trades, I'll settle on good around here and capable of taking care of my things." He pours the martini, pretties it up and hands it over. He gets a nice golden tequila, topshelf again. He gets a double shotglass, pours beyond the line. "On the house, cute girls or friendly girls get that, you can decide which you want to be tonight." A grin from Sam. Enjoying his work it seems.

"So are you and Amelia a thing now?" Evie asks, wearing a curious expression. "She's really sweet, I like her a lot." Evie once more watches him making the drink but her eyes move to the tequila shot and grins. "I'll be the friendly one tonight, unless I get to drunk. If that happens, call Jude, he'll come get me home or to a safe place." Reaching for the shot, she hesitates. "You can come to the park with us sometime if you like. Or maybe even go see that movie with us if you're interested. Slick doesn't really seem like the kid type to me, so.." she looks troubled but only finishes it with, "Yeah." Then takes the double shot. '

"Maybe, something like a thing, does napping during a backrub while watching movies count as a thing," questions Samuel, who admittadely, likes being cozy and watching movies on a couch, so probably more a thing, he's hoping at least for now. All good on that front. "She is sweet, seems we both like her lots then. We'll make sure you get home safe if you drink to much, I'm good with friendly. If I drink enough, it'll be cute too." He teases, she's a looker, she caught his eye that first night they met at the club in town. "Jude, you and he a thing now? They were teasing you something fierce about him. If that's who Slick is, sorry he's not the kid type, doesn't sound good for your sister if you have to decide ever. But yeah, count me in, whatever your sister would welcome, so I don't impose too much. I'm good for it." Whatever is decided, sure its more the older sister who will decide if Sam is included, but not pressing any points.

"Napping during a backrub sounds like much more than a thing." Evie says with a smirk. "It also sounds really sweet and sort of romantic." With a deep sigh, she leans down and rests her forehead on the bar, lifts it then lets it fall again in a 'banging her head' sorta thing. "How the fuck would I know what romance is? I wouldn't recognize it if it landed in my lap. I get the one night stands." Lifting her head, she rolls her eyes and traces her finger over the top of the shot glass. "Forget the mixed drink, I want to get toasted." Lips tilt into a frown. "I'll ask her, I'm sure she'd think riding on someone's shoulders would be cool being big and tall. She's mostly just been around me and my mom so 'guy' things would be good for her."

His grin goes sheepish, sweet and romantic, he was accepting he was spoiled by Amelia, and owing a much better backrub at the least. Samuel leaves it there, sweet and romantic, not kissing as of yet, but if its going in the right direction by the way it sounds, a warm and fuzzy there for the moment. Then she leans down to band head, he mimics, putting forearm flat on counter top from where he stands, to try and catch her eyes, a hand reaching over to her cheek. Trying to lift and get her to stop, "You know what it is." Romance that is. She just pointed it out, and he didn't quite realize it himself as romance, "If he wants to go home with you on the first night, that might be a clue. Maybe start looking in the other direction?" As in, he is hopeful, he certainly finds Evie sweet, and attractive all the same, even if there was some put off that he could be stalker or creeper, or others thinking he was fawning over her (though technically, he wasn't diving into the creek in skivvies to get a fishing pole). "I'll help you get toasted, but then I'll make sure you get home." He may call Jude, he may not though. "I'm not the best rider, ask my sisters, but I make a good pony. Sounds like fun, going to the park and just playing."

His sheepish grin has her rolling her eyes again. "Sickeningly sweet, see?" Maybe her tone holds a little bit of wistfulness, but Evie would never admit it. "It wasn't the first night…" she reaches for her second shot. "It's… complicated." There's a groan and she finishes the shot. "I sound like a damn Facebook status now." Bleary eyed, she rests her forehead on her forearm on the bar. "Small Town, I need another shot." She lifts her eyes when he mentions not being the best rider and she gives a sly smile. "Uh…. huh.."

