They had agreed to meet up here and Evie is already arrived and seated at one of the computers you have to trade every single document of identification you own just to be able to use it. No food, no drink near them and no little kids, so Brie was home, safe and sound. Expecting Jude any minute now, she waits at the computer, another chair already pulled near for him. While she waits though, she types in the name of the city and starts reading on urban legends of the area.

Jude is late, but to be fair he did show. Ask Amelia, he usually doesn't. Pushing by the tables and shelves, he drops heavily into the chair with a sigh. "Sorry." His tone is heavy, but she gets a small near-smile. "I fell asleep in my truck. You can think the incessant howling of singing freshman girls for waking me." Despite his mood, he sees to be trying. He gets points for that.

Points, if Evie were keeping score. As it is, when he arrives, she seems genuinely pleased to see him and turns a brief smile onto him. "Hey," she says softly. Not one who is perpetually punctual herself, she tends to forgive the same in others easily. "Glad you made it. So, where do we start?"

Jude shrugs gently, "I dunno. I probably never would have done this." He's had it a while now, and knows zero about it, after all. "You're the Canadian. I'm a mere peasant in your presence." He smirks though, opening his hand for her to get a new look at the brand.

"Are you curious to what it means?" Evie reaches for his hand when he offers it, opened, to her again and like before she traces it, but there are no audible gasps from her. The feel of it makes her frown. "Did it hurt or burn when it appeared? And how long after your father left did it happen?" Reluctant to let go of his hand, she finally does and types in a new search engine.

Jude shrugs gently, though he doesn't pull his hand back until she's done with it. "Not really." It's muttered, "I mean, I dunno. I guess most of the time I don't want to know what it means." He's silent a moment longer, before he leans back, wetting his lips thoughtfully. "It showed up a while after he left. I don't remember if it hurt. I woke up on the side of the road all muddy and there it was."

That has Evie hesitating with her fingers over the keys and she turns to look over at him again with a troubled expression. When she speaks though, there's nothing judgmental in her tone, just concern. "Were you drinking or on anything the night before? Do you remember of anything before you went to sleep in the side of the road?'

"I didn't 'go to sleep' on the side of the road." He even provides her with finger quotes and a lazy, somewhat sarcastic grin, "I think it was more like I went to 'sleep' on the side of the road." Aka, fell there and stayed. "I dunno though. I don't remember getting trashed but I do that a lot..ya know. But I don't do drugs. Drugs are for losers." He drones the last part out before he sinks lower in in his chair, his arms crossing his chest. "But….maybe?" he doesn't seems convinced though. "That happens sometimes still. I lose days. Wake up in weird places weird ways." His brows arch at the last memory. "Sometimes my self-respect is intact, other times..not so much."

"Do you sleepwalk?" It's the only thing she can think of. "I mean, if you go to sleep at home and wake up weird places, that would explain it but you said you may have just ended up there after a drunk." Still, he doesn't seem the type to just get stupid every night. "So you've done things you wouldn't normally do during it? I mean waking in different places you wouldn't go?" Evis still looks troubled.

Jude shrugs, "Like I said..I dunno. I mean…" he pauses, biting his lower lip firmly between his teeth. "I've lived out there /alone/ for the past couple years, Evie. I don't exactly have tons of people beating my door down to spend time with me." Now that Ashton is here, he may be a little concerned. "I guess I never really tried to figure things out. I just lock myself up when I can, so nothing happens." Like a flashing strobe over his head, he's leaving HUGE pieces out, and it's obvious. Not that he
will admit it, of course.

"Oh." Evie had never considered that. Alone.. sympathy flashes in her eyes but she's careful not to allow it to linger so he doesn't mistake it for something bad. "So, tell me from beginning to end what happened one of the times the episode happened. I call it episode, for lack of something better to say."

Jude shrugs again. It is what it is and what it is, is his life. "I dunno…I mean, I kinda got a grip on it, ya know. I lock up and try to sleep through whatever it is. But I guess the last time I remember, I was laid up watching TV, I got a headache and then the next thing I know I'm face down in the mud on Reecer Creek Road."

