Reminisce Forward

Brewfest, a good day for it, nice early fall weather. Not to cold for jackets, not to hot. Not to hot might be condusive to some drinkers drinking of course. Samuel is one of them, not excessive, but he has a sample in his hand. Though he's needing a break, just a quiet moment to enjoy a beer. He parts with some friends his age from the campus, a few he's probably known since high school even. He's not getting loud or rowdy, hopefully off the radar of the local law enforcement trying to keep order, or deciding who to follow when they walk away from teh festivities. Wearing a grey faded shirt, with red sleeves down to the middle of his forearm and faded blue jeans, he gets away from the stall area too, probably closer to the perimiter, to find something to lean on and just enjoy his drink for the moment. No glaze to eyes, it might be his first or second only, and seems he's good nursing at it, while watching others get tanked. More amused to watch than join in, in that regard.

Ashton is out, as are most of Haven Point's law enforcement officers, but she isn't on duty as much as she is wandering aimlessly and talking to people. Just in case there is trouble, however she's got her badge with her. So far things are relatively peaceful but it is early still. As she walks around a stall she comes face to face with the still mainly, capable to walk in a straight line, Samuel. "Now are you old enough to be drinking that, Sammy?" she asks her question in a joking tone.

Tall, slender and with hair that never seems to be one color for too long (blonde, brunette, redhead, she has tried them all), she is an interesting-looking woman with an unusual collection of features. Blue eyes seem too big for her face at times, the hue shifting with her mood - they can be bright and friendly one moment and dark and hard the next. Her nose is somewhat square at the tip and the mouth that sits beneath it is wide and full.

There is a sense of chaos about her, whether it is her hair that has been mussed because her fingers have run through it too many times or the careless way in which she dresses or the way she seems to need to be in perpetual motion. If she is standing or sitting she is rarely still, a foot will be tapping a finger will be drumming.

"My days of trips to the lake have ended, I may come out into the light." Teasing, though sure, he's been out with friends to lake/cabins for underage drinking, most the town probably has. If not just at each other's houses, he participted. Samuel grins though, "What, are you saying I still look to young?" Rhetoric, his smile is still there, hitting the edges of his lips at least. "Keeping the order, or getting time off to be festive today?"

Ashton chuckles and reaches up to tuck hair behind her ear. "You always look like a baby face, Sammy." Her head turns and she looks around then returns her gaze to him and answers his question, "A bit of both. Detectives don't really bust people for walking around like drunk dumbasses but if trouble kicks off I'm useful." How useful is debatable as when she lowers her arm her unzipped jacket falls open to reveal her slightly rounded abdomen. "So how are you anyway?"

Lowering brows as if grumpy, the smile doesn't help, and that they don't lower all that far to be lowered doesn't either. "Hey now," returns Sam, "Maybe I'm comfortable with my baby face." Listening, there is a grin about drunk dumbasses, part of the enjoyment of just watching the festivities and drinking more socially then to get loopy himself. Eyes falling, he didn't know or notice, not that they've really talked much, in years at best. Bringing his eyes up, but no mistaken he was looking there, he nods, "Doing good lately. A couple more years of college and I can join the work force like you. Can't wait for it to be done." Not that he has big plans, "Maybe going up to the lake in a couple days for a getaway with some friends." Nearly a staycation, local as it is. "How about you, getting used to being back, or missing New York?" He thinks it was NYU she went to, telling that he knows or listened enough when others may have mentioned it, then again, small enough town, could just get around.

Her eyes widen a little, a tell tale sign of her recalling something. "The lake? Man, that place would narc on us all if it could talk." Ashton laughs a bit and toys with the zipper on her coat with her bare-fingered left hand. "You got your nose broke up at the lake didn't you?" She leaves talk of the Big Apple aside for now, much more interested in reminiscing with Samuel.

A sight draw to the toying of the zipper, but he doesn't stray there, keeping focus to her eyes as much as he can. A chuckle from him and a nod, the hand holding his solo cup lifts to scratch his nose with a thumb. "Let's hope it never does," the lake, talking, "Yeah, you remember that? Joe thought I was after his girl, I said he was stupid if he thought that." He recalls some of her friends from closer to that time though, "You weren't up there at that party where you?"

"Ah, no," says Ashton slowly before she makes a face. "I decided it was much better to go joy riding in Mark Whittington's dad's tractor." Her dark red head shakes, "Why was that a good idea? Joy riding in a tractor? He couldn't get the thing to go any faster than forty. His dad was pretty pissed off. We had to spend three weeks cleaning out their attic as punishment." Her gaze narrows as she tries to remember something but can't. "Who was the girl? Was it Dippy Danae?"