A chuckle, a shake of his head, "Kind, not sickeningly sweet, I'm the nice guy. Usually we finish last, the hot girls all go for the one night stands, and we're left in the dust. I'm just lucky Amelia stopped to look I think," he admits, thankful, not sure how it worked out, but glad its working so far, even if shoulder rubs and movies on couches at the moment. More a chuckle about facebook status, "Its more difficult if you have to think about it," one night stand, complicated, how to proceed even. "Try thinking less, less of what you want even." Cause no more one night stands. He stands to get another shot. Laughing more with her sly smile and uh huhing him. "Not the best, but I finish the race … and chinese restuarant theory, everyone gets a fortune cookie." He gets another shot, double again, "On the house again," martinis on tab, but the shots for her troubles. "Small Town sounded like a good tease, but I'm thinking it might be growing on you, a small town," or Sam's pace of things and friendly, or sweet of the sick kind even, "I'm proud of it now." The nick name she gave him.

"Maybe that's in high school, about the nice guys. I'm not a nice girl, maybe that's why I finished last, in my past." Evie smirks. "Jude's a good guy." Are her words slurring a little? "I just never know where I stand with him. Actually, I think I know exactly where I do. On the outside looking in." There's a flitting smile over her lips. "I like him. He wants me around for sex. I think maybe I can live with that." When he laughs, she joins with him, watching him getting the next shot. "So, what is my fortune?" Her smile is lopsided and the look she gives is amused. "You should be. I only nickname people I like."

"I never said nice or bad, just hot," grins Samuel, okay with slurring of words, he's probably got skill points in understanding the slur in people drinking with all his bar experience for the family. "Good guy, you're on the outside looking in, he only wants sex. Those don't quite go to gether, good guy only wants sex. Don't hold out for anything that's not there, you like him, he should like you two. Even if you can live with it, you deserve romance too." He say her head bang, heard some wistfulness. "I'm proud that Small Town has more meaning, including sweet and romantic in a way." He does offer another shot if she likes, depends if she's riding getting toasted comfortably, or looking for more. If it goes too far, he'll call it of course. "You're fortune … 'You wont always get what you give when you settle for maybe living with it' … And I meant fortune cookie like, I'm in the race, but the race isn't over until both horses finish …." He's alluding to more, probably where her sly smile came in about riders, but all riders getting to the end, he doesn't just roll over …

Verbal sparring was Evie's favorite and she had met the master of it, it seemed. "I know what you meant." In regards to the fortune cookie thing. "It's dangerous ground." Reaching for the shot, she runs her tongue over her lower lip as she lifts the shot glass. "Then again, there's a lot to be said about living with it. I have no complaints with Jude, he's fuckin' hot." Tilting her head back, she takes the shot. "Maybe one." After she has recovered from her drinking. "He doesn't seem to like kids. The rest I can live with."

"I don't need dangerous ground," grins Samuel to her, nodding the same. "And no complaints cause hot is what leads to one night stands again." He doesn't pour another for the moment. Instead mixing another martini, a bigger one, but not much more alcohol than the first, a drink to keep going at her level but not push her to too drunk either. "He doesn't like kids is one, and two, you could go for back rubs and a movie, no string attached." Inverse meaning, just romance, no strings to pull for sex because of the back rub. "Amelia is sweet, I'm nice, its a slow ride, its small town. Don't focus on your wants, you might give into the quickest one that's fulfilled, figure out what you need. You have time … not a race."

Evie slouches and brushes her fingers absently through her hair. "I like him. I'm an idiot. I'll leave it at that." See? Who says you can't make good decisions intoxicated? "I can go to a masseuse for a backrub. Wait, does this town even have one of those?" Lifting her hand to her own shoulder, smirks. "I don't know that he doesn't like kids. He never said. But when I talk about Brie, he doesn't seem interested like you do. She's a pretty important part of my life and she always will be."