Hearing what his life had been like, out here, alone, scared? Evie reaches for his hand again, either one that was closest, but not to checkout the brand, to offer comfort. "I'm sorry you've been dealing with it alone. Can I stay out with you next time it happens? Maybe wait up beside you and see what happens?"

Jude lets her take the hand, but he shakes his head seconds later, "I lock up." He admits again. "It's..safer. I don't know what happens, but it feels..wrong, so I just lock in the room under the barn." Lifting his eyes, he offers the monitor a blank gaze for a moment. "We have a storm cellar and my dad fitted it with a 'safe room'." For whatever reason. He knows how obvious the holes in his story are. It causing him clear discomfort. "I'd rather no one be in there. I'm sure I just pass out or something." Lie.

"If you.. lock up," Evie uses his words, her thumb tracing a gentle path along his palm absently. "Then how do you end up out of there and somewhere else entirely when it's the next day?" There are huge gaps that are not being filled. "How about if I sit outside the locked room then? Maybe film it for you? I'm pretty good with that stuff, kind of"

"Like I said, it's been a while since that's happened. For a while I thought I could control if it happened or not. When I kept waking up in weird places or ways, I finally decided that Dad had done one thing right and that was the safe room." Which is just that, a safe room. Her ideas aren't rejected but they earn a weary look. "I dunno..we have a while anyway. It only happens for three days a month." See, Jude totally has PMS!

Evie looks down at the mark on his hand. "Maybe this is part of the missing puzzle pieces, if we figure this out, maybe it's a key to the whole picture." Releasing his hand, she turns and faces the computer, typing out the pentagram and a few other key words. As she waits for the results, she looks back at him. "Well, you're not alone anymore."

Jude nods, "Fullmoon. Well..I usually lose about three days. The three days of the full moon." After a moment he shifts, "I do not wakeup naked and covered in cows blood either. I'm not a werewolf." He tries to smirk at his words, but he merely comes off looking unsure. He looks even less sure at her words, however comforting they may actually be to him. "Just can't tell."

"I was joking about the Twilight thing but the full moon? That's a twist I didn't expect." Evie adds that to the search engine. The first hit is a pendant. Reading the description aloud, she frowns. "A cloaked witch silhouetted by the full moon, the amulet is intended to help you wrap yourself in the protective and empowering energies of the full moon. Useful in a variety of magic, the energy of the full moon is a potent addition your spells and a wonderful sensation for any witch." Shaking her head, she goes to the next one down. "Jude, you can trust me, I'm not saying a word to anyone. Friends, family, no one, so no worries."

The google search earns a heavily quirked brow and a rather dry look. "It's not that." Jude drones out at the obviously wrong google result. "I know..but I feel safer if I constantly remind you. I don't usually tell people things. Not even Ashton knows. I think he likes to pretend everything is great. She ignores my scars and she likes to think my sleeping in my trailer is quirky and some sort of phase. Like I'm still twelve or something." His shoulder slump, but so does he, sliding down a bit more in the seat. He's running out of seat!

"Yeah I knew this was wrong, here's an excerpt from a book." Evie runs her finger down the screen, something about a bloody pentagram appearing on a palm and silver and werewolf. "Are you sure you're not a werewolf?" She teases him lightly and glances back with a smile. "Maybe you shouldn't tell Ashton about it either, she's a police officer…" Yeah.. "Why do you sleep in the trailer when you have a perfectly good house, an apartment and a nice barn?"

Jude chuckles, shrugging gently. "Maybe I'm a werewolf with a drinking problem?" He forces a smirk, but it fade just as quickly. "I dont like the energy in the house. My dad wasn't great near the end. He was always angry and depressed. He drank too much. I'm an's like a side effect of what I do. If emotions in a place are to strong I feel them. Sometimes stronger than my own. Just seems like a great way to turn into another version of my dad." He clicks his tongue at the admission. "And why would I sleep in a barn over my trailer? Plus the city is too loud for me. I can relax."

