Skip Day

Thursday morning, nearly the weekend, a cool chill to the air today, from the winds, as if foretelling a temperature drop, maybe rain later in the day as dark clouds gather outside, taking the warm sun away from the dawning day. Samual has a hoodie with a thicker jacket over it, almost a khaki like thick material short of actual canvas, like a Carhart or something. Blue jeans and tan boots, timberland or wolverine. Before school, today is a good day to warm up with sweets and a drink from Sugar Jones. This time inside though. If there is something similar to a kolache offered for breakfast, he is all over it here, that and a black coffee. Slight circles to eyes, late night closing down Firehouse, and study, preparing for mid terms coming up prior to any fall break from the University. He found a table near any picture windows looking over main street. A good morning text more than likekly fired off to Amelia, involving bakery and sweets and the cold winds. Then he is there with a boring business finance book open, not helping the circles under his eyes currently.

Thursdays are her days off, and like any overworked barista, Amelia is enjoying her soda and putting as much space between her and the Black Sheep as possible. Sam is alone in his desire to check into the family biz constantly.

Spotting Samuel through the picture window however gains a grins from her carefully painted lips. Slipping along the window, closer to him, she offers the glass a lazy little tap of her nails to get his attention.

Thursdays being Amelia's day off means she's not going to be at the Black Sheep and that might be part of the reason Claudia finds herself at the bakery this morning instead. Well that and every so often a girl just needs a cookie, doughnut or other overly sugared breakfast treat. Already at a table, nose in a book its the second entrance as she glances up that catches her attention, lifting a hand to send a wave towards her friend.

Like most people lost in a thought, or reading, Samuel catches at the window tap. Not quite a startle, but a jerk upwards to see who is knocking, and who they're knocking at. He is the lucky recipient and seeing the sources, a friendly grin overrides the other thoughts in his mind. His hand comes up, palm out to touch the glass near the lazy tap. Then, moving to stand up, his hand circles away from the glass, motioning to come in, an invitation. If she shows agreement, he starts to stand, as if to greet her. A slight scrap of chair to floor, not annoying, just a noise.

"Hihihi!" Amelia's greeting is just as noisy, enough so that she is granted a look of aggravation from a lone man at a table across the room. Alas, these are the struggles of college towns. Happy, loud blonde girls who gravitate toward handsome young men. A kiss goes to Sam's cheek, and he even gets a hug before she steps away, only noticing his exhaustion on the wakes of her entrance. "Oh my. look exhausted. You need a nap, not coffee."

"Well you two look cozy," Claudia teases the pair as she abandons her table to join them if only briefly. "But she's right," the brunette agrees with the blonde as she takes a closer look at the boy. "You look tired."

The same gesture offered, the hug as the kiss hits his cheek, Samuel returns the hug, a squeeze given. "Hello … cozy, I like cozy." And speaking of naps, the two go hand in hand conveniently, that doesn't help his eyes. Not that they get worse, just not better. Then a slow nod from him. "Late night. Joe stopped by to pine about Danae some more, so I let him stay an hour late." Cause 'you don't have to go home but you can't stay here' is just a little different with when its a friend and the door is locked for the evening. "You two aren't suggesting skipping my class today?" A grin, cause he's not opposed to accruing an absence with the idea of a nap looming, and its an elective today outside his major.

Amelia takes a seat, pulling her chair around to give Claudia room to sit at the small table with herself and Sam. "Cozy? Really?" She shifts in her seat and sends the tired boy another look before his words draw a laugh from her. "Fair enough. And yes, I was suggesting you skip class and get some sleep. Better to nap in private and not in the open where your friends have makers readily available. Looking away from the exhausted bartender, Amelia allow her eyes to land on Claudia, "What do you have planned for the day?"

Claudia laughs, "Something like that," she replies to Amelia's comment on her choice of words. As for Sam she shakes her head, "I didn't say it," she defends as she slides into the open seat at their table. "Aside from classes nothing really. How about you two?" she turns the question of plans back on the pair. "Beside's Sam's nap I mean," she adds with a grin.

Returning to his seat, scooching the same for room and ease of conversation and proximity to Amelia, Samuel gives a nod finally. "My arm is thus … twisted." Didn't take much, actually only half the voting democracy at the table, maybe just a pinky finger twist, and he caved. He does need sleep. "Yeah, nap now, completely took my plans and changed them." Thus no plans for him either, not sure what Amelia intends, its her day off. "This weather, its good for watching a movie you've seen a thousand times and friends." And naps - especially if that rain rolls through.

Claudia ahs, nodding slightly at the response. "Yeah, well seems like a good day to change plans anyway," she replies with a smile, "Though it it was that easy to change your mind about skipping class…" She's teasing of course.

Taking a drink of his black coffee, Sam grins, an exhale that isn't quite a chuckle. "I'll admit it, sometimes it only takes a smile," even just a friend. And knowing how many days he can miss on the books for class without affecting his GPA helps. "Its more becoming a day to just see where it decides to go. Wouldn't mind it being about November, sort of looking forward to that Big Hero 6 to come out." He might like movies it seems, the watching a movie on a rainy day, something to look forward too even.