"I'm a nice guy, I can't take you calling yourself an idiot you know, its in a handbook we get," returns Samuel. No new drinks now, letting her settle where she is for the moment. "No, maybe some out of their home, but I always think they're creeps tryig to lure people into …" One night stands, the masseuse's here. "And not the same, professional message is different than that one when someone cares about you. Just, don't rush things, he doesn't seem interested in kids, you find him hot. Pump the breaks a bit, figure out where things are going. As a friend, if you'll let me be, no need to see anyone getting her over a decision that seems to work now right?:

"Oh damn, you guys have a handbook?Mind if I get a copy of that?" Evie shakes her head then immediately regrets it. "Can I have another drink?" Giving him a silly smile. "I'm so thirsty." She is more like a limp noodle. "Is it raining out?" Pretty much just leaving his warnings out of it for now. "I can take care of myself. I want to dance."

"You like hazelnut," he asks, grinning about the handbook, but not pressing that topic for the moment. If she nods ot hazelnut frangelica it is, hazelnut, less alcohol, more than beer. A good flavor to add to stronger shots, he leaves out the stronger. "Not rainy, foggy, why, want to go out there and dance?" He turns, "Becky, you're at the bar, give me some time, I'll be back for close." He gives her the drink, lets her take it as he comes around the bar. "Come on Evie, lets see about your dance?" Better outside, than at the bar with certainly lonely college boys oogling her if she decides to start dancing in the firehouse.

"Hazelnut?" Evie smirks, "If it's alcoholic, I'll take it." She watches at the drink, curious for sure, but then he's taking time off and she laughs, sliding off the seat after drinking whatever it was he gave her. She slides her card onto the bar and holds on to it as she gets a little light headed at getting up suddenly. "I don't know. I love dancing though."

Samuel comes to her, and before he can stop, Becky runs the card of course, but only for the mixded drinks, the shots not on the tab. Waiting for it to come back, he helps steady Evie, a hand around her back, "We'll figure it out, lets find out what its doing out there then." Card returned, he'll make sure it gets back where it needs to go, or she puts it where its needed, then moves them towards the door. A foggy day indeed, rolling under the streetlights out there. Good cause with other taverns here and there on the street, it sort of blankets them so no one outside of those would just turn and oogle down the street in this direction. Its foggy and condencing on wires above or street lights, occasional drops falling down. "I love trying to dance … close enough?" If she wants to dance by herself, he'll let her, otherwise if she needs balance, he'll try swaying with her.

Evie manages to get the card slid back into her back pocket of her jeans and as he helps her steady, she leans into him slightly. "I'm such a terrible big sister. Getting drunk on weekends when I could be with her." Still, she doesn't linger on it, allowing him to lead her out of the Firehouse. Once outside, she squints in the fog and smirks. "Almost like being on a stage with a fog machine." Yeah her words are definitely slurring but she looks like she's feeling good. "You like dancing? Show me what you got." She issues the challenge with a playful smile.

"Stop, your sister should be sleeping, right," or who knows, Sam is grinning, "You spend a lot of time with her, some for yourself won't hurt." Well, if one night stands continued, it could hurt. "You've been on stage with a fog machine have you," he teases at her this time. Then he's caught, he did say he enjoys trying. So, knowing she's standing good, slurring words or not, he'll move a little. As if it was dancing music, but not too fast, not sensual either, just mid slow/fast dance, a nice pace. "I never said I was good mind you." He'll reach for her hand to pull her into dancing too, he won't do it alone, even if no one else can see with all the fog.

"Yeah she's sleeping, it's the only reason I came. I do spend a lot of time with her, she's my world." Evie smirks and though she was leaning on him slightly,when he stands apart to dance, she watches him with a practiced eye. "You've got good moves, smooth. And maybe I've danced on a stage with a fog machine. Maybe." She grins like an idiot and when he pulls her into dancing, she moves her body, easily, gracefully and with a lithe quality of one trained in dancing as the fog surrounds them.

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