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They'd agreed for a talk, just to meet and discuss things so far, answer questions, or drop the topic at some point if she didn't want to hear anymore. A coffee seemed like a good idea to Samuel and as chance would have it Claudia was there. His drink in hand, just steaming black coffe, nothing added in, he finds his way to her and slips into a chair. Unless she looks perturbed, but if amiable, he grins friendly-like and says, "Hey, now a good time?"

Claudia rarely looks perturbed, at least in public she tries not to at very least. "Hey," she returns the greeting as she looks up from a book. Eyes refocusing on Samuel she glances down for a moment to mark her page before letting the text close. "Sure," as good a time as any it would seem.

Pulling off the lid from his coffee, Sammie leans forward towards the table a light blow at the steam on top. "This stuff, some of us here, you're brother," witch stuff, "I'm catching on you're not into it, or certainly don't want to be. So if you really don't want too …" Left open, she could stop him, "Just, at least one of your parents are too, I imagine Elliot knows and has probably told you already. That's the big difference, the others, both our parents are and basically all us, their children, seem to have gotten it too." Hince, the suspicion.

Claudia reaches for her cup, tea, although not hot it is still warm. She could stop him, yes, but she'd agreed to talk with him about it so may as well. "My dad isn't which is what my grandparents don't like about him," she replies. That much she seems to know at least.

A soft nod of his head, that explais it there. Samuel gives a test sip, still too hot, will be for the next few test sips more than likely. "Elliot sort of took after you mom then," redundant, just summarizing the point maybe. "You're not comfortabe with this stuff? Or more what you don't know, you don't want to know?" A simple question from his standpoint, but he gets more comfortable in his chair, amending, "I mean, he's met us, and he'll learn more too. I, or we, can't control what he tells you, but we can try you know."

Claudia nods. "I know," she replies confirming his statement that her brother tags after their mother in that respect. "I wouldn't say that exactly," she goes on with a light shake of her head. "More… I know you can't," control what Elliot tells her, "and its not that. Not that I don't want to know so much as.. lets just say I don't know if I want to be involved. If that makes any sense."

"We can try our best," returns Samuel, another hot test sip, still too hot. With a slow nod of his head, he returns, "You shouldn't need to be involved, that was his concern too, when I told him about the cabin meeting." He leans back instead, "Just, you guys are close, and I've never had much trouble from this, but they like to say, trouble finds us. He wants you safe, I want the same. Just, I guess if anything, we can not involve you in that, but if you need something, you'd come to us too, keep everyone safe?"

Taking a sip of her tea, Claudia nods, "I don't know what it is Samuel, first Elliot, now you. You make it sound like I'm clueless. I'm not a child. I don't need either of you to protect me, and I don't see how telling me everything is protecting me either."

"No, I'm sorry, I don't mean to make you out that way. You're definitely not a child," returns Samuel, not taking any sips, going with it still to hot for the moment, his coffee. "There are other things out there, worse things. Just, well, the can be attracted to people like your brother and me. Not to say we're better at stopping them, just, if you sort of know what could be there … prepared I guess?"

Claudia almost rolls her eyes, but not quite opting instead for a slight sigh and a subtle shake of her head. "And yet you never stopped to think that springing it on me like this might be scary. Or, that maybe I might already know about it?"

"You're accepting your brother, and you're not a child. If I thought it might scare you, I figure you have people you know you can talk to, even if you don't want to participate. And if you already know, that's just as well. Me knowing either way, is better than me just ignoring it all together." The coffee cools enough, he takes a longer sip. "This isn't me being chivalrous, I'm sure you can take care of yourself, its me gauging how you feel about this is all."

"I already told both of you how I feel about it. And honestly, in this case I'm pretty sure the more you know the more at risk you are," Claudia replies, moving to her feet and slipping the strap of her bookbag over her shoulder. The book on the table is collected with her free hand as she continues. "You give yourself too much credit."

"I'm sorry, I'm not trying to sound like a jerk," returns Samuel as she gets up. "I wasn't trying to offend you Claudia. I'll leave it well enough alone there." He takes another drink, feeling sheepish perhaps.

"Walk with me?" Claudia offers, tilting her head towards the door. If he agrees, she leads towards the door and over to the bookstore which happens to be right next door.

"Sure," he says, thinking she was about to walk out, Samuel collects his coffee and book bag (don't remember if he had it with him). Following her to the bookstore.

The shop isn't terribly busy but one or two customers linger, browsing the shelves. An elderly man, which would be recognized by some as the owner of the establishment is seated behind the checkout counter sifting through the newspaper. As the door opens he and Claudia exchange a look, and he sends a friendly nod towards Samuel as the girl leads them towards the back. Past the curtain that blocks off the 'Employees Only' section and up a flight of stairs leads to what appears to be a storage area that's just as cluttered with books. Away from prying eyes and ears at least. "So here. Tell me. What's so important that I need to know about it?"

Following her through the store and up to the storage area, Samuel keeps his book bag on his shoulder, same arm leads to the hand holding his coffee cup. A few sips out, he never put the lid back on, but takes a drink now, its cooler (not so hot, above warm) going up the stairs. There in that room that offers privacy. "Well, that's a hard one to start with," he considers, "I guess, just if your brother wants to learn more, figure how things work. Our parents warned us to be careful, we're forbidden to bind to a circle … or a group of friends. Too much, well … magic, sometimes draws unwanted attention. I don't know what all Elliot is doing, just, as family, if he draws attention, your close to him."

