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Elliot is in the food court, sticking with just a cup of coffee today. His backpack is over his shoulder as he grabs his wallet, paying for the cup at the register.

Another in the food court today is Samuel, usually he'll take something in from one of the places in town, but running late left little choice. Then, of course, he got to campus fast enough with some time to spare before classes, so a drink at the court, coffee as well. Thus, moving up to get his own, it happens Elliot is right there, just the man he needed to see. Waiting for the other to pay, he'll call over, "Hey, Elliot, you have a few minutes before class?" To talk implied, he nods to the next barista, student worker, helper, requesting a plain, large cup of coffee for himself.

Elliot nods as Sam walks up, a brow is raised. "Yeah, Dude. What's up?" He's wondering if this is when Sam warns him off of Meadow, even though there's nothing going on, despite the recent rash of rumors. "Everything alright?" He asks, as he moves from the counter and heading to a nearby table. The rest of the court is fairly empty, random early students making their way in but nothing close to a crowd.

Paying for his own coffee, Samuel has both wallet and coffee in hands as he moves to join Elliot. Coffee going down to the table. "Yeah, everything's good," nothing about sister it would seem, he takes a chair at the table, if there's not back, he swings his leg over it to sit down. "The other day, you sort of joked about being honest and all," which was probably more about the secretive Jude stuff and texts, Samuel didn't get in with that either, "So, a group of us, we'd like to take you out to the lake, get a cabin. Tell you what all we know." Assuming someone else didn't ask him already, but he's going with Elliot being asked of yet.

Elliot blinks, looking around. "You mean… about…?" He holds up his hand. "You all knew already? I thought we were all fumbling around together?" He says, rather disappointed at being the only clueless one around. "Why… are you doing this?" he asks, suspicious.

A slow nod from Samuel, giving a look around the court though it is more barren than not, granted. "Most of us here, yes, we've known. Its … well its our families." A curious look at Elliot, "It sounds more like you're just coming into this and, well, we get your sister is different than you. We might know why, or be able to help figure it out, maybe." He leans in, both elbows to table, pulls off the plastic lid to blow at the rising steam. "Aside from maybe saying something to a wrong person, and we don't want you in the dark about it. We really don't want you feeling like we're keeping something from you."

Elliot sighs and nods. "I know it's our families. I know Meadow…" he stops, shaking his head. "We can talk about that later. Claud's not like me… Not like us. I don't need to know why and I'm sure she doesn't either. Hell, she doesn't even like talking about this with me. I don't know how I'n gonna keep her safe." He looks. "Did you discuss this with her?"

A nod about his sister, assuming Elliot figured that one out too. "Its my whole family," he offers, just so no speculation about the other members of Tre Bates. "Yeah, she sort of mentioned that," Samuel intones dryly, about Claudia not wanting to know, the stuff she doesn't want to share with her brother. "I went to the Black Ship, your sister was talking with Amelia, Belle and Evie. They were already planning someting, it grew to a party at the lake." By party, he means small gathering, not wild or crazy. "She doesn't want to come with us, but … well, we can talk about keeping her safe." Relatively safe, guilt by association, or proximity in this cae.

Elliot nods. "Alright.. Well, I appreciate it. Is there anything that I should bring, besides myself?" He sighs, not entirely thrilled with it. "At least we'll all be out in the open, and we can talk about.." he shrugs. Not being able to talk openly frustrates him. "But I'll be there."

"Anything you specifically want to eat or drink," returns Samuel, considering that even as he replies, "I'll bring some stuff up, but no guarantee if you have preferences." Like diet soda versus regular, or BYOB preferences, if one is inclined to drink a little. "Open between us at least, definitely, we can help as much as we can, answer questions you have. Also, then, if you want to … try things, practice, you'll know who to talk to as well." He finally takes a drink of his hot coffed, its hot, his jaw clenches slightly, but small city fellow, he downs it anyways. "Sounds good, I'll let you know when I get the cabin reserved. Just … no swimming in that lake up there." A dry tease about Reecer Creek, but dry enough he is really advising not to swim in that lake.

Elliot nods. "Alright. I'll be there. I'll grab some stuff. Perhaps we can grill up some food and call it an end of summer party." He grins, then chuckles about the lake. "And here I thought you wanted to see me in my underwear again." He winks.

Samuelodding along, a grin coming, Samuel returns, "Exactly, get a nice fire going, enjoy the weather before snow." Though, he wouldn't mind some snow, ask Claudia. The lake joke catches him at the wink. Sammie doubles a moment, grin fading, "Ugh, I'm good with the once. I'll take the company, we can keep our britches on." He moves to stand, to not miss that class. "I better get going, got a big test this week."

Elliot nods and stands. "Yeah. Same here. Sounds good. Let me know the when and I'll be there. Thanks." He says, as he grabs his bag and heads on his way as well.

OOC Date: 2014.05.18
IC Date: 2014.09.25
Samuel & Elliot


Student Union: Food Court
The smell of grilled and fried food is apparent upon entry to this part of the building which houses an extensive food court. The main entrance to the food court is marked by very high ceilings, vibrantly painted walls, and bright fluorescent lights. Tables and chairs are tastefully scattered throughout the room while booths border the outside of the room which looks out over the courtyard through wide, floor-to-ceiling windows.

The food court consists of a wide variety of stands from McDonalds to a vegan stand, to pizza and Chinese food.

Outside, a chilly wind blows from the west, driving dark clouds before it and blotting out the stars in patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere they glitter brightly in the dark sapphire sky. Leaves on the ground rustle, unseen, stirred by the winds. Falling leaves blow past you, whirled around by the wind in the dark.

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