Amelia smiles from her silent little seat next to Sam. The exchange causes a small giggle, as does the topic in general. "I only have one class today, and my teacher is out sick so it's not even an issue." As for movies, she nods at the mention. Everyone loves movies. "I suppose at some point we need to catch up with Belle and see if she has the party planned. Did you talk to Elliot? Either of you?"

Claudia laughs, "You're so weird," she comments to Sam's mention of the movie. Its the friendly jesting sort of weird though, so its all good. "I have two," she adds about classes, "And I should go…" Though it sounds like it'll likely be has difficult to talk her out of it today as it was Sam. "He did," she notes of the boy across the table.

"I am comfortable being weird," Samuel returns, grinning to Amelia, his eyes do seem light on her, "Well, that's two of us taking a skip day." He does look at Claudia, his eyes pushing the 'join the dark side in skipping'. "Yeah, its all good, he's in," returns Samuel about cabin trip. "There's a cabin open this weekend if we can muster it together, haven't heard from Belle though." He'll take a bit of his pastry. "Stay with us a little, its gonna rain I bet, you don't want to be out if it downpours suddenly." That's for Claudia, a good reason to join skip day.

"Oh good. I'll try and get with her about it." She turns a grin on the group before she pulls her phone out and begins her text. Apparently Amelia is not a 'wait and see' personality. "Was he happy about the idea? Aggravated? Uninterested but going along with it to make people happy?" Her eyes lift toward Samuel curiously as she texts. Yes, she's got mad text skillz like that.

"From what I heard from him he just doesn't want it to be a sit-down, but hanging out is all good," Claudia explains what her brother had told her of the chat he had with Sam. "And I have plenty of time to get to class before it rains," she notes though she's not in any hurry to run off just yet.

"Yeah, definitely not a sit-down, lecture sort of deal," imagines Samuel for the party, hince why call it a party even. "He was up for it though," nodding with Claudia's understanding. "Not aggrevaited at all or uninterested from what I could gather from him." Meeting Amelia's gaze, a grin, watching her texting away, while chatting even, him being the opposite. Probably uses fingers even to type on a phone even, not quite in line with most his age. A difference between them. "All right, I'll admit it, I enjoy your company too." For Claudia, a better excuse to skip out, be lazy, let the clouds and possible rain roll on through around them over town today.

"If she wants to go to class let her." Amelia allows toward Sam, pinching him gently as a tease. "It's not like she's leaving for Australia, she'll be out in a couple hours. You have a nap to take anyway." With the text sent, she tucks her phone away into her purse before lifting her soda to her lips for a sip. "I think this weekend sounds wonderful. Hopefully the weather agrees with us. It would be dreadful to be stuck in a cabin while it storms outside."

"I don't mind your company either Sam," Claudia replies, "But I should go.." not terribly excited by the idea of doing so, but relenting that she needs to. "I'll text you when I'm done and I'll catch up with you later?" she suggests, getting to her feet and heading out after an agreement is reached.

"True enough," grins Samuel, chuckling at the pinch, giving a light swat to the hand that really isn't meant to keep hers away. Then Claude really has to go and he waves to her, "Enjoy class, let us know if it was enjoyable enough." Then again, she might have other reasons for saving allowable absences too. A turn back to Amelia, more directly now even. "It was a bit too nice," of him to offer so much, "Even secretly hoping she'd still go, so I can be with you?" A hand comes over, to brush at her cheek, not pinching playfully as she did, but tender. "No plans huh, want to see about a couch somewhere and a movie?"

"Claudia takes her school very serious, so she seldom misses. Now, if you had asked her without me around she probably would have said yes." Twisting the cap back onto her soda, Amelia smiles over to the boy before she leans and shoulder bumps him gently. "That sounds fun." A small admission from her, grin and all, "Let's. I'll rub your back while you snore."

A chuckle from Sam at the idea of asking Claudia without her being around, "If that was the case, I might not of asked, only one girl I'm wanting to spend time with." Outside of friendly groups or simple chatting. The shoulder bump will get him to lift an arm, give her a playful squeeze, rubbing her other shoulder with an affectionate pate even. "Its a date then," and yes, he'll count it, not that anyone said anything of dating, but he grins, moving to get his own things, capping his coffee with the plastic lid, "Now you're spoiling me … and I'm not complaining." A rub and snoring, cozy is hitting a whole new level, that could turn him to putty in her hands.


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Sugar Jones Backery

The sweet smell of baked dough and chocolately confections that seeps out onto the street is enough to indicate the nature of the store within. Indeed, the tiny shop may seem plain on the outside, but its glass cases full of sweet, baked goods makes up for the store owner's lack of decorating sense. The plain sign reads: BAKERY, and the green awning is rather unimaginative. Inside, black and white tile floors house small, round wrought-iron tables where people sit and enjoy their cinnamon rolls, muffins, and pie slices. However, the store is dominated by the glass cases of food, and usually also by a long line to get the prized baked goods. Behind the counter is a chalk board with the daily menu scrawled on it in colorful chalk, as well as a few pictures of the shop at its original destination in a different area of town.

Outside, a chilly wind blows from the west, driving dark clouds before it and blotting out the stars in patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere they glitter brightly in the dark sapphire sky. Leaves on the ground rustle, unseen, stirred by the winds. Falling leaves blow past you, whirled around by the wind in the dark.

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