Claudia laughs, shaking her head. "Like I said Sam, you two treat me like I'm completely clueless in all this. Yeah, alot of you are decent at keeping it under wraps, but like your parents warned you - be careful. How old were you when you knew you were a witch?" she asks, tilting her head as she waits for the answer. There she said the word.

"Claudia, I don't want to insult you, but I don't know how much you know, and based on Elliot asking around town," the track record for who might know what is questionable is all, erroring on the side of caution perhaps. Samuel shrugs. "I was probably 12 or 13 when I knew for sure. But, both are parents are witches. There wasn't really a question of who would or wouldn't be, it was more a matter of time to discern when we would show ability and then how much potential we might have. So, in a way, we were around it more in our family I think … did your parents talk to you about this stuff?" Curious now himself, instead of presuming anymore, safer to ask probably.

"I was about nine, almost ten," Claudia replies. Given the difference in age between them, about the same time. "I can't say I understood it right away, but.." she shrugs leaving him to infer what he will. "And no," she answers his question with a shake of her head. "My dad doesn't know, and my mom doesn't talk about it."

His eyes search hers, not a quick bouncing back and forth, a slow move one to the other, subtle shifts, taking her words as given, digesting them in his mind. Not so much a nod, but understanding as his features soften. "Than, my apologies again, for being ignorant and assuming Claudia. If you are comfortable with what you know … than I'm sorry for thinking you might want to know more. And sorry for the false chivalry, I didn't mean to make it sound like I should speak up for you, or defend anything. Just that you deserved to know, not to demand you must."

"Just because I don't tell the world what I know doesn't mean I don't know it," Claudia replies, not accusatory by any means just stating the fact. "Not blaming you for trying to explain either, but honestly, sometimes I'd rather not know."

That look to her eyes, gauging a read, getting all he can, Samuel finds more confidence and focuses a direct look, less questioning. "I can respect that, Claudia, I won't try to push either way. Its your choice, its all your choice. Sometimes I imagine what it could be like without all this, but its ingrained in our family. I can sort of imagine, but then its me, part of me." A warm smile then, "Thanks, thanks for being honest with me."

Claudia offers a slight smile in return. "Thank you," she replies sincerity in those few words. "For understanding I mean," she clarifies even though its likely not needed. "Its just…" she starts, trying to find the right word as she glances towards the ceiling for a moment and then back to the boy with a blink and a slight shake of her head. "It can be overwhelming sometimes."

Smile lingers at the corner of his mouth, a little hint in the scrunch at his eyes, tailing of crow's feet perhaps, later in Samuel's life, too much smiling. A shake, accepting thanks, but suggesting she doesn't have to be thankful, the understanding appreciated all the same. "Yeah, it can be, maybe our family is different that way, we've always been there for each other. I have my sisters when it feels overwhelming, especially during uncertainty. I think you're brother wants that, just to confide maybe."

"Probably," Claudia agrees with a bit of a sigh as she lets out a breath, dropping to sit on one of the nearby boxes. "But it doesn't always have to be me. Does it?" More a point to be made than a real question. "Hopefully this whole party, meeting, intervention thing," she talks with her hands, waving one as she searches for the word, "Whatever you want to call it, hopefully it helps."

Not sitting with her, but he'll stand more comfortably, leaning into a shelf or box stack if there is one close at hand. He shakes his head, about her rhetoric, and her next statement, it draws a nod from him, agreeing with that. "Hopefully yes, honestly, just a mix between party and opening up to him so he does feel like he could come to us, or understand what he think he needs to understand." Then a shrug, "It'll be more than you know, slumber party talking about this stuff. Good friends, good times. Knock out talking to him, but drinks, food." And not kool-aid and soda drinks, small town friends drinking up at a cabin drinks. "You can come up later, enjoy friends and some music if you like?"

Claudia shrugs, he has a point but that doesn't mean she has to agree aloud. "Somehow I feel like it might be better if I just let you guys do your thing. That and I don't know how I feel about heading out there that late."

There is a nod from Samuel actually, not about letting them do their thing while she doesn't go, about the lake. "I'll agree there, some of the stuff at that lake … I don't know. Swimming isn't my thing, but even if it where, I'd not set foot in the lake itself. A cabin, yes, Reecer Creek, but that lack, gives me the creeps."

Claudia shakes her head, not quite rolling her eyes at the boy. "Its a lake.." but at least she didn't laugh at him for it. After a couple seconds pause she goes on to add, "But yeah, it can be a little creepy sometimes," she agrees moving back to her feet. "Just watch out for the stairs."

Not rolling her eyes, not laughing is good. Others have the creek, or the thing in the woods, or ghosts and weirdness close to town, Sam's is that lake. Childhood stories that some of their age peers think of as boogy man stories, he might be less likely to put off himself, his personal creepy, that lake. "Why's that, the fifth one is a doozy?" He's not a jokster, doesn't try to be funny much at all, but Samuel does know old Daffy Duck/Looney Tunes. Just, he's not saying its a doozy as he hits the fifth step and somehow ends up in a lake under the stairs or something. "Come by the Firehouse, I owe you for taking the time to talk with me."

Claudia does laugh at him this time. "What?" as in what is he talking about. "No," she replies with a shake of her head. "But I'll stop over sometime." Its not like she doesn't end up there once a week or so anyway. "Catch you later."

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