"Well with a perfectly logical explanation about it, I can see why Ashton doesn't think anything of you sleeping in the trailer over the house. Still, though, you'll need to go into the house for things. Ashton and her baby, she'll need you a lot. I'm sure there's handyman things, putting together the crib, she'll need a guys help with all that if the sperm donor isn't around. It's not going to be easy for her as a single mom, she'll need all the support she can get." That's her soapbox for the day. She hurriedly shifts her attention back to the screen. "Symbols and their meaning.." jumping to the next one for the distraction while hoping it holds answers. Reading it, she looks back at his brand. "Is the star pointed up or down?"

Jude snorts at her words, though he nods at least. "I go in, for short periods of time. She said something about cleansing the house..which may help. I don't want to move in and turn into some angry drunk missing his dead wife.." just sayin.

After a moment he lowers his eyes to his palm, opening his hand lazily. "Down, I guess. Depending on the direction it's supposed to be facing." His smirk is just as lazy. "Maybe it's just a symbol that I'm awesome, you think? I'm so amazing that the universe determined I needed to be marked." Or, not. Whatever. "Or maybe I'm just a loser the universe decided I needed to be branded as such. Also a possibility. Maybe it's Canadian for 'run sugar-pats, run?"

"Cleansing would be good, sage is good for that." Evie inputs almost absently. "We did that to our home before moving in." It's a Canadian thing! Looking at the chart though, she frowns. "Pointing up… A standard symbol for witches and many other pagan or occult groups. To witches, it represent the four basic elements plus a pantheistic spiritual being such as Gaia or Mother Earth. The pentagram is also used for protection. to banish energy, or to bring it to you, depending on how it's drawn." She glances at him with the flippant attitude of his that she is beginning to recognize as a sort of defense barrier.

"Maybe," she agrees with the loser part with a grin. "If so, I've found my tribe." She reads the rest. "Pointed down.." Dark eyes flicker to his hand then back to the screen. "Used in occult rituals to direct forces or energies. Often represents satanism, the horned god or various expressions of contemporary occultism, especially when a goat-head is superimposed on the inverted pentagram within a sacred circle."

Jude just shrugs. "I have a feeling google wont answer any of these questions." It's a reluctant sigh that voices his thoughts, "This type of thing is too subjective to the individual that did it." He slumps forward, resting his head on the table in front of him. "I don't think it's all that big a deal. I've been dealing with it. Nothing bad has happened." For whatever reason, Jude is wired to not want to look for answers, and even he senses it. "Thank you for trying though."

"Yeah, I am thinking that." Evie glances back to the screen before she closes it out and clears her recent search history and turns to face him, a hand going to his shoulder when he slumps forward. "You don't want answers?" Leaving it completely up to him there. "I mean about anything?" Dropping her hand, she lets it slide off him to rest on her own leg. "I could continue researching it on my own and not tell you about it if you prefer."

Jude shrugs, but the hand on his shoulder helps..a little. As it falls away he sits up. "No. But I don't pry into things. Maybe it's because I see so much all the time. Or, I dunno.." Maybe he has less self-worth than he seems to. "If you want to keep at it, that's up to you. I won't be mad." She gets a weak smile before he slumps back again. "So now that I've disappointed you with my ambitions," or lack thereof, "how sick of me are you?"

"Yeah it's probably a good idea not to pry into things because some answers you get you really just don't want to know." Evie relaxes in her own chair but not in the slumpy way he does. "I may keep looking, I may spell you," she winks. "You know us Canadians." His question brings a thoughtful look and her brow furrows. "Sick of you? Not at all. I can't pretend to understand you either though. You're a mystery, an intrigue."

Jude chuckles. "Spell me? How sweet of you. As if I don't have enough problems." He's teasing though. The rest of what she says earns a slow shrug from him though, and a sigh. "I dunno what to say. I don't go out of my way to be complicated. It's not like you're being completely honest with me. I can tell you hide things." Yeah he sees that. "I figure that things come out in their own time. Being quick to things isn't always be the best approach." Reaching to pull his phone out and check the time, he licks his lips. "Course, inactivity is my worst character flaw, so what do I know?"

