The pool hall is always busy, tonight however it is just a little less so. A few people crowd a table in the far corner while a small group has pulled two tables together and are chatting and laughing. On the opposing side of the room, Amelia can be found at a small tables, a book open in front of her.

Tapping the pen in her hand slowly, she follows the beat of the song playing faintly over the speakers.

It's something to do. Evie is at the pool hall, searching through the cue sticks, looking for one that's about the right weight for her, but her heart isn't in it. Not really. Selecting about the third one she looks at, she chalks the end, looking over the patrons for at least a familiar face in the bunch. It may be small town but it was a college town and there were so many names and even more faces. Dressed halfway normal, she's in jeans and an Affliction t-shirt and boots, but her cap is on and it's backwards as usual.

Claudia hasn't been at the hall long. Long enough to spot her friend though, so that's where she's headed, sending a wave towards Evie as she spots the girl. Inviting herself to join Amelia, the brunette drops into the seat across the table from the blonde. "So now you get back in town and you don't call me?" she chides in that friendly, teasing way.

Elliot pokes his head in and takes a look before coming in. He sees Amelia, and his sister seated across from her. He gives them bonding time to get reacquainted. He sees Evie and smiles as he makes his way up to her. "I hope you're not gonna toss that one, too. That could end up being fatal." He grins. "Hey there."

The look that Amelia gives Claudia could very well be described as owl like. "Oh Mylanta! I didn't call!" Snatching her phone from the table next to her she even checks before sighing. "I'm so sorry. Todays been strange. I think I have the worst type of jetlag. Except can you have cruise lag? Is that a thing?" She looks slightly distressed until Elliot catches her attention. And Evie seems to have caught his. This gets a brow raise, but she doesn't intrude. "Does your brother suddenly have a girlfriend?" That's news.

Spotting Claudia, Evie offers a wave in return, "Hey Bookie." It's how she remembers people! Assigning them nicknames. The girl at Claudia's table gets a nod. Then Elliot is approaching too and at the mention of the pole, she looks at the cue and smirks. "I wonder if I could tie a string to the end and use this.." Giving her head a shake, she offers him the cue. "Play ya in a game?"

Claudia shakes her head. "Elliot told me you were back though." Speak of the devil. She laughs, turning a glanced towards her brother. "No, he's still crushing on you and he's too much of a chicken to ask anyone out. That," she continues, nodding towards said girl, "is Evie. She's from New York." The girl takes a second to consider the first question a bit further before nodding, "And I think you can. But welcome back and hope it was amazing looking forward to hearing all about."

Elliot smiles. "Well, the simplest rods were like that. Just a bobber, a weight, and a hook and you can fish with a simple line. It's not like you're going deep-sea fishing or anything." he shrugs, encouraging her. "Sure." He grins, to her offer of a game of pool. "Where you alright the other day? I would've offered you a ride, but I got the idea that you wanted some time to yourself, and away from Sam." he grins, grabbing a cue and chalking up the tip. "I'll rack if you want first shot."

A pale brow arches at Claudia, but Amelia ignores the poor comment about Elliot, mostly. "He is not a chicken." She tisks gently at her friend before looking back to the two. "Oh so that is Evie." This is spoken in a small hum as she tilts a grin back at Claudia. "She's been spending time with Judie-Poo." I heard that he's even nice to her." Nice-Jude is said to be a mere myth, but Lia is a believer! Back to Claudia she sighs. "Oh it was dreadful I hate the water so much. I spent half the trip fending off fat bald business men too. Perverts." As she moves, those horrible pants of hers squeak as they stick to the chair under her. "WHY did I believe the girl at the shop. Leather pants are evil. I've been sticking to things all day!"

Joining the fray, Samuel is one of those showing up at Rosalindas. A tan jacket, blue faded T, jeans, he's entering and looking around for friendly faces. Local as he is, not hard to find. Seeing some facts gathered around Amelia and Claudia, he somehow decides that direction is good. Waving at some old high school friends on the way, he nears the group, similar wave, to those at the table and those getting ready to play pool. "Hey, room for another?" At the table, not to interrupt pool. He looks around, pool players first, ending nearest Lia.

"Maybe I should just get one of those cane pole things I saw on YouTube." Evie just shakes her head at her own idiocy in tossing the pole in the water before. "I just don't want to look stupid to Brie when I take her fishing. Big sisters are supposed to know everything and I don't want to let her down." Offering him the triangle, she motions towards the balls since she'd just put the money in and they'd dropped. "Go for it, I'll break." There's another shrug. "I ended up getting a ride home anyway, Slick happened my way and brought me back." Realizing he may not know who that is she smirks. "Jude."

