Communing With Nature

Meadow had just finished a shift and is sitting at a back table after counting out her tips and deciding what to do with them. For now, the apron is removed and placed beside her and the money pocketed into her shorts she is wearing. Her hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail and she has a bottle of water on the table in front of her. School for the day is over, it's not very late in the day, she hadn't had a lot of classes today which had left her free to work.

Elliot makes his way in, classes over for the day. He hadn't even gone home yet, the hungry horrors gripping him. He's s till a growing boy, so there's no concern for ruining dinner. He steps into the Grill, backpack over his shoulder. One of the servers comes by and flashes him a smile, handing him a menu and seating him at a small table when he mentions being by himself. She flirts with him a little before she walks away to grab his drink. Ell settles into his seat, taking a moment to place his backpack down under the table. He looks up, as if feeling something.

As soon as Elliot had come inside, Meadow had noticed, but she hadn't known his purpose in being there so she remains silent. When he flirts with the girl that works for her family, she laughs softly to herself before she collects her apron and water and joins him at his table. "I could get you her number if you wanted."

Elliot blinks and looks up. "Huh? Wha? no, she wants my number, not the other way around." He says. "What's up, meadow? Lookin' good." He grins, putting the menu aside. "How's that ivy treating you? I asked Sam to remind you not to over-water it. I sent you a text too." he grins, which was, of course, an excuse to make sure he had her number right. "I mean, I'm sure you can feel when it needs it, but I wanted to make sure I told you." he says, looking at her.

Looking back to the waitress, another college girl like herself, Meadow smiles, but aims the smile more at Elliot. "She's very pretty and sweet." At the compliment to herself, she looks down and smiles, "Just shorts and a shirt, something to work in when it gets hot in here. Are you about to eat something?" There's a glance towards the back area that leads to the top floor and their loft. "The Ivy is doing so well, it has perked up the place a lot."

Elliot shrugs. "My eyes are aiming a bit higher." He says, grinning. He nods and winks. "Well, it's certainly hot in here now." he says, teasing. "Yeah. I'm gonna get the steak tip dinner." he says, especially as the server returns and shoots Meadow a look. He looks to Meadow. "Unless you have better plans." He teases, kicking at her foot slightly from under the table. "Good." he says, about the Ivy. I'll have to check it out sometime."

Ducking her head, Meadow blushes, not expecting the blatant teases, but not backing away from them either so much. "The steak tips are really good especially with onions and peppers over rice." The server gets a look back, a level look with an arched brow, silent questions in her eyes. A challenge? She returns the nudge of her foot and smiles. "I would like just some seasoned fries." Placing her own order, so glad to be off work. "Sure you can come check it out, and the garden."

Elliot nods. "Cool." he says, about the dinner before taking a sip of his soda. He smirks. "You're eating with me. Does this count as a date?" He plays more, chuckling. The server rolls her eyes and walks off to place the order. "Just tell me when, and I'll swing by." he says, then stops playing. "How was your day? Work and classes, you must be beat."

"A date?" Meadow laughs and shakes her head, since he was playing she could too! "A date is more formal, I think, and you have to get all nervous as you wait for him to come to the door to pick you up, and my dad would have had to intimidate you by answering the door with a knife or something." It's something her father maybe would do! "Sure, tomorrow is fine, are you going to the brewfest?" Her smile makes a reappearance, "I had a good day both work and class. I'm always happy to come home though."

Elliot nods and smiles. "Formal, huh? I dunno. Do I hold enough esteem to make you nervous while you wait?" He grins. "And your Dad's great. I've got more to worry about from Marty than your Dad." He smiles, taking a sip. "Tomorrow? Cool. Yeah, I'll be by. I can't participate in the tasting, but I'll be here for the rest. What about you?" He melts a bit at her side. He nods as she mentions her day. "I can see that. It's always better to make it to home soil. The only thing better is taking a walk through the woods."

He gets her. Meadow may only just now realize that. "Yes, home soil, something that's.. if not mine, belongs to my family. Home. And the woods. One day I want a cottage in the woods, no vehicle necessarily, but a path to it instead, nature all around me." Sighing wistfully, with perhaps some delight in her eyes at the idea of it. "I don't know how I would feel about a date. I don't even know what they are like, I've always just kept things to groups."

