Morning Talk

Elliot makes his way into the cafe, his backpack over his shoulder. He makes his way to the counter and orders a smoothie and a sandwich.

Seated at her usual table is Claudia. Yes, she has a usual table, but then again her best friend's family owns the place and said bestie works there. A cup of tea within easy reach and a text book open just off to one side which makes room for taking notes in the notebook in front of her.

Elliot makes his way over to the table and sits down. "Hey. Whatcha studying?" He asks, before taking a bite of his sandwich. "You hungry?"

Claudia glances up at the sound of a familiar voice. Offering a smile to her brother she shrugs, "Not really," the answer to being hungry. "And Egyptian history," the answer to the first. "What are you up to?"

Elliot shrugs. "Putting off studying for an exam and just grabbing a bite. How've you been?" He takes a sip of his smoothie.

"Alright," Claudia replies setting aside her pen and reaching for her tea. "Seems you're good at putting off studying," she adds teasingly, "Sooner or later I'm going to pass you in credits if you keep it up."

Elliot smirks. "I'm putting it off, not ignoring it altogether. I haven't met a class that I couldn't pass." He looks over. "So which dynasty are you on?" He asks, about the Egyptian history. "Are you near Ramses, or more closer to Caesar's conquest of Cleopatra?" He asks, showing off.

Claudia grins in return, flashing the expression as she lifts her cup to her lips for a moment to take a sip. "We're on the Middle Kingdom," she replies. Classes haven't been in session for all that terribly long really. "What exam do you have?"

Elliot nods. "Cool. Still early enough. Yeah, We're going on our first exam in US History. Pilgrims, Indian relations, etcetera." He grins. "I just need to take a look at a few of the study points. i don't need to cram or anything." He says, taking a bite of sandwich. "I hear you've been speaking to Sam Bates."

Claudia ahs and nods, "Got ya," she replies to the note on his own classes. "Always an interesting time period to cover," she adds idly before pausing for a second to look at her brother as his last comment is made. "So have you."

Elliot grins. "Yeah, but I wasn't the one planning a super sekrit party. What's that all about?" He sips from the smoothie. "I mean, things have been weird, but I mean, really? A party? Like I'm 16 or something?"

"That wasn't my idea," Claudia replies, taking another drink of her tea. "That was all Amelia and Belle so you can thank them, but why not?" she asks with a bit of a shrug.
Elliot shrugs and wrinkles his nose. "I don't know. It just feels weird. I'm not big on being the center of attention." He shrugs. "Hopefully I can just spin it to a bunch of us hanging around and shooting the crap." He shrugs. "I know we'll probably be talking about things you don't want to hear, but I don't want you to think you have to stay away. I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

Claudia laughs, "I think that's the idea," she replies. A bunch of them hanging out, just happens to be that he's the reason for them doing so. "I know I don't have to El, but I have to work." Or something.

Elliot sighs and nods, dropping it. "Fine." He says. "How's work been?"

"Work's fine," Claudia replies, "Its work, nothing more to say really." She pauses a second before she lets out a sigh, "Why do it bother you so much that I want to stay out of all this?"

Elliot shakes his head. "It doesn't bother me so much. I just don't understand why. I don't get what the big deal is."

"Exactly," Claudia returns, "I don't get what the big deal is either." About why she should know about all … this.

Elliot just shakes his head, finishing his food. "Whatever." He says, grabbing his dishes. "I gotta go. I'll see you at home. Be safe."

OOC Date: 2015.05.21
IC Date: 2014.09.29
Cast: Claudia and Elliot

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