"He's my brother, I'm allowed to call him a chicken," Claudia's argument comes with a smile. "Really?" the question follows Amelia's remark about Jude. "I mean I heard they were hanging out but actually nice not just Jude-nice?" That is a surprise. "Anyway I'm sorry your vacation wasn't that great? And you should know better. Leather pants? Really Lia?" She lifts her gaze from the girl to Samuel. "We might be able to make room…" a glance going to her friend for confirmation.

Elliot takes the triangle and sets the balls in, not using any particular order. He's not one of those perfectionist types. "Possibly. I'm not big on the fishing thing. I'd much rather have my hands in the earth, digging and such. I've got a fairly good green thumb." He shrugs, stepping back, and letting Evie take the first shot. He kinda backs away, looking for a safe spot, in case her pool skills are on par with her fishing skills. "Oh, that's cool. Glad you got a ride back. Do you go out to the Creek often?" he tries to make conversation, not running a pick-up line on her. He looks over as Samuel walks in and heads straight for Amelia and his sister. He chuckles a bit, at something the other day.

Amelia shrugs, "He just said he met a girl he liked. And her name was said. You know him, but I heard he was being really nice." She leaves that open to translation, and when Sammie appears she happily allows it to fall to the wayside. "Of course you can sit. How are you?" She tells both Sam and Claudia. "And yes, Dia. I know. But the girl said they looked so good. She didn't tell me I would be a walking human sticker for the whole day. I sat on one of the leather seats at the student union and it was like being duck tapped in place." Her eyes widen, "It was horrible. And the sound they make. Oh my gawd."

Samuel watches from Claudia to Amelia as his fate rests in her hands. A look again towards the pool table, as a moment ago when he asked. Not singling out anyone, one way or the other. "Still doing good, curiously enough," as he moves to a seat. Picking up some if the table conversation, his own eyes widen a little. The things he never knew about leather pants, all at once even. "Glad someone tested this out, guess I won't be picking up a pair."

Leaning over, Evie takes the first shot with a loud cracking sound, putting a little power behind it, and though nothing goes in, the balls scatter pretty good. Straightening, she steps back so that Elliot can take his shot. "I go to the creek as often as I can. I love the water a lot." Now, it's impossible not to hear ones name when spoken and she's caught pretty much most of the conversation about the pants and herself and Jude. Hearing that he said he met a girl he liked, she does a double take, gaze landing smack on Amelia again, "Jude said that?" Suddenly using his name. Samuel gets a wave, but her attention remains on Amelia. "I'm Evie by the way." Her accent is unmistakable New York.

"Point taken," Claudia replies with a slight nod for the note on Jude, turning a smile to Evie as she slides over to make room for Samuel. "Sorry," she apologizes unable to help but laugh at Amelia's expense. "I feel for you, really," but it is funny and they all know Lia would be laughing at her if the situation were reversed. Brows raise at the Sam, skeptical. "Please don't."

Elliot nods. "Ah..I see." He grins, checking the color of the light that's on, but still doesn't say anything. "Everyone seems to gravitate towards something they like." He says, before taking a shot. He sends in one ball, a solid, but then a stripe as well. He sighs. "You've got stripes." he says, as he backs away from the table. He stands by and watches as Amelia holds court, even Evie walking over and talking. he takes the moment to pull out his phone and send out a quick text.

Amelia laughs to Sam and Claudia, though she doesn't comment. Instead her attention shifts toward Evie as she approaches. "Yeah, he did." He allows as she lifts her phone and shuffles through her texts until finally she smiles and offers it over to the tomboy. "He'll probably track me down and threaten to kill me in my sleep." She smiles despite her words until she leans, "Elliot. You should sit with us."

Catching her looking at the table, and the wave, Samuel returns it. "Stop be the Firehouse, zI'll get you that old pole, a set even for your sister." For Evie that is, as he chuckles and turns towards Claudia, "We're good, no intentions to try." No comment on the topic of Jude and Evie other than listening. He does nod agreement with Amelia, for Elliot to join, even between shots at the pool table.

Dark eyes flicker over the text but Evie doesn't hold on to the phone. "Yeah he'd never say anything like that expecting me to see it." Lifting both hands, she straightens a backwards cap that doesn't need straightened, more for something to do with her hands and to hide the sudden uncertainty creeping into her expression. Without exactly an invitation, she slides up to the table and looks at Elliot with questions. "We can finish in a few?" Begging off the game suddenly. "Come join." She takes a deep breath and looks at Claudia then Samuel, speaking to the latter. "Brie and I went there earlier today, she had fun. We'll stop by again."