Chuckling at Mark's tractor joy ride, Samuel shakes his head a little, "I think back then, anything involving Mark was likely to end up with his dad pissed off. Not sure if that was his dad being pissy, or Mark trying to get a rise." Or just be a little rebel, he looks more over her, that seemed more her thing, not sure if she was looking to cause trouble, or just finding it then. "At least you pitched in," with helping clean, after the trouble. Grinning more at the name, "Yeah, that's the one, Danae. Honestly, no interest then or now in the girl. I think Joe's still after her, even though she married out of town, he drives over at least one a week. Says they still text or something. He was more pissed cause coach suspended him a few games, caught him drinking beer on the field one night, I said he was stupid for drinking there, too. Just boiled at the lake is all."

"It took me years to get why boys liked her. She always had about as much common sense as a two-by-four," says Ashton. She raises a hand and waves to a passerby who calls out her name. "I bet the curtains are still twitching over me being back. I feel like the prodigal daughter or something - probably more 'or something' since I was a big pain in the butt before I ran off to the big city." She shifts her weight a little, adjusting her stance. "You never thought about leaving? About breaking out of the Bates mould?"

"No twitchy curtains here, good to see you back and looking good," or better than before she left, at least from Samuel's perspective. "People are gonna talk." As for the big pain in the butt part, they can talk all the like, he's not participating. Lifting the cup for a swallow, keeping the flow there, slow as it is. "I have no clue where I'd even go. Depends I guess, if Tre Bates," the triplets, "Graduate and things are good at the Firehouse, if I leave, maybe just to see someplace else … but no, I'm comfortable here." Comfortable is good for him, he looks around to see where his friends are, one getting a lean to his walk it seems. A shake of his head, he looks back to Ashton, "Was New York all you needed, in leaving, is this … back here sticking, or just getting your feet after graduating?"

Ashton's gaze follows his and she smirks a little, seeing the college students. "No, this is me home for good. It was all a bit too much. Too crazy. To tense. I needed to get perspective and learn how to breathe again." Her head shakes faintly and she looks down at the top of her shoe as she scuffs at the ground. "I don't know how Jude did it, how he stayed. He's a lot stronger than I am." Ashton looks back up at Samuel again. "I'm back out at the farm. Cleaning up the house. Planning for the future. You know, the world is a nice place to see but staying too long can be bad for your health. There is support here. Grounding. Safety. Security." Well, safety in so far as you don't end up like one of those unsolved animalistic mauling victims.

Samuel was happy for the conversation, undertones, and less 'under' tones, catch at him as she talks, he finds himself looking more her way when she glances down to her ground scuffing shoe. A slight shake of his head when she looks back at him, Jude is strong in his ways, he doesn't think her less so though. "Yeah, we do have that here." All things considered, including mauling victims of late. "Glad you found yourself again and returned." Certainly not thinking when things did get crazy, or dark even, that was all her, more her reaction to the world around her, or hoping from his perspective only. "Sorry, if it felt like none of us where there before, or didn't understand." Which is true, none of them could understand, not truly, and by 'us' he's probably meaning himself. "But, well … here now. Part of that support if you like. I'm not forgetting who stuck around when I sprained my ankle back in 6th grade." Or 6th grade for him at least, most the others thought they were in trouble, one probably really went for help.

"I don't think I would have accepted people being there for me, not really. It was something I had to work through." Ashton gives him a little smile as thanks regardless. "It is good to be back. Good to see you again. You look good, Sam. All recovered from the sprained ankle. I really was afraid you'd say yes when I offered to give you a piggy back ride home." Ashton chuckles.

The slow nod of his head gives acceptance to her words, something to work through for herself. Samuel isn't pressing the topic, doesn't want to dig more of it up, as things simply seem in a good place for now. A little laugh catches him too, and he nods, "You get points for bravery on that one, always will." And look, she has a badge now even. "If I catch up with my friends, you might have opportunity to offer again," no, he's not going to catch up any time soon. "Just you and Jude staying out with your grandparents?" Assuming grandparents still there, and his eyes do look down, as if curious more on what he noticed earlier, but less direction approach maybe.

Ashton grins and looks towards his friends again, briefly, before shaking her head, "Nope, just me and Jude. Our grandparents never liked it at the farm. Plus they needed to stay in town because of their business. Once Jude was old enough to take over he did. They're happy I'm back. Worried though. Asking a lot of pushy questions like old people do." She rolls her eyes and jokes, "As if pregnant, unmarried locals didn't return home to Haven Point every day."