Elliot nods. "A place to park off the highway, but a good hike through the woods. There's lots of room in the Berkshires for something like that." He does get her. Both share a close connection with their Earth affinities. They also have strong family connections. He she begins to explain herself, he nods. "I understand. I've been playing, but I've been coming on strong. I apologize. I don't mean to make you uncomfortable or to make you think that you need to do anything you're not comfortable with." With the somberness in his tone, the server makes her way back over with the meals, a confident look on her face as she places the food down and walks away. "But… nothing ventured, nothing gained. So… this is me, leaving an open invitation, whenever you feel up to it, to take you out on an actual date. It doesn't mean anything more than just a good time. It's not a pair of handcuffs locking you into anything. It's just a good time with a good guy that you've known forever and expects nothing more from you then you're willing to give." He smiles… "I should've put that down on paper somewhere."

"That sounds good, a hike, nature. It doesn't have to be far or anything, but the seclusion would be nice." Meadow smiles when he confesses to have been playing around with her, coming on strong. "You were flirting, I recognize it and you are certainly an ego booster." With the delivery of the food, she dips a fry in ketchup and eats it. "So you mean just like hanging out with someone I didn't even know I had so much in common with? I guess this is a date then if it's classified like that, because I'm having fun."

Elliot smiles and nods. "Exactly. And, well.. there's always security with a place like that." He leans in. "You can always make sure that people you don't want around can't find the place." He says, leaning back with a smile. He nods. "I try to do my best to make everybody feel good about themselves. I do genuinely like you. I have since we were kids. Don't mistake my playfulness for being fake. Everything I tell you, I firmly believe." He nods, taking his fork and grabbing a few bits of steak and eating it. Once he finishes, he shrugs and says. "We don't even have to call it a date. Like you said the other night, you don't want to be forced to change into someone you're not, and I don't want you to change. There's no need to classify anything. We can just hang out and have fun. No stress, no expectations." He grins.

Unable to talk about things here, Meadow doesn't try to, in regards to the craft that is. She looks eager to talk about it though, having been silent a long time. "Yeah there are ways," she says mysteriously, about protecting. "THen we'll just leave it like it is, hanging out and having fun. I really like it that way." Her smile is bright when she turns it on him.

Elliot nods and smiles, finishing his meal. He must've been hungry. He pushes the plate to the side. "We can talk about that later." He says, promising to give her a chance to talk. He smiles and nods. "That works for me, then." He grins. "Are you free? We could take a walk in the woods, I mean, if it's alright with your folks and all. They know I'm not some axe murderer."

"My family has known your family forever. Even my grandparents have known yours. I think you're pretty safe, being a founding family and all that too." Meadow smiles, she cannot help it. "I would love a walk." Without eating more, she pushes it away, she was highly suspect of it anyway after the confident look from the waitress. "We can go now?"

Elliot nods and smiles. "Sure." He says. The server bringing his check. He takes out enough cash to pay for the bill and a decent tip. He takes a closer looks at the check and laughs, showing Meadow. "See? I'm a hot commodity." The back of the check has 'Becky's' phone number on it. He laughs and heads out the door, holding it for Meadow. Once they leave, they head to his car and he drives them to the woods.

Seeing the number, Meadow does what every nice girl would do, she looks towards Becky then Elliot and she backs off with a smile. "Yeah. I think she really likes you and I don't want to hurt her. Or you." Not wanting to come between anything. Still, she wants the walk in the woods and she heads out with him to his car and gets in with him. "This will be fun."

Elliot shoves the paper in his pocket. "You can stop being perfect, you know. Any time now." He says as he pulls the car into the parking lot to the campground. "I figured that this might be the safest way to get to the woods." He says, getting out and opening the trunk, grabbing a flashlight and some rope. He takes a breath of the air and looks at the different trails. "Lady's choice." He says.

"Perfect?" Hesitating once outside the car, Meadow walks over to where he is and smiles, taking the lapels of his shirt or hoodie or whatever he is wearing. She tilts her head back, looking at him. "I am so far from perfect. So many things I am thinking are terrible, like.. you saved her number in your pocket, just in case, or you're more interested in her than you let on. Things like that." She lets go and looks where he indicates. "That one," she tells him softly.

Elliot grins as she grabs him… He chuckles, reaching into his pants pockets and turning them inside-out. "What number?" He says. Then watches her let go. Out of the three paths, there's only one that really goes into the woods. He takes her hand and starts walking along the cabin path.