"Good," Claudia replies to Samuel. "I don't think they'd look good on you anyway." Leather pants? No thanks. Then to Evie, "Speaking off," the other's little sister that is, "How'd she like the books?" she asks, curious to see how their choices were perceived by the child.

Elliot nods to both Amelia and Evie. "Alright, no rush." Seeing as there wasn't a crowd today, and no one in line for the table, he didn't mind. "Sorry." he says, holding up his phone. "I was sending a text to Meadow." He says, then looks to Samuel. "When you get a chance, could you remind her not to water the Ivy too much? It doesn't need a lot of upkeep, and it's possible to over-water." He grins. "Great room, by the way. I almost want to decorate mine like that." he says, making his way to the table. "So what are we talking about? Besides each other and expecting us not to hear about it?"
Yes. He was in a girl's room. Deal.

The look Elliot gets from Amelia is a strange one. Squinted blue eyes focus on him momentarily before she sighs to herself and rolls her head to the side to watch the others three from her lopsided view. Her arm rests on the table, her hand lifted to prop her up. So much to say. So little desire to sound completely mental. "No, probably not. A lot of guys are like that though. Doesn't mean it's not true." Her free hand lifts the pendent around her neck up, tapping the deep blue stone against her lips. She gives everyone their room to speak, though her attention focuses on each of them, one at a time.

A warm nod to Claudia, glad they wouldn't, even he can't imagine himself out of blue jeans. "Missed you two, had classes today, almost missed on account of a good breakfast today." Sam does look at Amelia on that note. As Elliot joins, he nods,"I'll let her know, about the plant." Not the room, trusting his sister to make her own decisions. Not sure of the text shared, he can't comment inn what guys say and whats true though.

"You were right," Evie gets more animated when she talks about Brie and her books. "She loved the one you suggested, she's now running around repeating as much as she can remember of it." Since she doesn't know Meadow, she doesn't comment one way or the other, but she does flag a passing someone and order a soda of some sort in a can or however they come. "I have to agree with you on that." Evie doesn't exactly know Amelia's name, so she doesn't even attempt a nickname yet to remember her in her own way. "I think it's a big case of no one saying what they mean." For the most part. There's a nod given to Samuel, "I missed one class, mom had something going on and I haven't… I mean she's not found a sitter yet for Brie whole I am in school, so I had to watch her, so we went out for lunch."

Claudia's look to Elliot very nearly mimics Amelia's. Right… She'll have to corner him about that later, just to make sure there's not an interesting story behind it. A smile touches her lips at Evie's reply about the books. "Glad she like'd 'em." As her gaze turns back to Amelia she catches that glimpse of blue and shifts from her chair to her feet. "I was supposed to call Dean, but I'll catch up with you guys later…"

Elliot nods and listens… or tries to. "What are guys not being honest about now?" He asks, kinda lost. He nods to Sam. "She came by the Gate and bought an Ivy plant for her room, since a lot of the vegetation around here will be dying off soon. She wanted something with life in her room. I brought it over and installed a hook in the ceiling that she could hang the… pot….on." He realizes he's rambling, and waves it off. "Never mind. Bottom line is, Sam's sister Meadowlark is into plants, and that's really cool, and that makes her even more awesome." He says, end-of-story. "I made all my classes today." Chiming in on that since no one asked him.

That delicate pale brow remains arched as Elliot adds…..whatever it is he adds. It all seems simply odd to Amelia, and her look says as much. As much and so much more that she looks away from the Hale boy and on toward his departing sister who gets a wave. "Bye Dia. Say hi to him for me. Call you later." As the four of them are left at the table, Amelia tries to stand so she can scoot her chair over and make more room. She tries, but it takes two attempts before the sound of leather peeling from the wooden hair causes her to blush, wide-eyed before scooting the chair over. It's all unnecessarily karmatic. The dead cow she's wearing? It's gotten its revenge in spades today. "I can't speak for everyone but I've been perfectly honest since I got here." Sam and Evie both get looks. "Is someone being dishonest?" As she speaks, she waves Sammie and Evie over to make more, proper room for Elliot.

"We can ask around if You like," asks Samuel to Evie, about sitting, and the locals maybe knowing friends or family that sit during the day this tune if year. A look over to Claudia, "Later, we'll catch up." More about earlier conversations than leather pants, honest. "I'll let her know you think she's awesome, thanks for helping her with the ivy Elliot." He thinks he may want to talk to her more now too. His smile remains the same, enjoying present company. "I'm being honest, if not I'm sure you'd be one of the first to hear." Grin again to Amelia, she knows his sister well enough, hard to hide a lie if he were trying.