"Yeah, something cool too." Evie laughs softly, with him. Once the browser history is deleted, she faces him more instead of the computer, but she still has time left on her allotment, so she takes it by remaining in the seats with him. Her smile fades when he reminds her she's not being completely honest. "No, you're right, I'm lying." And that's all she says, not bothering to clarify or divulge it. "Why inactivity? Boredom? Habit or just lack of motivation?"

Jude shrugs, clearly he's not the type to pry..which is exactly what he just told her. "I dunno." On to the next topic. "I just try to survive. Keep my head down, stay out of the spotlight and hope everything goes smooth for me for as long as possible." Shifting he sends her a look for a moment. "I've been on my own for a long time. So far my method has worked okay."

There's no reaction at all to him not prying since Evie clearly had no intention of telling him what she was lying about. Instead, she hears him out and smirks. "Yeah, I get it, you like being alone." Another push to her despite his intentions. "I'm just saying, you don't have to be if there are times you don't want to be. I guess I'm sort of offering more than a one time roll in the bed, but not any strings still either, you can do your community projects at the same time."

"I never said I liked it. We don't all have family like you. My grandparents are old, I don't have any cousins or aunts and uncles. It was me and Ashton and she bailed out as soon as she could. Being alone is not always a choice, sometimes it's just how things are." He's quiet for a moment, though its mostly so he can listen and, admittedly, internally panic at her words. Not in a bad way, but her determination to be involved in him and his is a rather new experience. He can only nod, though that could be for the death grip he has on his lower lip as he pins it between his teeth.

"I have a mom and a sister." Evie inputs quietly. "My father is in New York with his new girlfriend and the son he never had, her son anyway. He's in college too." She rolls her eyes and runs a hand through her hair. His nod and otherwise lack of reaction brings her to the realization that she was proceeding where she had no business going. "Well, it was only a suggestion." She gives a flippant sort of laugh, "Easy come, easy go." Damn she always failed when it came to men and she had to remember that because she kept making the same mistakes.

"Least they aren't dead." It's an automatic drone, but he shuts his mouth seconds after it leaves his lips. He even mutters a small 'sorry', but that doesn't change that he fidgets in his seat for a moment. Her nonchalant reaction to his silence eventually earns a laugh. "No. It's not a bad suggestion." He admits lowly, "I like it. I guess I was waiting for the disclaimer. The other shoe always drops for me." Standing, he reaches to help her up, or at least hold her chair. "Come on. I'll feed you for your efforts, research and tolerating my socially retarded ass."

"Yeah, they aren't dead. I'm sorry about that. Not that they're not dead, I mean.. that yours are and I…" Evie shifts uncomfortably and gives him a grateful look when she stands at his assistance. "I think, other than whatever big secrets we two are withholding from each other, we should be honest with each other about what we want. I want.." she looks around, realizing it was the worst place to talk about this. "Let's talk on the way and I'll tell you what it is I want and you can hit me back with what you want and maybe we'll find some common ground. For now though, I'm starving."

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This library serves quite a few towns in the area, so it is rather large - three stories high, all crammed ceiling-to-floor with a variety of books. The building looks like it was built in the 60s, based on the low-ceilings and orange carpeted floors. It hasn't been renovated since it was built, and smells strongly of musty books. The first floor is dedicated to children and young adult books, as well as audio-visual materials. The second and third floors are dedicated to books for older readers, with an extensive research area that is internet-ready.

All three floors are identical, for the most part. Someone has made an attempt to offset the orange carpeting and cream-colored walls by placing comfortable bean bag chairs and chaise lounges around the walls. Cubicles for privacy and studying are clustered in the center of the room, while the stacks of books flare out in a circle around the center of the room. The stacks are old-fashioned and often require a ladder to reach some materials. The check-out desk is a worn wooden structure located near the entrance on the first floor.

Outside, the sky is grey-black, without moon or star. It's hard for human eyes to see anything in the deep shadows round about, without a light. The wind is chilly. Leaves on the ground rustle, unseen, stirred by the winds. Falling leaves blow past you, whirled around by the wind in the dark.

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