Watching him turn his pockets inside out, Meadow blushes. "See? Now I feel terrible." She smiles though and walks along with him, not drawing away when he takes her hand. Her smile returns though and she walks with a carefree pace, content to be with nature and someone who enjoyed it as much as she did.

Elliot shrugs. "It's my fault. I tricked you. But I wouldn't do that. I'm not gonna play around like I like you and then give another girl attention." Instead of taking the path to the cabins, he walks off the path. He takes a breath, looking around. Holding her hand, he uses the other to make a gesture, and the vegetation gives way, making a path into a thicker part of the woods. After a bit of walking, they enter a small, cleared area, with lots of vegetation, the trees growing tall overhead making a thick canopy, plenty of shade while there is still sunlight let in. "This… This is it."

"You tricked me?" Meadow looks at him, confused. "Ohhh," she laughs, nudging his shoulder with hers, smiling as he leads her out towards wherever it is they are going. When he parts the thicker vegetation and creates a path, she walks it easily. It's after they have walked in silence for a time and reached the clearing that she pauses, tilts her head back and closes her eyes, taking a deep, deep breath, holding it then releasing it. "Yes," she says softly, not opening her eyes yet. "This is it."

Elliot lets go of her hand in order to fully take it all in. "I come here when I need to center. When things start to get too out of hand. It's how I keep an even keel." He smiles. "So… You've been into this since you've been little?" He stops talking. "I'm sorry. I'm rambling. A little nervous. I haven't brought anyone out here before. I mean.. You're the first one I've met that's *really* like me."

Meadow voices no objections when her hand is released and she takes the opportunity to kneel on the ground and bury her hands in the grass for a brief moment, digging them gently into the soft soil beneath, drawing from the energy of the earth. "Can you feel it?" She whispers. Closing her eyes again, taking deep breaths. "I have been like this as long as I can remember. What about you?"

Elliot nods and smiles, sitting, cross-legged into the grass and dirt. "I feel it… I feel you.. I feel everything." He smiles, a simple, honest smile, looking into her. "The same. My family is all Earth Affinity. My mother started training me, and then my grandparents did. They taught me about the circles too." He gets up and walks over, sitting on the ground in front of her, taking her hands. "Do you trust me? Can I show you something?"

Tilting her head to the side when he kneels before her, taking her hands from the soil they were buried in, Meadow meets his eyes. "You wouldn't hurt me, I trust you." The words are said simply. Honestly.

Elliot smiles and closes his eyes. He utters an incantation, and slowly, everything becomes more colorful. All living things give off a brightness, a vibrant color, emotions are easily felt. He opens his eyes, looking at Meadowlark, her bright green eyes are even brighter, the sound of her heart beating fills his ears, and he gives off the same for her. He smiles, feeling her emotions, but not thoughts. A pack of deer can be felt as they pass through. Even the spirits of the forest pass through, granting access to the white magic being used. Connected to Elliot, Meadow experiences the same effects. Elliot says nothing, not needing to.

While he does his spell, Meadow watches him curiously, not even chancing to look away or anything. Her hands are in his and when they are connected, she gasps in awe at the way the colors are more vivid and everything seems brighter and she closes her eyes at the sudden onslaught of emotions, too many with her own and his. "Elliot.." she whispers his name, confused in a way, overwhelmed in another, but at peace in yet another way.

Elliot looks up and smiles. "It's alright. I'm here. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you." His voice is soft, flowing through vision, a whisp following his voice. "Breath deep, expand your mind. Feel the energy flow from you, to me, and back." He says, watching her. "Just trust me."

"I trust you," Meadow echoes again, but this time more convincing as she tries to allow herself to just experience it, this whatever it was that was happening, the sharing. Meeting his eyes, she breathes deep, trying to share and accept what he is sharing.

Elliot smiles and nods, just letting everything flow. His emotions are clear, true and benevolent. His compassion flows through, and his genuine feelings for her are shared. After time, slowly, the feeling begins to fade as the energy begins to dissipate, the feelings and the brightness begins to fade. He smiles. "So.. How was that?"

It takes Meadow longer to completely share but when she does, there's a warmth, an innocence and excitement that are foremost in her emotions. As the brightness begins to fade, she closes her eyes and opens them again, trying to alter the huge change in contrast from one moment to the next. "It was.. different. How do you feel?"


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