"She had a good time with them, we're still reading them through though." Evie watches as Claudia goes, offering her a wave. Elliot's question seemed simple enough for her, because she had the answer. "Oh just…" then she realizes there was more to it and as Amelia offers the question about honesty, she shuts her mouth, lips pressing together firmly and doesn't answer about being honest or dishonest. It's so glaringly obvious she's avoiding the question when she scurries to her feet, "They're taking forever on that soda." It does leave more room for Elliot though! Good news there! Conveniently, there was her can of soda and she tosses a couple of bucks and some change on the tray, "Thanks." Scooting her seat over, she retakes it and nods wearily to Sam. "Yeah, please, ask around."

Elliot still doesn't know who Dean is. He looks as Evie walks off, and shrugs. "It's all good. I didn't mean it. Don't runaway." he chuckles. He looks to see where Claudia went. He stands. "Sorry folks. I'll talk to you later. I need to see what Claud's getting into."

Amelia is just so lost as to whats happening. After Elliot leaves (in the wake of all that struggling she went through for him), she frowns and glances back to Samuel and Evie. "Is it me? Do I stink too? AM I being mean? Has everyone gone mental?" It must be her! Everyone was fine till her.

The pendent is dropped back to rest against her throat before she simply sighs and slumps against the table, tilting her head to rest against Sam's arm.

Once she has her soda, Evie retakes her seat and looks between those that are left. "I.. guess that movie Titanic, you know Rose, the old lady? She says a woman's heart is like a deep ocean of secrets or something? Yeah, that's me. Some things.. some things you just can't talk about." Giving them an apologetic look, then looking towards the door where Claudia and now Elliot were departing.

"If it was you, it must be me too, since there isn't a want in my body to get up and go to." With a little mirth in his choice even. As she rests at his arm, his hand simply comes overto grab her hand reassuringly. A nod to Evie, "Not same is different than being dishonest, your welcome to keep what you like there I think." On that ocean of secrets. "I think your being rather sweet truth be told." For Amelia, that is.

"You're right." Amelia nods to Evie, "But I think maybe Elliot was trying to get us to admit to similarities, but he's not sure how to go about it." The Hale family do seem a tad bit more quiet about the supernatural world than the rest of them. Or, that's Lia's take on it. Her hand offers a return squeeze to Sam's, though her gaze goes to Evie. "We're not normally a bunch of crazy, secret outing psychos." she promises the new girl with a smile. "I promise. I'm Amelia, by the way. I'm not sure I ever really introduced myself properly. I see you already know everyone else." Amelia had been out of town till the day before. "Are you liking it here in Haven Point?"

"It's not that, exactly." Evie shifts a little in her seat, looking at Sam then Amelia. "It's good to meet you formally, Amelia. I'm afraid there's something I have been lying about, but I'm not exactly at liberty to divulge the entire truth. It's why.. well it's the main reason I don't get involved with anyone." The whole no strings thing. "Cause it's a game changer." Wrapping her hands around her can of soda, she gives a wry look. "I am so far, it's not so much a sentencing as it felt before, but I hope it stays that way. I don't need to make any more enemies."

As Amelia opens up more around Evie, Sammie feels more comfortable, unsure before. An aside, for both but close to Amelia next to him. "I think he wants to learn more, not sure he has been told too much. Didn't realize everyone in my family would be similar." And no, no outing on his part for certain. His hand settles with a slight thumb brush, focusing on the conversation, with a new comfort certainly. Over to Evie, he nods, "If their in the game, they should be good when the audible is called." Ie, game changer shouldn't matter. "That's good to hear," not so much a sentencing now.

Amelia nods in agreement. "I think..it takes time in some cases, for some people, to be ready to accept /all/ the truth about someone." That's her take. "But I'm not a judgy person. I think that unless someone were a serial killer or selling organs on the black market, I could eventually come to peace with it. She pauses for a moment before a glance at the clock earns a sigh from her. "And with those words of wisdom, I have to go. I have a chapter on something boring to read before class tomorrow." She scribbles her number on a piece of notebook paper before sliding it to Evie. "Here. In case you ever need it." Sam gets a kiss to his cheek for all his sweetness and Evie gets a wave as she tucks her books into her bag. "Maybe the next time we all talk, everyone can at least be in on the same conversation."

Accepting the number, Evie types it into her phone and quick texts so Amelia will have hers also. "Thank you for the number, for the insight and for the information earlier. I'll have to find him again eventually and.. well no, I don't really want to divulge you let me read his text. I'll just see how things go. Thank you." She is relieved by the reassurances from both of them and the difference is her posture doesn't seem so defensive.