Catching the point in there about pushy questions, Samuel is, while under the influence slightly, measuring his thoughts to not go with a pushy question now. Not a grandparent, he's not going to ask for details or about the future, and his curiousity seems pinpointed after her eye roll. A chuckle from him at that, followed by another nursing sip of that beer he has. "True, plenty to go around, besides, they already know enough about the local ones, don't need to get pushy with them." And that drama is probably still unfolding, and as all parties are local, it is drama. "Jude isn't one to ask," understatement, "But if you two need anything, don't hesitate to ask you know?" Even for a hand in doing something manual labor like, though his time is limited with his parents place of business and all the work he does there, he could try.

"That's sweet, thanks, Sam." Ashton nods towards his friends, "I can walk back with you if you want?" She slips her hands into her pockets, "How is the family business? I went by the other day but I was on duty and couldn't stay."

Kicking off, or moving at least to walk back, he nods, "Company appreciated." Samuel thinks to finish his beer, and find a receptacle on the way back then. Half the remaining amount taken then. "We're going good. Steady, that time of the year it really picks up, all the college kids back in town." Kids, though he is there age, its just seems the way to refer to the non-resident students. "Mean's more late nights, especially with a big paper due before fall break for me. If none of my sisters stick around, I'll stick to working with our folks. Come buy if I'm there, I'll hook you up with a meal or something, welcome back gift."

She follows along, walking with him. "Thanks, I remember the food there being really good. Like when you had your…was it your tenth birthday party there? And you had that crazy cake.." Her body half-turned, Ashton is able to look at Samuel as they walk together and carry on the conversation better. "So what did you decide to major in?"

Receptacle found, he finishes the remaining bit of drink, deposits the plastic cup. "Yeah, that was my 10th," returns Samuel with a warm grin to the memory, "My mom made it mostly, but asked (owner of Sugar Jones Bakery) for advice that one." Hand free, his thumbs both find a front pocket, the walk not so fast or hurried to catch up with any friends. Some scuffing of the ground perhaps with his feet, lacksidasical. "Business, they offer a concetration in finance, so a few extra classes tacked on, but should be helpful at least." With staying at the Firehouse at least. "I thought about a minor, but just don't have the time for it."

Ashton is in no hurry either. She's enjoying the temperate day and the company of an old friend. "Pretzel?" She gestures to the stall selling softy, doughy pretzels and dipping sauces even as she detours towards it. "So're thinking you might take over the grill? What about the rest of the Bates'? A triumvirate of management?"

"What, I can't say no," to pretzels, and he veers the course along with her. His wallet coming up quickly to pay for any pretzels gotten of course. His choice of dipping sauce would be that 'cheese' one. "Only if they don't want to. If they want to take over, I'll be around to help. Who knows, maybe I can save another business or something." Another local favorite from closing if it comes to that, get his own place he means. "I think everyone's resting on college to see how that goes." Then pretzel smells upon him, his face grinning more, hungrier than he realized. "You planning on staying out at the farm, or getting a place in town?" Eyes do go do, meaning after child arrives at least, not to think about moving now, if moving at all of course.

"I was gonna pay, but thanks." Ashton also goes for the cheese sauce, sure it slithers out of a can all nasty but it tastes soooo good. She tears a bite off her pretzel so she has an edge that can dip. "Mmmm," she swallows and then says, "I plan on staying out there. It's a good home, well I mean sure bad stuff happened but not because it is a bad place. It just needs a bit of extra special cleaning. I've done some, but more is needed. And once it's done then it will be good. I feel odd rattling around inside it, but it's home. And private."

"No worries," about paying for it, sure she would have, just doing for gentleman, no presumptions. Not digging in first, Samuel waits until the feast has begun, then rips off his own for dipping goodness. A plop in the middle, making a little dollop as it strings off his end, and he lifts it to his mouth. "A few changes, making it more you," or up to date, last evoking of the past, and he says it rhetorically, she die say she say extra special cleaning. "I can't imagine how quiet it is. When you and Jude settle down for the night. Even here, its quiet sometimes, but always some nose around I think. Or maybe you just get different noises out there."

"I've spent the last five years pretty much living in Brooklyn. I am happy to have quiet," says Ashton before she dips her pretzel and takes a bite. "God this is good. There are somethings which you just miss. These pretzels are the best I've ever eaten. Always were." She licks her lips and looks at Sam, grinning, "You aren't afraid of the boonies are you, Sam?"

"See, the pretzels, why you needed to come back," grins Sam, a tickle of a chuckle to his voice, taking a larger portion himself. The smile not fading, but turning back to look at her with the question, "What, no, not like some in town. A few people thought I was weird for wanting to walk out to fish Reecer Creek last week." Then a pause, and a nod, "But yeah, no way I'm going swimming up at the lake. A cabin, a fire, all good, but I'm not going in that."

