Window Shopping

Asthton is standing near the grill, looking like she is contemplating food despite the fact that it is too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. Her hands are on her hips and her vibrant red hair is down and free today, fluttering in the breezy, the fiery hue similar to the leaves being blown about.
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Evie has just stepped onto Main street, the boots on her feet make a slight scuffing sound as she drags the heels slightly, if somewhat deliberately. Window shopping, she seems to be doing, and some of the brighter colors even capture her attention. There's a tiny little boutique that caters to children six and under with the cutest little clothing on display featuring a ladybug motif in an array of colors befitting both genders. Hesitating by the glass, she looks inside at the varied sizes. Her attention is caught by a reflection in the window, a red haired lady, and she turns to look, running her fingers through her own fine white blonde locks.

One of those hands leaves Ashton's hips and rubs against the small rounded mound that is her abdomen as she turns away from the grill and looks around behind her. The small woman with the corset gets a somewhat wistful look from Ashton, gone are her days of having a more shapely waist.

Dark eyes fall to the little mound at her abdomen and a smile flickers over her lips and Evie looks more friendly and approachable than she had since her arrival. "You're pregnant." Sleuth, isn't she? "That's great, do you know what you're having yet?" It's one of the two most obvious questions a pregnant woman always gets asked.

"I thought I'd just swallowed a watermelon seed." Ashton looks down at her stomach. "Dang it. I was really looking forward to some watermelon too." As she raises her head again her smirk shifts into a smile and she shakes her head, "No, I don't know what it is yet. I figure I'll know when I am meant to know."

The joke isn't one she'd heard but it was cute and Evie laughs. "Maybe try the Grill behind you then, but it may be seasonal." Drawing her gaze from the swollen abdomen to the woman's face, she nods somewhat solemnly and despite her intention not to, the next question pops out. "When are you due?"

As Ashton reaches up to push her unruly, windblown hair off her face the front of her leather jacket parts and reveals the badge attached to her belt. It clearly identifies her as some kind of cop or other. "Five months. You like kids?" She nods towards the children's clothing store near where Evie is standing.

Just in time, Evie catches sight of the badge and it takes her a little aback. Things add up and she looks from it to the features of the woman, trying to see any similarities. Instead of answering about kids, she tries to sidestep the question so she's not lying to an officer of the law. "You know Jude?" Pregnant, officer, the puzzle pieces fit.

Immediately Ashton's features become more guarded. It is a small town, sure, and she's a native but she doesn't recognize Evie. "Yeah," she says slowly. "I know a Jude." It's there, the slight suspicion. Perhaps given her brother's status as the local jerk-face it isn't surprising.

Her own expression becomes slightly more guarded but Evie tries not to show any obvious signs of discomfort. Hands remain at her side and she tries to read the other woman. "I do too. He's a good guy. Probably the first person I met when I arrived here." Her accent may hold that New York thing, but she tries modulating it most of the time. "You must be his pregnant sister he mentioned?"

The New York thing is easy to hear when you've spent the last five years there. "Yeah, that's me. I've been away for a while, just moved back. Name's Ashton." When it becomes clear Evie isn't about to launch into some story about how Jude done her wrong the tension leaves Ashton's body. "He is a good guy, not everybody can see that though. What's your name?"

"He mentioned you had come home, I saw the truck with the boxes. If you need any help lifting or.. anything." Evie shrugs, not defining anything there, "I can offer. Sort of in between jobs and looking for something at the moment." Taking a few steps closer, she offers her hand, "Evie. It's good to meet you and put a face and name to you." Lips quirk in a wry twist. "Yeah, he's really guarded, but I guess that goes around a lot around here."

She reaches out and shakes Evie's offered hand. "Thanks. It's all done now, but thanks just the same." Ashton grins a little, "Small towns are funny places. You've gotta live here for twenty years before you're not considered an outsider. People like Jude and I come from stock that's been around for several generations." From inside her jacket pocket comes Bob Marley and the Whalers remunerating over having shot the sheriff. Ashton takes her phone out, giving Evie an apologetic nod even as she answers it, "Detective Brooks," she says into the smartphone. Her gaze shifts towards the street and in the distance sirens can be heard. "I'll be right there." She ends the call and tells the blonde, "I'm sorry, I have to go. It was nice meeting you."

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Main Street

This street is no less lovely than the others. A mixture of the quaint charm of the old world intermixing with the lure of a newer, more modern appeal. The street is dotted and lined in small little shops, all affixed with brightly colored awnings to shield the doorsteps and display windows from the glare of the sun. Streets underfoot are, like many of the other streets, clean and well cared for.

The sky is brilliant blue and cloudless, the sunlight is bright, and a brisk wind blows from the northwest. Fiery red, gold, and orange leaves rustle and blow past you, swirling in the wind.

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