Letting his hand slide from Amelia's, Samuel grins at the kiss to his cheek, "Good luck staying awake." With the boring reading stuff for class, her waves and watches her go. Turning back to Evie, he smiles the same. "You know, the university might have something to help with sitting, when you need it for class, otherwise you and your sister seem thick as thieves." He means that in a good way.

"Yeah I'll leave it for my mother to arrange." Evie realizes how much it seems she does with Brie so she tries to just back off sharing that stuff for now. "I'm her role model, I have to teach her good things. I have to learn the good things first though."

Samuel turns that thought of hers over, leaning on the take with one arm. "Being there for her is a good place to start, family can see past the rest, mistakes and all, if they can count on you being there when they need you." Which may sound odd, as it did before from him, he adds," I have three sisters, love them all no matter what happens, I'll be there for them."

"Yeah but what does that mean to you? Being there for someone?" Evie gives him a long look then back towards the exit. "Let's be fashionable and leave, we can go for a walk or something. Suddenly I am feeling stifled in here." Without waiting, she rises and heads for the door, only taking a deep breath once she's outside in the evening air.

"You dialed my number there always good for a walk." With a final not if agreement, he's up and following. Saving his response for that fresh air. "For me … being there means that, being there, when they need you, when they want you. Sometimes they don't know they need you, you have to remind them. A sister goes through a heartbreak, and I thought the guy was a jerk before, it's not 'I told you so', it's being a shoulder to cry On, agreeing with her. It's taking the bad, but the the your to … unconditional."

Once he joins her, Evie nods thoughtfully over the advice. "Being there means changing a diaper at three am when you have to be up at six for a shower before class. Being there is a two, four and six am feeding. Being there is reading book after book until they fall asleep because they just want to hear your voice. Being there is finding energy from somewhere after working all hours of the night and still managing to make breakfast the next morning. Being there is giving baths, applying bandaids, being a tickle monster and trying to find time for homework in between."

Listening to her respond, Samuel tucks hands into the pockets of his hoodie jacket. A nod here and there as she talks. "Yes, for me at least, that is it. It's a security for me, knowing doing all that puts them at ease, gives them comfort. I'm still the last to bed at my family's place, have to knew everyone has what they need, a blanket if they want. First up.a lot too." Turning to look more directly as they walk,he considers her return more for a moment. "Sounds like you do a lot for your sister … my mom would say, don't forget about yourself in all that. Myself is making family feel secure I guess."

"It sounds as if you're as protective of your family as I am of mine." Evie gives a shrug as if to sort of dismiss what he adds at the end there. "I don't know. I'll have time for myself when Brie is older and when college is finished. I feel lucky to even be going to college. What are your future plans, after college?"

Leaning in her direction to shoulder bump, at the similarity in being protective of family, Samuel returns,"See not too different." Big and Small city that could be? As for her question, he answers, "Stay here, take over the Firehouse if I'm lucky. Hopefully have my own family to look over. I know, boring, small town and all, but sounds good to me. What about you, get out of Dodge back to the big city? ",

Evie returns the shoulder check with a smirk, hearing the similarities herself. "I think I found my new best friend." She laughs, sort of kidding around with it, but they really did have the making for friends with so much in common, at least. "It makes sense, this is your home. It's starting to feel like home to me, Brie is happy here. There's a lot of good and a lot of bad. I guess it depends on what sort of work there is after I graduate." Lifting her shoulders, she shrugs nonchalantly. "The only thing I left behind in the city that I care about is my father."

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Amelia, Claudia, Evie, Samuel, & Elliot

Rosalinda's Pool Hall

Rosalinda's Pool Hall is nothing flashy. Bathed in crisp, florescent lighting, this small, two-level brick building has been completely refurbished from floor to ceiling. Newly buffed wooden floors stretch the length of the room, while brick walls have been dressed with color advertisements for liquors, local bands and other Haven Point businesses.

The front of the building holds several tables, their black tops matched perfectly to the leather upholstered chairs that sit around them. While Rosalinda's doesn't serve food, there are no rules against bringing in outside snacks, and a wastebasket filled with fast food wrappers and pizza boxes proves just as much.

Toward the back of the building stands three pool tables, each one well cared for by both the owner and the locals alike. The walls hold several racks, while a change machine provides a quick source for those carrying only cash.

The very back wall of the building holds three doors, two leading to the girls and boys restrooms, and one leading upstairs to the 'Sitting Room'.

Outside, the deep blue night sky is clear and cloudless, and the stars glitter. An icy wind blows from the northwest. Leaves on the ground rustle, unseen, stirred by the winds. Falling leaves blow past you, whirled around by the wind in the dark.

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