Her eyebrows lift in amusement and surprise, "Oh no, not Reecer Creek." Ashton grew up riding the family's horses around, to her travel isn't that alien of a concept, even local travel. "Yeah, it's a bit late in the year for a swim. A nice log fire and getting cosy on a couch I could do, but not swimming." She eats another bite of her pretzel. "So do you still live at home or did you go for more independence?"

Another bit and a nod, Samuel agrees with her amused surprise, he's comfortable out of town unlike some others who are starting to get creeped out a little. But he probably won't swim in the lake in the middle of summer even, not that he's much of a swimmer to begin with. Wading at best normally. "Exactly a nice fire, and cozy. Though if some of us go up to a cabin, less cozy inside, probably a few benches around a fire, still cozy. Yeah, I still live at home. I try to close most nights at the Firehouse, make sure everyone gets out on time, you know. Easier to stay there while in school. I've thought about it, but I wouldn't feel good just getting out for myself, especially since I'd want to find a place close to rent."

Ashton is quiet as she eats for a few more moments, chewing the doughy, cheese-dipped pretzel. A bit of cheese drips onto her chin and she licks it off, unfortunately she doesn't see the second drip which landed on her jacket. "If you have somewhere to live for free, why pay rent? It'd be crazy." She reaches over to grab a napkin from the dispenser near the pretzel stand and wipes her chin with it and her mouth. "It could get crowded if all of you decide to stay home, marry and have kids all in the same house."

"Exactly, its free and tolerable," grins Samuel, who then lifts a finger, "Missed a dab." About to grab his own napkin just to help with it, but not wanting to offend either, instead he points for the moment, hopefully enough to indicate its on the jacket. But he nods, grinning more, "Yeah, I imagine it'll be better for one of us to decide to take over before it gets crowded. Hopefully marriage isn't too soon for anyone." Thinking of that topic and crowded, he becomes curious himself, "When you have yours, is Jude good for the new activity in the home?" Having a baby around, of course he go with 'are you keeping they baby' as that just seems like the way to go to him.

Ashton looks down and sees the cheese sauce on her jacket. "Thanks." Juggling the stuff in her hands she manages to wipe her jacket clean even as she nods, "Jude is okay with it. Wierded out, but okay. I mean, he liked to pretend I didn't have a boy howdy, let alone use it. Now that there is proof of it he's a bit grossed out. But he's…he's always been different with family. I kinda wonder sometimes if the baby will end up like me or like him." Which is about as close as she would feel comfortable to say in public like this and can be interpreted in several ways.

If another hand is needed, its there, but Samuel doesn't start grabbing and assuming she wants his hands all up in her business, even over cheese sauce. Grinning though at the return about Jude, he chuckles a little, at Jude's pretending, or her summation of her brother's wishes at least. "Yeah, no going back now. He'll be good to have around." Jude and the child, the way he imagines the quiet boy (man) to be from what he's heard from others at least. "That's a curious question, do you want the baby to end up like you?" Samuel doesn't know much about Jude at all, or how different his differences even are.

She tosses the napkin into the trash and shrugs, "I don't know. Part of me says yes because it is tradition and yet another part of me thinks life would be easier the other way." Ashton looks up at him, "Thanks, by the way, for not asking about the father. I had a lot of passive aggressive comments from my grandparents the other day, I figured I had my fill."

"That leaves two parts to be hopefuly for a few years," or longer if the child doesn't express for a long time either. "And for you to be prepared either way too." Then a shake of his head. "Nah, not my business; its yours to share, not mine to ask. Besides, you're here, you seem happy. Those details don't matter. That breath of fresh air you found in New York, feels like you brought it with you, a good calm, better or worse, but a calm there."

Ashton chuckles a little, "The air in New York is really not clean, but it's sweet of you to say all that." She dips the last bit of her pretzel then pops it into her mouth as she chews she looks over at his friends again. "Does the blonde have a claim on you because she is glaring at me like crazy," teases Ashton. "You might want to go catch up with them to make her happy."

Grinning at the air in New York, Samual nods, about as much as he would assume for a large city. Turning to look and shaking his head, "Her … no, actually she might be interested, but she was dating a friend up until recently." Not sure if that's too soon to even think about that, but he wouldn't. Though guessing from the way he says, even if not the friend, he might not be after her so much either. A chuckle from him and a nod, "Yeah, I should get back, they probably have another cup waiting for me."

From inside her jacket she takes out a small leather wallet for holding business cards and taking one out of that hands the card to Samuel. "My cell is on there. Call me sometime. It was good seeing you again." She puts the card holder away and glances at her watch before smiling at him. "Look after yourself, Sam I am. If you get stuck and need a designated driver just remember you live within walking distance," jokes Ashton.

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